WWIR weekly news 5th December 2013



The voting polls have now re-opened and will remain open until January 20 at Midnight PST to decide the winner of each of the 30 categories.

A complete list of Top 5 Final Nominees can be found at this link: http://www.aimusicawards.com/#!vote/c60z



WWIR2TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE was a great show this week as we had 3 guests with us today!

Joining us all the way from Austria and staying up very late to do so was awesome singer songwriter JAMES COTTRIALL. What more can I say other than he was a great guest, we had lots of fun and his music is fantastic! Mark and I will be having him back on the show sometime in 2014 when he releases his new album!

You can check out JAMES COTTRIALL from his awesome web page  http://www.jamescottriall.com/

 WWIR3Check out his latest album LOVE IS LOUDER available on ITUNES https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/love-is-louder/id504702345

WWIR4Also on todays show we talked to Brittany and John Goodwin from EVERY DAY NEW PICTURES. They talked about their latest film SECRETS IN THE FALL and of course today we premiered the official music video that they did for DECEMBER by SPACESHIPDAYS which of course is featured on the soundtrack of this movie.

Here is a link to their web page: http://www.everynewdaypictures.com/ 

WWIR5You can view the video DECEMBER by SPACESHIPDAYS our main  WWIR web page http://www.wwirradio.com/home/

WWIR6This song is from their latest album THE THRILL OF FREEFALL available from https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-thrill-of-freefall-ep/id617062889

You can also check out SPACESHIP DAYS from this link: http://www.spaceshipdaysmusic.com/

Here is the link for this week’s episode of TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2013/12/03/episode-129-featuring-james-cottriall-with-guest-appearance-by-brittany-and-john-goodwin-of-every-new-day-pictures/


WWIR7Check out all the latest news on the Indie Music Scene, with the team from INDIE NEWS AT NOON http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/

Angelica Lemos, Asst. Reporter

Diana Barnes, Sr. Reporter

Richard Wildman, Executive Producer

Mark Lamdanski, Executive Producer


WWIR 99Diana Barnes and Angelica Lemos will be covering the 3rd annual Rock the Schools Concert, present y Promenade Entertainment. This event was created in 2011 to promote & support music programs in New York schools. The company later partnered with VH1 to support VH1’s “Save The Music Foundation”, a non-profit organization also dedicated to improving music education programs, but on a nation scale.

Live Nation is this year’s offical sponsor; Z100 New York, Thompson LES Hotel, Vita Coco, Dream Water, & Honest Tea are also partners for Roch the Schools this year. And of course the concert will feature spectacular up-and-coming talent, including acoustic performances by Josh Kelley, Matt White, Keaton Simons, Tyler Ward, American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis & special guests Emily Katter & Rebecca Perl, who we interviewed during the CBGB Festival lat month.


Diana & Anglica are going to interview singer-songwriter EMILY KATTER after her set on that day!

For More Info, click this link! http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/2013/11/we-are-covering-the-vh1-save-the-music-rock-the-school-2013-event-nyc/


WWIR91AOEDE aka Lisa Sniderman http://www.aoedemuse.com has just had a fantastic photo shoot done from Jeff Fasano from L.A https://www.facebook.com/jeff.fasano some awesome photos of Lisa on there, be sure to check them out!

WWIR92Lisa is an amazing artist who has appeared on our live show and has recently released her new album WHAT ARE DREAMS MADE OF available from https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/what-are-dreams-made-of/id706260612



WWIR93IN AIR will be perfoming live at Shark Club , 846 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, California the show starts at 7pm and if you are in that area I would suggest you go and check them out because they are awesome live!  They also have a new album coming out soon and we are looking forward to hearing some of their new music!

They have also been nominated for the 3rd year in a row a row, for Best Alternative Artist with the Artists In Music Awards!

Mark and I are hoping to have them back as guest on our show in 2014!

Check out IN AIR http://www.weareinair.com/


And finally………………………………

WWIR 94Meet CAROL –   a beautiful new 60s silvertone Jupiter. This guitar’s owner is RICK BRINDELL and yes he named it after me! How awesome is that!

Rick is a singer/songwriter from  NEW YORK  and Mark and I had a great time with him when he was a guest on our show a few weeks ago! it was a fun show and I would reccomend you catch it if you can http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2013/10/15/episode-124-with-rick-brindell/

You can find out more about RICK BRINDELL from here: http://www.reverbnation.com/rickbrindell

Well that’s it from me until next time



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WWIR Weekly News 29th November 2013



I received the exciting news that JAMIE ALIMORAD’s official music video for his song BEAUTIFUL reached over 1 million views! That is awesome! If you haven’t seen the video then, please check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUkIMC_HmlY


Jamie has been a big supporter of WWIR and has been a guest on our live show 3 times. Great singer, awesome guy, what more can I say. Check him out for yourself! http://jamiealimorad.com




jamie words

I recommend that you check out Jamie’s Album WORDS LEFT UNSAID. I am proud to have this among my CD collection https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/words-left-unsaid/id548723420


WWIR has added two new syndicated shows to our line- up. COOPER TALK will air every TUESDAY 3PM EST, he hosts Comedians, Actors, Writers and Musicians! REVELATOR – will air every THURSDAY at 3PM EST starting on November 28th To check all our sydicated shows please go to our main page http://www.wwirradio.com



Billy Kay posted this awesome photo from his home in Tennessee. I Love this photo and reminds me of when I used to live back in England. I now live in Townsville Australia, which is tropical and only has 2 seasons…..wet and dry so I really miss the changing of the seasons!




Check out Billys FB page https://www.facebook.com/billykaymusic as he is always posting some funny things, including a book he wants to get written with me as the heroine……check this out:

Can you imagine….Carol and Billy sitting in a tree! lol




happy-hanukkah-candle-lightI would like to wish all our listeners and followers a “Happy Hanukka” especialy Mark who is co-owner of WWIR and his wife Julie and all their family!



thanksgiving-desktop-wallpaper-hd-wallpapersI would also like to wish everyone in the USA a “Happy Thanksgiving” we dont celebrate it here in Australia, however I am very grateful for what I have been blessed with in life! Have a great day with your families and “Thank you” for supporting WWIR!




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WWIR Weekly News 22nd November 2013


this week spaceship days

Mark Lamdanski, co-owner of  WWIR travelled from his home in Hollywood Florida  to Raleigh in North Carolina to meet up  with the members of the band SPACESHIP DAYS and to be a part of their official music video for their song DECEMBER.


The video was Produced and Directed by Every New Day Pictures, LLC and it will premiere on Butterflies Radio – All Indie, All the Time on 12/03! Mark and I  will also be talking Director Brittany & Cinematographer John on WWIR’s Twitter Tuesday Live to find out about the video, the films, and the perils of dog walkers in nature parks! I’m interested to hear about that!

this weeks spaceship days 2

Mark said:

“I had a great day hanging out with some of the coolest people I have the pleasure of knowing: Charlie Cox Greg Torsone Adam Decker Dave Kress Mischa Decker and my buddy Gregg Wiener. We participated in the filming of the upcoming music video fromSpaceship Days for their song, December.

I had a blast but the fun continued as we all hung out and had some beers afterwards. Thanks for the experience, guys, and thanks for the beer!”


this week Glitter roseGLITTER ROSE on the Red Carpet at the L. A Music Awards, where she took the award for “Best Country Artist”. Congratulations Glitter!


 SATURDAY 16TH NOVEMBER – Message from Mark co-owner of WWIR

this week philippinesOn November 8th Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines killing over 300 people, Mark and the company he works for are directly involved with people in that country and he put out this appeal on our Facebook Page this week:

Hi all. The company I work for, for my day job, has about 300 people in Manila on staff whose families have been affected by the cyclone. Between today and November 23, WWIR will be soliciting financial donations that will be going DIRECTLY to these people, bypassing all red tape from 3rd party organizations. Funds will go directly to those in need.

Additionally, all funds from the registration at our music submission web site will go towards this fund. The money will be brought to them on November 26, 2013 as one of the Directors from my day job will be flying out there.

I know MANY of these people personally and my heart breaks when I think of the situation they are in. Please consider making a donation, in ANY amount. Anything helps.

To donate, go to http://www.wwirradio.com/ and click on the DONATE button on the right. Or, click on the Submit Music link and register at our Music Submission site.

Thank you in advance for your help Mark L.


this week mikey jayyJoining us on today’s show was good friend and executive producer of the ARTIST IN MUSIC awards MIKEY JAYY. It was a real pleasure having Mikey on again today! He has got to the be the hardest working man in the Indie industry! Check out the podcast for a really cool show! http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2013/11/19/episode-128-featuring-mikey-jayy/

this week jim mowery




If you would like to know how you could be a hit list winner please check out this link http://msi.icweekly.net/hitlist/ there are some great prizes up for grabs!

this week why


My song choice of the week was WHY – DO IT SCARED


this week why album

WHY have always been big supporters of our TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE show and they have just released their long awaited album THE LEAP on ITUNES on https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-leap/id744805083

These artist were also featured on the show:

 this week y luvY LUV – DRIFTIN http://iluvyluv.tumblr.com/

this week max and the moon MAX AND THE MOON – ALL I KNOW


this weeks walla WALLA – NEON LOVE


this week waking ugly



this week barley station BARLEY STATION – 10 NIGHTS


this week little sunday LITTLE SUNDAY – MOTHER MARY


this week james cottrial JAMES COTTRIAL DANCE DANCE DANCE


 James will be our guest on 3rd December


await rescue indie news at noon

Check out all the latest news from the INDIE NEWS AT NOON TEAM http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/2013/11/indie-news-at-noon-broadcast-for-11-20-2013/ 


this week walkJoin, Glitter Rose, Mikey Jayy and many others in The St. Jude Give Thanks Walk.


We would also like to with HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mikey Jayy!



JOSH DAMIGO will be appearing  at  Lestat’s in San Diago with Tim Moyer from LA and the show starts at 9:00. It’s all ages, and it’s in the best sounding room in San Diego! Trust me if you are in that area, go see Josh, he is fantastic live. Mark and I saw him back in February!

Until Next Week




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JULIE LAMB Guest on WWIR 5th November 2013

Julie 1

Joining Mark and I today from the land of the “long white cloud”, the asshole of the fish, or the bottom section of the north island, on the southern coast,  or in other words –  Wellington, New Zealand – JULIE LAMB. Julie is in fact our very first Kiwi! Just to clear something up, the name Kiwi does not come from the fruit but from the flightless bird of the same name that is their national emblem!

Julie was skyping with us from her place of work, and being the boss she was able to do that! She even cancelled a meeting so that she could join us today!

New Zealand holds the world record for the longest place name and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Mark made a very brave attempt to say the name, however failed miserably! That’s payback for him making me say the name Aluminum on the air once!

I guess you would like to know what the longest Place name is in New Zealand, well this is it:


Try saying that when you have had a few to drink lol

Julie 2

Talking to Julie, you can tell she is very proud of her New Zealand heritage and the music that she has produced!

Poor Mark had to stop Julie and I talking nineteen to the dozen during the show! Lol he had very little control of us. But that’s what you get when you put an Aussie and a Kiwi in the same room! Lol

julie 3

Julie has a small band consisting of 11 members! She can actually name them all!

Members: Andrew Richardson, Drums; Callum Hazlitt-Black, Bass; Dave Hadley, Guitar; Damian Forlong, Trombone; John McDonald, Keyboards; Geraint Scott, Saxophones; Andreas Lepper, Percussion; Emma Davey, Miranda Turner, Deb Sisson, Backing Vocals.

We asked Julie about touring with her band, and at the moment, there are no plans to tour in or around NZ. Due to the rapport that they have together, it would be really hard to go anywhere without each other and with 11 of them a tour would be somewhat expensive and remember that they all have to work to be able to enjoy doing this!

julie 4During the show Julie talked about her love of 70’s and her early band, Channeling Janis (Joplin) Julie said she would have loved to be transported back to the time of Woodstock!

I asked her, how she described her music, and she said for a while they were known as “Not Celine Dion” lol (Julie has such a great sense of humour) after a while they came up with 70’s Vibed Indie Art Rock – Earworm melodies over ornate arrangements!

Now, one band that could be classed as Indie Art Rock is 10cc, one of my favourite bands from the 70’s. Julie is part of a group of musicians that do accappello 10cc songs and they are called 10DD.

There are actually 13 in the group, and they do everything including the instrumentation. They are pretty popular around the wellington area and Julie said that the energy is great and the feedback from the crowds is that they are very funny! And for a Nano second Graham Goldman followed her on twitter lol

If I am ever in Wellington, I am going to make sure that I catch this show, it sounds like it would be great fun!

Julie was so much fun on the show, so much so that I decided to join her on the Desert Island so that we could talk some more lol Please check out this link and listen to Julie for yourself. Not only does she have the most amazing talent as a musician, she is a wonderful person to listen to! http://www.wwirradio.com/home/category/podcast/

julie 5We featured 3 of Julie’s songs on this weeks show:



WATERPROOF – this song also has an official video, which has won several awards and is about to be shown on national T.V in New Zealand. It also shows some of the wonderful scenery in Wellington http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skMRtCk9jxE

Julie album









All these songs can be found on the Album TRIPPIN THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, which was released in 2012 and is available from: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/artist/julie-lamb/id302181347

julie album 2









MOST AND LEAST is Julie’s earlier album, which was released in 2009 https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/most-and-least/id302181336


julie womadWOMAD – World of Music, Arts and Dance the internationally established festival, which brings together artists from all over the globe. The central aim of the WOMAD festival is to celebrate the world’s many forms of music, arts and dance.

As an organisation, WOMAD now works in many different ways, but our aims are always the same – at festivals, performance events, through recorded releases and through educational projects, we aim to excite, to inform, and to create awareness of the worth and potential of a multicultural society.

HELP Julie and her band play at WOMAD


julie green for pink














Every year Julie Lamb and her band take part in SOME GREEN FOR THE PINK concert which supports BREAST CANCER NETWORK NEW ZEALAND this one took place October just gone, so look out for Julie at next year’s event! It is a cause that is very close to my heart with the passing of the beautiful Samantha and also two of my friends have breast cancer and are currently in remission.


julie 6

Connect with Julie from these various social media sites:

MAIN WEB PAGE: http://www.julielamb.co.nz/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/julielambmusic

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FrankieLamb

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/julielamb

julie - sam

This episode is dedicated to a very dear friend and supporter of TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE – Samantha  Liens aka Volary was a great supporter and friend to Carol and I over the past couple of years and has been fighting cancer for nearly 3 years. At the weekend we received an email to say that Samantha passed away peacefully

with her husband Alex by her side. amantha was a brave and courageous person and Carol and I had the pleasure of meeting Sam in person February 2012. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to her family at this very sad time.

This was a song written for cancer survivors performed by Volary produced by
Printz Board of the Black Eyed Peas. Please listen carefully to the lyrics of this
song, it’s a message to all of those that are fighting cancer!

There is also an awesome Video to go with this song http://vimeo.com/68506164



julie vita nova VITA NOVA –  VITA NOVA

Musicians from all over the world (The United States, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, to name a few) are coming together, in cyberspace, to record the tracks. Lorenzo Ardoni and Salerno are doing all the engineering and mixing at their SteelNight Studios.

The first single, the eponymous “Vita Nova” made available as a free download on Soundcloud and Reverbnation, has been welcomed and supported by the audience with an impressive amount of comments and shares.

Vita Nova stands as proof that in this new musical landscape, anything is possible.


We also showcased the following artists on today’s show:

julie royal teeth

ROYAL TEETH – WILD http://www.reverbnation.com/royalteeth

 julie sopris

 SOPRIS – HIGHS AND LOWS http://www.reverbnation.com/sopris

julie await rescue AWAIT RESCUE – ALL SHE NEEDS  http://www.reverbnation.com/awaitrescue

Julie Stacy








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ZAIN LODHIA – Guest on WWIR 22nd October 2013


ZAIN 1Unfortunately today, I was unable to host this weeks TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. I had to make an unexpected trip back to Perth in Western Australia. However RICH WILDMAN from MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATONS kindly stepped into my shoes and co-hosted with Mark. At least it gave Mark a rest from me this week! Nah, I reckon, he would have missed me lol

I first heard of ZAIN LODHIA when KIVA JOHN ADKINS did an interview with him back in May, just after he released his first full-length album THE LEAP. I liked his voice and the music that he has produced and so I decided to contact him to get him on as a guest on the show. I was very disappointed that I was unable to join him on this weeks show, however, the show had to go on and Rich Wildman did a great job while I was away!

Mark sounded so nervous at the start of the show, at first, I thought he was missing me, however, I found out that he was running the new software and was a bit nervous as to how it was going to work as the show went live. But he had nothing to fear because all went fine! By the way, a big thanks to everone that donated to our indigogo campaign to help us upgrade our software, and its thanks to them that we are now going to be able to deliver a better experience to our listening audience! We will of course be thanking each and every one of them for their contribution!

ZAIN 2Zain is from Chicago, however he was calling in from Illinois today as he went on a road trip with his brother back to his old college town, for no other reason than nostalgia! Considering Zain did the whole show on his phone, the sound was great!

I was amazed that Zain has only been a serious musician since 2009 when he released his first album MEMORIES in 2011! Apparently he is on an accelerated path!

He was telling Mark and Rich that during his college years he didn’t even study music! The only connection he had to anything musical was when he learned to play the piano up to the 8th grade, then in college he joined a band but claims he was really bad at it!!! Hard to believe from a musician that is now producing such quality music!

ZAIN 3Zain graduated from college in 09 and was left with some spare time on his hands so he used this time to take up the guitar and write! He produced his first album MEMORIES a few years later and THE LEAP as I have already said, in May of this year!
















Zain also talked about his upcoming project with cousin Jay Bulaclac called AFTERSOUND and we are looking forward to hearing more about them in the future!


During the show, we featured 3 of his songs all from THE LEAP, an album that consists of 12 tracks and one hidden bonus track that we are not supposed to mention, oops!

LIFETIME – This was the first song written and recorded for the album and he worked with a group of musicians from Pioneer Project in Chicago! No real story behind the song but just an uplifting song for those that have had to deal with difficult situations!

BEAUTIFUL DEVOTION – For a long time Zain thought he could rap, and clearly it didn’t go anywhere as he is now into pop/rock, so this is a song to show his creational side and putting a melody behind a song instead of rapping!

THE LEAP is the title track on the album and one of the last songs to be written and recorded. As the title says, it’s about taking that Leap on a new path, a Leap of Faith!

THE LEAP along with Zanies’ other EP’s and singles can be found at these outlets:


Video for LIFETIME http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1qW_06ZhFQ

ZAIN DESERT ISLAND So, after a very successful show, we came to the part when I had to send our guests off to a Deserted Island to do some soul searching!  I pre-recorded the message and I actually was very kind to Zain…..so Kind that all he needed to take with him was a lounger and a straw!!! Ummmmm wait a minute….do I see in his hand a drink of some sort, how did he slip that in, he is supposed to be drinking from the coconuts I have supplied for him! lol hmmmm wait till I see him again!

Anyway, please take the time to listen to the show as there is much more to Zain than my blog can relate! Here is the link: Listen and enjoy! http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2013/10/22/episode-125-with-special-guest-zain-lodhia/

ZAIN 5 Check out all the social media web pages for ZAIN LODHIA






Zain thank you for being an awesome guest on today’s show. I am so sorry that I was unable to be there, however there is always next time!
















My song choice for today was READY SET GONE from the new album by BILLY KAY- BELLMORE




During the show we also showcased the following artists:




Melic are a four-piece rock band based in London with a sound derived from an eclectic blend of musicians -fusing a funk-rock bassist, a metal drummer, a classically trained pianist and saxophonist, and a rock singer/song-writer guitarist.





The Jersey Shores best kept secret, teen singing sensations, Diverse Pop Group, is making huge waves throughout the nation and the world as a multi-talented pop duo. Diverse has proved to be a mega phenomenon wherever they perform.




Like a piping cup of cappuccino on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the soulful sounds of Nita Chawla stealthily whisk you away into a toe-curling lucid dream where time stands still and your most vivid childhood memories filmstrip through your head. Just like that…you’re hooked.




Illicit Disco were formed in Shropshire during the summer of 2009 after many slightly intoxicated and drawn out conversations even being on the opposite sides of the world couldn’t prevent the momentum.

With a unique blend of storytelling, catchy hooks, rocking rhythms, sumptuous synths and crunching guitars, the band like to draw from every one of its vast eclectic influences which create this cocktail of rock music.




Matter of Fact was formed for the love of making music and spreading a message of hope. MOF is influenced by logic, balance, and maturing life experiences. The lyrics capture the genuine emotions of those experiences and communicate themes that people identify with. At shows, many people comment that they really relate to the songs. It is the desire of MOF that our music inspire, delight and help others on their journey.












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RICK BRINDELL – Guest on WWIR 15th October 2013

Rick 1

If you are familiar with TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE, you will know that I am more than capable of filling a hard drive during a 2 hour show with all the talking I do (see reference to that statement from Walter Hargrave). Well, today, I met my match!

RICK BRINDELL joined us from Bayshore, Long Island, which is about 40 miles East of New York City! I have always loved the New York accent and Rick didn’t let me down! He speaks just how I expect a true New Yorker to talk! Love the way he says LonGGG-Island with the emphasis on the G!

While writing this, I have a google map up and looking up where Bayshore is! I am shocked at the size of Long Island and the fact that it would take nearly an hour to reach New York City! Wow I knew New York was big but not that big! It makes my hometown of Townsville, North Queensland, look so small!

Mark asked Rick if he was anywhere near the Hamptons, so I googled that too! Wow nice houses…..oh and the penny has just dropped. Of course that is where they filmed the T.V series REVENGE!

Anyway back to Rick…………………sorry I tend to get carried away sometimes!

Rick 2RICK BRINDELL never really started his musical career until he got to his 50’s when despite driving his wife Lucy nuts, he decided to learn the guitar properly! Now he owns not one guitar but 9 and everyone has a name!

Never in a million years did he think he would become a country artist, as he said it’s not in a New Yorker’s blood! Lol however he told us this all changed when through the wonderful world of social media; he met Kim Copeland a music producer from Nashville!

Rick 3

When we have a guest on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE we always present three of their songs and integrate them between other independent artists.

Today, the first song we played was MY GUITAR MAKES ME PLAY THE BLUES this was one of the first songs that Rick ever wrote. This was also the first song that we put on the WWIR rotation and the song that introduced us to RICK BRINDELL!

This song is a mixture of Rock and Blues. Rick was telling us that he was looking for a different take on the Blues! Rick is a very happy guy, and is not down on his luck but he loves to play the blues and he told us that an alternative name for this song could be HAPPY BOY BLUES!



This was the second song of the night from RICK BRINDELL and the one song that made me notice Rick. I am a lyrics person and when I heard the lyrics to this song, not only are they very clever but I can relate to what they are saying! As Rick’s photo above suggests this song is about the ever-changing world of social networks, Internet and phone plans and the more and more choices we are faced with everyday. It’s a headache but we just have to move with the times!

I asked Rick where he got his inspirations to write his music from and he told me that it was from everyday life, he is just a normal guy, leading a normal life with a family that he loves very much! His aim was for people listen to his songs and to be able to understand the lyrics and be able to relate to them. He has certainly achieved that with his music!

WITH YOU was the last song that we played today. This is the kind of song that I could listen to beside the pool with a cocktail in my hand! This reminds me of JIMMY BUFFET whom I was introduced to by Mark a long time ago! It’s a song that puts a smile on your face, a  song that says, you don’t have to be materialist in this world, all you need to be happy is to be with the one you love! How true is that! If you listen to the show you will here a lovely story as to how the song came about!

Rick CD





You can check out Rick’s first CD KEEPING UP from these links:



and also on his web page  http://theartisthub.org/digitaldistribution/rickbrindell/

Rick Dr Who

We found out that not only is Rick a mad fan of Star Trek but  he is also a big fan of Dr. Who.  We found out that he was a Dr Who Reconstructer! Now you might well ask what on earth is that???? Well, to cut a long story short, (I cannot write it as well as Rick explains on the air) it’s to do with recovering missing episodes from 40 years ago, that the BBC somehow lost from their archives! Amazing story for all die-hard Dr. Who Fans!


Rick said that this has been a very honorable past time and one that he was very proud to be a part of this project. It brought back to the world the interest in Dr Who, which I have to say is part of my childhood!

If you would like to check out the web page that Rick talks about in the show here is the link:


Rick ParksideEvery 1st Saturday of the month, Rick can be found at the Parkside Pub https://www.facebook.com/Parkside357 on LonGIsland, along with his friends, John, Rich, Casey and Kevin. These are open mic nights and Rick was telling us that it is the best night where musicians are there to have a good time! The atmosphere is electric with everyone having fun! They have been doing this for about 3 or 4 years now! It is certainly a place that I love to hang out at!

If you would like to see an example of Rick and his friends please check out this link

STRAY CAT STRUT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5N1CTuLh-A

BEEN SO LONG (Hot Tuna) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oLDRKLpHXA

Rick Bagels

When is a Bagel not a Bagel?…..answer, when it is not a New York Bagel!

I thought that the main attraction in New York was the Statue of Liberty, wrong! Apparently if you come to the Big Apple you just gotta have a New York Bagel!


Rick Pizza






Not only do you have to have a Bagel, there is nothing like a New York Pizza! A previous guest told me that Pappa Johns Pizza was the way to go, however according to Rick, FRATELLI’S is the best pizza in town!

Rick Dog

What an all round, nice guy Rick is! I could have talked to him for another couple ofhours had time allowed! Such a wonderful and interesting guy! Mark and I were so pleased to be able to have gotten to spend some time, getting to know him today! I know it wont be the last we see of him!

The rapid-fire questions were so funny and the talk about the wives balls was even funnier!  The Desert Island question was a hoot! The photo above is of Jake, their 8-year-old Spaniel, who will be accompanying Rick on his deserted island!

Oh and the story of his twin stepping in for him at his wedding….classic!

There is so much more that I would like to write down in this blog, but it is much better for the show to be heard!

Now you have to go and download the show! Great show, awesome guy!


btw Rick forgot to thank his son-in-law –  Aaron Marcus oops….Hi Aaron next time I will make sure you get a mention on the air!

I asked Rick to send me a photo of him and his wife Lucy….well here she is with Rick on a visit to St Maarten earlier in the year. She also manages Rick….well someone has to! lol

Check out all of these social networks and connect with RICK BRINDELL

REVERBNATION http://www.reverbnation.com/rickbrindell

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/rockinrickybrindell

TWITTER  https://twitter.com/rbrindell

YOU TUBE http://www.youtube.com/user/rbrindell

Rick, what a pleasure it was meeting you today. Mark and I had so much fun! I thought you were awesome and I hope that my hubby and I can catch up with you and your wife when we come to New York in 2015! We look forward to having you back on the show with us!


Rick Chris


















“There was a time in history when Chicago was the lifeline of the music industry.  Such greats as Nat King Cole , Curtis Mayfield, and Earth Wind & Fire created a timeless sound in the windy city that resonated across the world.  Chris Chandler born and raised in Chicago came from such great musical roots. His uncle’s Kermit Chandler  lead guitarist for the “The Shepherds” and Pete Cozy the legendary Jazz guitarist who played with the great Miles Davis, were an important part in the development of Chris’s creative foundation.”

Find out how you can be part of the MSI HIT LIST by checking out this web page



Rick Aoede










Aoede aka Lisa Sniderman joined us as a guest back in June and she was awesome. We had so much fun with her. This was one of the songs that we presented on the show and it comes from her album “Is Love a Fairy Tale”

August 24th Aoede released the sequel album “What are Dreams made of?” and we are looking forward to having her as a return guest in the not to distant future when we can talk about the new album!

WHAT ARE DREAMS MADE OF – WEB PAGE http://whataredreamsmadeof.com/index.htm

rick dreams








WHAT ARE DREAMS MADE OF? – CD https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/what-are-dreams-made-of/id706260612?ign-mpt=uo=4

We also featured the following artists:

Rick Crash Fuse










“CrashFuse is an American band from Buffalo, NY. Emerging in 2011, CrashFuse boasts a melodramatic fusion of catchy melodies, captivating Pop and heavy hitting Alternative Rock.

Since the release of their debut self-titled EP in 2012, the band has gained a significant audience, gaining notice in Artvoice and other publications, and was highlighted in Reverbnation’s Buffalo Pop charts at #1

CrashFuse continues to record their full-length album, and is very excited about its projected release for the winter of 2013.”

I am hoping to book this band on the show in the not too distant future!


Rick Rachel







Singer Songwriter from Austin Texas

“Take a little grit from the Gulf Coast, mix in some Hill Country folksiness and West Texas independence, bake in the Central Texas heat for 18 years, and top with Austin originality. Recipe yields one unique singer/songwriter, delighting listeners with her own flavor of music everywhere she goes.”

I have followed Rachel for a long time now and this is by far one of her best songs! I will be contacting Rachel to arrange a date for her to guest on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE


Rick Big Kettle Drum








“Big Kettle Drum is a banjo slinging, foot stomping, slide guitar Americana band. Howling guitar riffs over a thumping Samsonite suitcase kick drum has Big Kettle Drum carving it’s own niche in the Americana-Blues-Rock landscape.

With the successful rise of bands like Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers and The Lumineers, Big Kettle Drum is standing center stage in the current Revival Tent of Americana music.”

BIG KETTLE DRUM have guested on our live show back in 2010 and we are hoping to get them back again one day!


rick Zain







“Zain Lodhia is a Chicago-based singer/songwriter new to the indie pop/rock scene. With a diverse range of influences and strong acoustic roots, Zain began writing music as a hobby in college but it wasn’t until he picked up guitar in early 2009 that it turned into a serious passion. After releasing the Memories EP in June 2011, he shifted his focus to writing and recording a full length album, The Leap “



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EROCK – Guest on WWIR 5th October 2013

erock1Ok so I spent most of this show laughing! It’s not surprising really as joining us from a secret location in the beautiful state of California was ERIC BLACK better known as EROCK producer and host of the weekly show REVOLVER UNDERGROUND.

I am finding it very hard to know what to write in this week’s blog post because to be honest the show is best listened to, there is no way I can replicate the banter and the humour that happened throughout the show! It all started in the first 2 minutes when he told us that he had been herpes free since 1983 and then went on to describe his tattoo! (See above photo), Well from there on we knew we were in for a great show!

erock 2

Like Mark and I EROCK is trying to get the word out to those that take the time to tune into our shows – that you don’t have to listen to a mainstream radio station to hear fantastic music, in fact listen to REVOLVER UNDERGROUND and you will not only hear some of the best independent music around but you will also find out about heaps of useless random crap!

Erock told us that he has no idea why his hour-long show has been a success! Of course it has nothing to do with his drop dead sexy dj voice, his warped sense of humour and his ability to bring a smile on the face of those that listen! And Yes my husband and I are one of many that do tune in and listen when we are able!

Erock prides himself on only presenting the best music on his show and has an ever-increasing submission list of hopefuls hoping to be the artist featured on his next show!

Erock told Mark and I that it all started in the corn state of the world Iowa (I thought it was potatoes but that is somewhere completely different)6 years ago when he was working for a privately run radio station. He got the idea to produce a pre-recorded show that featured not only local Independent musicians, but also artist from all over the world.

So in 2008 Erock developed a 30 min indie rock show, and after receiving other genres of music, he thought why not open it up for other genres other than rock and run it for an hour! So that is how REVOLVER UNDERGROUND was born and has been growing in numbers ever since! To date he is reaching listeners from all over the world and last count was around the 150,000 mark, which is a fantastic achievement!

I just had a thought as I am writing this…….we never did ask him how he came up with the name for the show! Duh!

erock3Love this photo.

EROCK has had the great pleasure of interviewing from the red carpet at some big music events. He related to us one of his first experiences while working for BALCONY TV in NASHVILLE, which was to interview at the GRAMMY’S!  Paris Hilton, Steve Vai, Bret Michaels and Johnny Lang are just a few of the stars that he has interviewed! You can check out some of the videos from this event from his site. And its not as clear cut as you think it is…..its damn hard work but EROCK does it with style!

Check out the interviews from the Red Carpet of the Grammies


BALCONY TV NASHVILLE http://www.balconytv.com/nashville

erock4Erock has the funniest sense of humour and if you check out his web page, you will see some examples of that, especially if you take the time to read his blog post about his journey from Nashville to L.A! You just have to take a look at the above photo; I mean is that the look of a serious person!

You really need too listen to our interview with EROCK to appreciate what he is doing for all INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS everywhere! You will also hear how he behaved when I decided to send him off on a deserted island, gee talk about trying my patience!  I mean, what guest comes on and wants to know about the real estate value of my desert island before I let them take three items with them? Gee! EROCK in a hula skirt and jellybeans, now that would be a Kodak moment! See, now you have to go check out the show to find out what that was all about, trust me, you will laugh as hard as I did throughout the show!

So, go grab a drink or two, some nibbles and go find somewhere comfy to sit and listen to this fun filled show!


Erock is also a musician, and normally we will feature three songs from our guest, however today we focused today more on the radio show and asked Erock to choose the songs that he wished us to present (one actually was his own band though)


Epic Melodic Rock band from Nashville, TN!


“Three years after forming in a room where the only pieces of furniture were a piano bench and a drum throne, Manic Bloom is finding its voice. It wasn’t the delusion of grandeur or the promise of fame that inspired the five members to let go of everything and pursue their musical ambitions. That isn’t quite the style of Nashville, Tennessee’s “Epic Melodic Rock” band. 

“We played plenty of shows to empty rooms when we were first starting out,” drummer Jeff Brinkley admits. “It was during that time we had to ask ourselves a lot of questions about who we are and what we were trying to accomplish. If any of those answers had anything to do with money or stardom, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be where we are today.”


erock 5 micz5 M.I.C-Z HEAD TURNA

“I’m am not a singer nor am I a rapper.

I’m not a producer nor am I a writer.

If it’s too confusing I’ll end the confusion. 

I am 5 M.I.C-Z, and my DNA is music..”


erock mortal risingMORTAL RISING – FEEL AGAIN


Mortal Rising is a Folk-Rock duo originally from Des Moines, Iowa. Brother in-laws who finally decided to write a song for a Nashville Talent Search. This endeavor led to their official beginning in September 2008. Releasing their first single “Feel Again” December 2008, EROCK and Vance Lambert are writing and recording demos for their near future EP… Thank you for checking out our page! Please leave comments!!!


I can’t believe that we have had two of their songs on the rotation for a long time now and we never realised that this was EROCK’s Band. Btw I never told Erock this but, I love the dreads and I never did ask him what made him lose them! L.

Anyway this is EROCK’S BAND and during the show he told us that he really wants to get back to recording and performing again! At the moment there has been a bit of a hiatus, well not surprising really with one in L.A and the other in Nashville. But with technology the way it is today anything can happen!

erock revolver Check out REVOLVER UNDERGROUND web page


If you wish to submit music to EROCK for consideration for airplay please check out this link: http://www.revolverunderground.com/#!submit-music

Please bear in mind that if you do submit your music, that it could take some time to be considered. Like Mark and I we do this on our own time and we don’t have a team of people working with us! So please be patient!

erock velveterock velvet 2During the show, Erock also talked about TOXIC TUESDAYS at La Velvet Margarita Cantina, which is the no1 Mexican restaurant and live in Hollywood!

http://velvetmargarita.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/clubtoxicLA

erock toxicHere are a couple of interviews that EROCK did at TOXIC TUESDAY

9 Electric Interview With Revolver Underground

Micah Electric and M. Lopez stopped by Toxic Tuesdays at Velvet Margarita Cantina in Hollywood…and then they ran into me. I’m fine but they may not be. Anywho…we had a little chat about what it takes to put on a great show, a few influences and what to watch out for in the industry as a new artists. Take a listen!


Jason Sutter Interview With Revolver Underground

Current Marilyn Manson drummer Jason Sutter stopped by Toxic Tuesdays! Hear about his experience in the music industry, Which gig has been the hardest to perform in and what advice he gives to new artists!


Eric, thank you so much for taking the time to join Mark and I and let us get to know you a bit better……well, I think we did, maybe, maybe not lol. Anyway, now that we have met, we will certainly help you promote your show! We would love to have you back in the not too distant future; you were heaps of fun! Next time we will give you a bit more notice! :)


erock love and .38



“Love and a .38 are not to be trusted. This four-piece hard rock band from Los Angeles has given rock- starved fans something to get excited about. They’ve crafted a sound that is both familiar yet fresh, blending growling guitars with catchy, emotionally powered vocals. Fuelled by instinct and driven by desire, they have written songs that fans from across the rock spectrum can get behind”.


watter indie music bus

If you would like to connect with Walter Hargrave and hop on the INDIE MUSIC BUS please check out this link http://indiemusicbus.com/


erock como


I chose this song, as it is one of my favourites off their new album BABY STEPS that was released on ITunes on 1st October. I have purchased this album and it is now playing in my iphone and ipod! Love it!


“Matt and Andrew Como are songwriters and musicians that value organic music, musicianship, and songs with original integrity. Music is not a hobby of the brothers but a way of life and a career. Early in life, their father and his brothers would play at family parties. Growing up in this environment inspired them to play music, and it fast became a central part of their lives.”

Web pages

LATE NIGHTS the official video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYGZxwuLIEE

BABY STEPS the new album https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/baby-steps/id712299277

We also showcased the following artists:



“London based Moonshot (Daniel Kent and Richard Wolfe) combine atmospheric dance and electronica with pop melodies to create songs that are challenging yet accessible. Blending the pop sensibilities of 80s electronic bands with cutting edge rhythms and beats, Moonshot occupy a unique and relevant space in the current music scene. New LP Angels Wear Black continues the bands prolific output which has produced six albums and three EPs in 10 years.”


erock cort



“Cort Carpenter has taken the Northwest and Southern California by storm and has left a wake of amazing new fans and excited venue owners each time he plays! Cort is now located in Nashville TN, and is making a name for himself in one of the biggest entertainment cities in the world. Cort has packed out each venue he has played in Nashville thus far, and the trend continues… 

Cort & his band have the parking lots packed an hour before the show starts and the dance floor jammed till the last song is played.”


erock stone pines



“Part Rock, part Blues, and with a hint of Reggae, The Stone Pines are tenacious about creating a new brand of soulful classic Rock and Blues with a wide range of sound and energy. Josh Larsson (Lead Singer), Ryan Krumins (Lead Guitar), and Corey Fenton (Rhythm Guitar) have a longstanding history playing music together, and were excited to reform the band in early 2010 after a long hiatus from their previous reggae-rock band, Thornbird. They were soon joined by Clark Buchanan on bass and enlisted the services of “Slick” Tim Watson (James Byrnes, Sam Roberts) on drums and the new band was complete.”


erock rick



“The musical genre is a combination of Blues; Country, Rock, and Folk. A finger-style guitar player by trade, I have written songs that are fun; satirical; sophisticated; current; and touching.

His songs are easy to relate to with themes from everyday life. From a satirical complaint about technology; to a spoof on a common colloquialism; to an uplifting theme after a devastating storm, and of course a love song.”



SA 15


SA 17

 MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATION http://msi.icweekly.net/

await rescue indie music bus

 INDIE MUSIC BUS http://indiemusicbus.com/



561197_286213394787698_1849939923_n (1)




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LAUREN MARSH – Guest on WWIR 17th September 2013

LaurenJoining us today from upstate NEW JERSEY was the beautiful and very talented singer/songwriter LAUREN MARSH.

We first heard of LAUREN MARSH when she sent her song “Dangerous Love” to the WWIR after it was accepted for the rotation! When Lauren applied to be a guest on our show, I looked further into her music and videos and liked what I heard!

When an artist has great music that you want to present to your listening audience, it’s hard to know how an artist is going to come across when talking live on the air. Within a few minutes of talking to Lauren prior to the show, we knew she would be the perfect guest!  We did gave her plenty of warning about the show, however, she told us that they make them tough in Jersey, and they are born “Ready to Go!”  hmmmm if that’s the case, explain to me, why Mark also from Jersey is never ready to go!

Lauren 2Lauren talked about the music scene in her local area and how she recently played a live show at Mexicali, renowned for its awesome sound system! She also said that the venue gets some great bands there.

She said that although there are some amazing places to play in New Jersey she is also close enough to be able to play in New York as well. However when booking shows she does take into consideration those people that would come to see her and how far it would be to commute to the venue.

lauren 3Lauren spoke about her musical background and how from a very early age she loved to sing! She also talked about when in the 8th grade she went to the “School of Rock” and by doing so got some live performance experience singing with a rock band. Lauren is currently in her senior year at the William Patterson University studying “Popular Music Business Major” and will be graduating in the spring! She is hoping that she can make her music a full time career. I certainly feel she has the ability to do so!

We also found out that Lauren plays the Ukulele, an instrument that has certainly come back into fashion over the past couple of years! If you check out this link you can see and hear Laurens version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zX0HB72dYI

Lauren was so enjoyable to talk to; she speaks with so much confidence and maturity its hard to believe she is only 21 years old!  I feel guilty now that I sent her off to a deserted island as I could have talked to her all night!

lauren strangerThe first song we played tonight was STRANGER, and Mark and I were proud to have been able to play it on the day it was released on ITunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stranger-single/id711012591

There is also a wonderful video that goes with this song!

The song is about going on your gut instincts and trusting your feelings when it comes to relationships and, having the confidence to say Hi to a stranger if it feels right!

The video tells the story better than I can write it, so please check it out from this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzITixiyNUU

lauren ready for take offThe next two songs we played were DANGEROUS LOVE and HOME. These songs can be found Lauren’s Debut album READY FOR TAKE OFF that was released in October 2012. This album can be purchased from ITunes. Lauren told us that she was making this album during Super Storm Sandy! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ready-for-takeoff-ep/id572528689

There is also an official video for DANGEROUS LOVE and you can see the Brown Stone houses that we talked about during the show. I love those houses and cant wait to see them on my next visit to the USA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp7RRBb6Wts

Lauren for a momentThere was one song that we didn’t play FOR A MOMENT. It is a beautiful song played live at a winery near Laurens home that provided awesome acoustics for this song! The Steinway Piano that she is playing is supposedly the same one used by Tony Bennet! Check it out!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLcqB_im4uo

Lauren awardIn April of this year, Lauren attended the Jersey Acoustic Music Awards (JAMawards) and played a live performance. She was also presented with an award for the TOP INDIE EP RELEASE for her album READY FOR TAKE OFF. She not only talked about the awards but told us the story of how she went up for the award with no shoes! 

Lauren TTLTWITTER TUESDAY LIVE is a unique show in the fact that we just don’t ask the same boring questions that a lot of interviewers do, we find out the real person behind the music! A 2-hour show goes very fast when you are in the company of someone like Lauren.

Not just a pretty face, Lauren is smart and extremely talented – and an awesome personality to boot! If you missed the live show, you must check out this episode. It was a lot of fun!

What did Lauren take with her when I sent her off on a deserted island?

Why did she have no shoes on when she went up to collect an award recently?

Who would be her ultimate virtual band?

All this and more can be found here…………


Lauren web pageCheck out all the links and social networks for LAUREN MARSH

WEBPAGE http://laurenmarsh.com/

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/LaurenMarshMusic?sk=app_2405167945

REVERBNATION http://www.reverbnation.com/laurenmarsh

“Lauren, what can I say except, thank you! You are a truly amazingly talented person! Wishing you all the best with your newly released “Stranger” Please come back and Join Mark and I in the not too distant future! You were an awesome guest!”



Where the corn grows tall and cooks down clean, clear and pure. Out here we do things our own way – the old way. We live the Simple Life here – one day at a time we prepare for the seasons to come

Take a ride out here in the country, climb the mountain and you just may decide to stay. Pick up your fiddle and move to Stephenson Rd

The music here is as pure as the “spring water” and honest as sunshine. It’s as infectious as country livin’ and as welcoming as a hot cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie. So, go ahead, grab a cup and a slice and share it with your friends. You just might decide you want to live on Stephenson Rd. , too.




The sentence “ … My heart yearns to speak”, from the track „Space For Words“ on her debut album, „Reflections Of Love“, probably best embodies the refreshing honesty and captivating beauty one hears and feels in Newbridge’s music. An organic eclectic mix of Jazz, Folk, Afro and Soul in which she is able to express herself in the most honest and effortless manner – that’s Newbridge.


During the show we also showcased these artists:

 Laure Chrycee


No doubt about it, Chrycee is a class act! For as long as she can remember music has been her life-long dream.

Growing up with a DJ father, Christine Charlemagne, known in the entertainment circles as Chrycee was constantly exposed to music of all genres.

Passionate and motivated, Chrycee is a firm believer in the beauty of dreams and that anything is achievable once you set your mind to it and give your all.


Lauren Ivory Tower Project


Independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project is a new breed of ‘old school’ rockers. Music for those who love the Classic Pop/Rock artists of the 70s and 80s.

RED HOT released in 2008 has received rave reviews and airplay on over 475 radio stations in 30 countries…



James writes highly personal and melodic songs to share a piece of his soul with the listener. Happy tunes, warming lyrics and raw passion for what he does makes James a must for those summer days

James brings a live energy and exuberance to his shows that simply cannot be captured on record.



Big Kettle Drum is a banjo slinging, foot stomping, suitcase kicking, slide guitar Americana band.

With the new album, Nantucket Circle, currently being featured on over 100 radio stations around the country, BKD is carving their own niche in the Americana landscape. Gritty, soulful vocals layered on to grooving bass lines, bluesy slide guitar licks, soaring harmonies and even wah-wah banjo create the unique sound that is Big Kettle Drum.


THANK YOU to the following that supports TWITTER TUESDAY LVE


SA 15


SA 17

 MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATION http://msi.icweekly.net/

await rescue indie music bus

 INDIE MUSIC BUS http://indiemusicbus.com/



561197_286213394787698_1849939923_n (1)




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THE GETAWAY CAR – Guest on WWIR 3rd September 2013


The getaway carWhen Mark and I had the idea for TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE we wanted to do interviews with bands/artists that was different from other radio shows. We didn’t want to ask the same boring questions that other people ask. We wanted a show where our listening audience could get to know the people behind the music on a more personal level! THE GETAWAY CAR was the perfect example today! They even got to know a few things about each other! So funny!

Joining us from Boise Idaho we had Jerry Fee, Chris Christofi, Gabe Miller, & Jes Stricklin. There is another member of the band ………… but he decided that having his wisdom teeth out was a better option. Seriously, the lengths that some people will go to, to get out of appearing on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE.

Mark and I got a bit of a shock when we were introduced to the band members as we had no idea that one them was female! Take a look at the photo above….do you see a female member???? No! We found out though that Jes is a very valuable member of the band, not only does she plays the keyboards the tambourine and sing, she is also the bands photographer! She has one downfall though…..she doesn’t get jokes! lol

the getway car potatoes 1So, as always we start off the show by getting to know a bit about the band and the first topic was potato’s! Potatoes you might ask! Apparently Idaho is the Potato Capital of the USA! I didn’t know that!  Chris the drummer moved to the U.S from another potato country…..Cyprus, now I did know that!  So, in true Twitter Tuesday Live fashion, we found some great information on the world’s chip market! I told you this is not your normal interview! It’s not all about the music you know, this is a very educational show!


the getaway car 3Having a band altogether in a room when doing a live show, can get a bit loud and uncontrollable at times, however it makes for a very entertaining show! These guys have a great rapport between themselves, and you can tell that they not only play music together, they are very good friends! I love to hear that in a band. They were a bit annoyed though that the Limo didn’t arrive to pick them up as Mark had promised them……seriously, do they not know that we do this for free!!! Jeez! Some bands expect so much!

The first thing we were dying to find out was how they got the name THE GETAWAY CAR. Not as an afterthought of planning a band robbery, as I had thought it was!  Apparantly Jes was not included in the naming of the band as she was in Texas and her vote didn’t count! Hmmmm I begin to see a pattern here! Poor Jes, its not easy being in a band with all males!

523480_536673726386437_86569221_n (1)We talked about how the band started from a solo project with Jerry and how over a period of a couple of years they now have a completely different line up to when they started out. Between all the band members they have a varied range of different musical influences and each contribute to this bands awesome and unique sound!

We also learned how Gabe is the community bicycle! Lol you have to hear the show to know what I am talking about! As for the member M.I.A Justin…….well we are going to have to learn about him the next time the guys come back on the show….if they want to return! Lol Maybe by then Mark will have learned to tell better jokes!

They also had some funny stories to tell from the road…I love hearing them!

I really like this band. It took me 30 seconds of listening to their song SUM to get me hooked! After hearing that song it made me want to check out the rest of their music and from there I became a fan! I am looking forward to adding them to my record collection!

As always my blog post reflects a small portion of how the show went. It’s so hard to put into words how the show went, which is why I always encourage people reading this to download the podcast and listen to it!

Click on this link to hear the full show and hear THE GETAWAY CAR for yourself! You can also find out what they took with them when I put them on the Desert Island and much much more!


the getaway car 4















Q. Who is missing from this photo? A. That would be Jes again! Jes, next time you get asked to take a photo, makes sure you get your reflection in the window!

During the show we featured three of the bands songs:




the getaway car maps









All the songs featured on today’s show are taken from their EP – MAPS Released: Mar 01, 2013 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/maps/id598113906

the getaway car logo

Check out all the links for THE GETAWAY CAR


They can also be found on these social networks:

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/thegetawaycar?fref=ts

TWITTER https://twitter.com/thegetawycar

REVERBNATION http://www.reverbnation.com/thegetawaycar

msi logo

Mark and I were first introduced to THE GETAWAY CAR when their song SUM won the MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATIONS HIT LIST for the month of May. For those of you wondering who they are, I would suggest that you check out their web page and also watch some of the shows that are posted on the web page.  They ask independent musicians to put their music up in front of 3 expert panelists in different fields of the music industry. Each song is listened to once and is given feedback from the panelist and then one winner is chosen for the week.

The winner then goes into the HITLIST final where they stand a chance of winning some great prizes. Included in the prize package is an interview with Kiva Johns Adkins from INDIEVIEWS and the winning song is featured the next week on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE and it could lead to the artist joining us on the live show, as was the case with our guests today! Mark and I have been a guest panelist on the show on several occasions and the guys over at MSI are so much fun!

Find out how you can submit by going to this link : http://msi.icweekly.net/

Jerry, Chris, Gabe and Jes, thank you so much for taking the time to join Mark and I on today’s show! You are awesome to interview and fun to hang around with. Mark and I look forward to round 2!


 The getaway car melissa


“Raised with an appreciation for all types of music, award-winning alternative artist/songwriter/musician Melissa VanFleet has successfully created her own unique sound, combining influences from rock, soul, and blues. In addition to her seasoned and consistent voice and her ability to effortlessly play instruments by ear, Melissa’s honest lyrics and catchy, moving melodies earn her much appraisal among listeners. These traits are all on full display in her strong debut release, the carefully crafted EP “Stars In My Eyes”, available now on iTunes.”


Check out the video too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrZoy_MpxOA


the getaway car message to venus


“What series of events unites a few strangers to make music together? Is it a cosmic anomaly or destiny? Jandre Nadal, John Feliciano, Edgar Ramos and JuanMa Font gravitated towards each other because of a shared desire to create intoxicating and sublime music. Since 2009 this intricate sonic workshop has yielded blistering tracks with great depth, melding dreamlike sounds with unheard-of guitar strength, tight bass, high-energy drums and powerful melodic vocals.”


the getaway car indietour

INDIE TOUR 2014 https://www.facebook.com/IndieTour2014?fref=ts

We also showcased the following artists:

the getaway car manou MANOU – RED HANDED http://www.reverbnation.com/manoumusic

Manou is a member of “beFour”, a German pop group founded in Cologne. The members were cast for the television show beFour: Das Star-Tagebuch (“The Star Diary”), which has been broadcast daily at 14:20 for three months. The first single “Magic Melody” is a cover version of the song “Around The World” by ATC, that is a cover of the song “Pesenka”, originally sung by the Russian band Ruki Vverh! in 1998. The single “No Limit” is a remake of the same song by 2 Unlimited.

the getaway car chadwick station



“It’s not often that a band this good comes along. Chadwick Station sounds so familiar while sounding like nothing you’ve ever heard. It’s as if they’ve transported the soul of a by-gone era into today’s music.

Originally from London, the band has relocated to Nashville to team up with some pop music veterans to play on and produce their very first EP. And the combination is sheer magic.

If you yearn for great melodies and smooth harmonies THIS is your band!”



“The Great Recession, the full-length debut from William Pilgrim & The All Grows Up, weaves moving stories of struggle and redemption, and was largely inspired by the hard economic times experienced in recent years. 

In the end, what The Great Recession portrays is not a financial crisis but a crisis of human thinking and the ultimate failure to recognize the wholesale takeover of our government, democracy and lives by the wealthy and powerful few.”

the getaway car longbeach LONGBEACH – CROSSROADS IN LIFE http://www.reverbnation.com/jonevans

” LONGBEACH is a fusion of the lyrics and music of Jon Evans, with the powerful and enchanting vocals of Irish lead singer Andrew Foley, Michael McCarthy on drums and Alan Seosam on bass. Together they create a collection of rock songs with strong melodies and big heart, which is sure to be on everyone’s 2013 playlist.
Jan 2013 sees the launch of a new second album “Earn My Money Tonight”, following the debut album “Seven Streets Ahead”, which was released Boxing Day, 26th Dec 2011, and has been playlisted on more than 150 radio stations worldwide. “




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JOSH DAMIGO – Guest on WWIR 27th August 2013


JD 1JOSH DAMIGO is no stranger to TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE this is the 3rd time he has graced us with his presence! The last time Josh was on the air with us he was just about to release his 17-track album HOPE and had just finished a mid west tour promoting the album.

Today, he joined us after a very successful Kickstarter campaign to help him on the road for his next tour, starting on 30th August and also the production of a new LIVE FROM LESTATS Album. I am proud to say that Mark and I helped back Josh in this new venture!

Every time Josh has been on the show he has never failed to make us laugh, today was no exception! So……..It all started when Josh wasn’t going to answer the phone when Mark called………………………cont

JD2Josh was excited and eager to share with us the details of his two-month tour that kicks off this Friday in San Diego in Southern California and goes through to Phoenix, Arizona on October 17th

It’s not easy being an independent musician and having to do everything for yourself, however, Josh seems to do it better than most!

Finding venues is easy; convincing the proprietors as to why they should let you play there is not!  Josh explained just how hard it can be, how you have to put butts on seats, and how if you don’t, they might not ask you back again! Its all very well for someone like Mark and I who know how great Josh is live, however when you are going to a place that has never heard of you…. that is a very different story! Josh gives some great advice for any band, thinking that touring is easy. Josh tells it better than I do, so check out the podcast!

JD3Josh is a very humble musician, who would rather talk about the RED SOX than talk about himself, however we got a few words out of him and he also kept Mark under control!

JD4POCKET CHANGE was the first song we played tonight from his award winning album RAW https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/raw/id316840327 this song will always remind me of the very first time we met Josh. It was not long after he moved to L.A from New York, back to a time when he had next to nothing, no real place to call home, sleeping in his car and calling in to the show from a public place, and having to deal with a Tiger Mom….but that’s a different story! How things have changed!

Josh was telling us about how this song was used on THE TROLLEY SHOW, its great, I have seen it –  Josh in on a train, casually picks up his guitar and starts singing, you should see the look of the faces on the commuters, classic

https://www.facebook.com/ATrolleyShow we did discuss not doing this on a plane though, not sure it would work as well! Lol

Lydia, who was tuned in from London said that in her part of the world they have LADIES TOILET SESSIONS and BLACK CAB SESSIONS! Sounds like fun and something I need to check up on!

JD5We learned that Josh’s second album HOPE has been nominated for “Best Pop Album” at the San Diego Music Awards in October. I have owned the album HOPE since it was released over a year ago and I love it! 17 awesome tracks! Check it out from ITUNES and it is also available now on Pandora. https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/hope/id547400507

The 2nd song of the night was KNOCK YOU OUT which is taken from the HOPE album and features B Willing James, a song that was written about standing up to a school bully way back when Josh was a wee lad in 3rd grade.

JD6Josh has some awesome stories he tells from his life as a musician. I have subscribed to his blog posts and so I regularly get updates, it makes for very entertaining reading. I got him to relate the story of his appearance at the SAN DIEGO FAIR….hilarious and so worth reading about and you can check out his ID badge too showing his white teeth!  Its called Making Lemonade Out of Nothing (Part 2- San Diego County Fair Edition)


of course this is just one of the many stories on his blog. Josh would make a brilliant writer!…..

The last song we featured on today’s show was one taken off the LIVE AT LESTATS album – SUGAR ft ROB DEEZ this shows the comical side of Josh because like he said during the show, its all very well being able to get up to sing but in a small venue when the music stops you need to be able to fill the dead air with something!

I am looking forward to receiving my copy of the live album and it will remind me of a field trip we once took for my birthday……..see story at the end!

JD7I had to include this photo in my blog; I love this photo of Josh outside of LeStats in San Diego. Several times people have put an N in his name! This picture says it all!  Mark would probably say “Yeah that’s Cool”

JD twitterThis show was very funny and I have since listened back to it. There is one part in the show where Josh finishes talking and Mark needs to move the show on, he sounded like he was being condescending and Josh jumps in and says (again you need to hear the podcast) it was so funny we were still laughing off the air. Its not often Mark gets put in his place….I love it!  Josh you are the man! Again you had to be there so download the podcast lol Trust me you will love the show! Josh is not only a fantastic musician but also a great interviewee with a great sense of humour! Please check out the show for yourself and tell me your thoughts you can even comment if you like!


Thank you Josh for once coming back and entertaining us! Good luck with the tour! I look forward to more updates coming in my email!

JD San Diego


So anyway I would like to end my blog, (well nearly end) with a story of my own.  It’s my birthday and what better way to celebrate it than to travel 2-hour trip from L. A to San Diego in a mini-van with Mark Lamdanski driving, Julie taking photos in the drivers seat, Kiva updating her FB page, my hubby Mark, Paul Bosco and myself in the back giggling like school children on a bus!

As the day goes on, the rain starts to fall and it starts to get colder and colder. I was reminded of what Josh once told me……. “when you come to the USA, come down to SAN DIEGO where the weather is perfect for 365 days a year, it’s a great place to live”  “That Josh Damigo is full of shit” I shout from the back of the van! It was bloody freezing and I mean freeeeeezing! I am so glad that I bought my scarf. My poor hubby was wearing shorts!!!!

First stop when we arrived was to somewhere warm to have a drink….so we made it to a pub and sunk a few ciders!

Then we walked around the shops for a bit doing the usual touristy things. My husband bought an awesome hat at the Goring Brothers Hat Company, well he had to keep his head warm!  I had to get my fix of Starbucks, so we had a coffee and then set off to meet Josh!

After driving around and around and around trying to find a parking place, we finally met up with Josh and he took us to this  to this awesome restaurant called El Zarapo where he told us that they make the best CALIFORNIA BURITOS….hmmm do we believe him or not! Acually this time he was right! It was a quaint place and we all just about fitted in there! Awesome food!

From there we went to LeStats a place I have been hearing about for a long time and was excited to visit it.

First we went to the coffee shop, which was pretty awesome, serving great coffee and most of all providing an internet service which, when you are visiting from overseas is so essential to be able to  update your Facebook status lol .

Ater about an hour, we went next door to the Listening room (I now know what its called) and we sat back to enjoy Josh’s Set.

I always knew that Josh would be good live, and I was not wrong……he was awesome! My only gripe was that he was not on the stage long enough! I would go back and see that guy in a heartbeat if I could! Brillant and I changed my mind about Josh being “full of shit”! lol

Towards the end of the performance we heard this noise on the roof, sounded like really heavy rain…….when the show ended and we came out, it looked like snow…and remember coming from Australia, we don’t do snow! It was hail! HAIL!!!! OMG….yeah yeah come to San Diego where it’s sunny 365 Days a year!!! Josh Damigo you are………….awesome!

It’s one birthday I will not forget in a hurry!

JD 8 Month



“Sometimes life goes against you. Sometimes you find yourself in a rut that you just    can’t find a way out of. It is in these times that we all need something to hold on to, someway of venting our frustrations and releasing our anger. Some people choose sports, some people wrongly choose violence, and some of us turn to music…

8 Month Malfunction was born of negative energy and fuelled by loss and confusion, but merely by expressing these feelings through very personal, thought provoking lyrics and heart felt music, a glimmer of hope has been found.”

This is the band that IAN HUSBANDS from MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATIONS plays in. I didn’t know till the show that he was actually the lead singer! Awesome song!


We also showcased the following artists:

JD Novus DaeNOVUS DAE – BBT Connecticut-based quartet Novus Dae are architects of a distinct hard rock sound that’s one part hard-rock and one part experimental fusion. The group has earned a regional following through extensive touring throughout New England and appearances in support of such acts as Taproot, Nonpoint, Halestorm, and Three Days Grace among others. Currently, Novus Dae is preparing to build on their regional success with a nationwide tour. http://www.reverbnation.com/novusdae

JD Blue Sky Drive BLUE SKY DRIVE – STARLITE Four South Florida Musicians collide with an Angel from the City. This East meets West Coast affair leads to a fated connection. Vocalist – Tricia Sheldon and Guitarist – Lisa Cattoretti hooked up via a local music rag ad and quickly became the driving force behind the band and it’s music. Shortly thereafter the duo fell for Guitarist – John O’Neil, Bassist – Dean Robaina, and Drummer – Ryan Baker, evolving into Blue Sky Drive.

Mark was excited to find out that this band is from his hometown of Hollywood Florida and it turns out that they know his sister! What a small world!  http://www.reverbnation.com/blueskydriveband

JD Lucville





LUCVILLE – PRESENT CHAOS –Lucville is a Brighton based Italian songwriter. His music is a journey among rarefied atmospheres and winning pop choruses. http://www.reverbnation.com/lucville


JD dudeDUDE WONT DIE – AMOUR FOU In the autumn of 2009, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman (R), sensing a momentous election year approaching, decided to put together a kick-ass soft rock group to spread the good news of conservatism and budget-slashing educational policy in an accessible format of digestible power-pop-doom-rock. After a lengthy screening and application process of a half dozen candidates from across the Big Red State, he chose five young, white males to represent all things red: Republicans, Husker football, and Rudy, that 6th-grader whose school picture got sent to the Blue House on mistake. Little did he know that the five musicians–Geoff, Jason, Scot, Sammy, and Todd–were secretly and redundantly secret agents for a new world order, the Order of the Dude. By the time he realized what a national security mistake he’d made, it was too late: Dude Won’t Die had established a new hegemonic order, one where No-Coast Fascism was supplanted by the redemptive power of Rock n’ Roll. Now, from their heavily guarded base in Lincoln, Nebraska, the unrelenting hyperactive cabal of DWD plot their next move, and patiently await the coming of a pizza delivery. http://www.reverbnation.com/dudewontdie

This was an hilarious part of the show, when Mark had to read out the bio. He thought that the band was serious! However after the song was played Josh read it again….so so funny, you need to take a listen! Great song too, love the lyrics!

JD The Getaway CarTHE GETAWAY CAR – SUM There is more to a live show than performing songs in front of a crowd. It’s about being able to engage them in an experience. The Getaway Car is an indie-rock/alt band that delivers a powerful, passionate sound, making their recordings an introduction to their memorable concerts. Using a megaphone, crowd participation or unexpectedly breaking down in the middle of a song with a multi-member drum solo are just some of the ways they capture the attention of new fans at a show.


The songs are written with just as much thought and energy as their live set. Based from either their own personal experiences or witnessed by others, their songs are meant to share a story. The Getaway Car is more than just another band – it is an experience. http://www.reverbnation.com/thegetawaycar



SA 15


SA 16


SA 17

 MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATION http://msi.icweekly.net/

await rescue indie music bus

 INDIE MUSIC BUS http://indiemusicbus.com/



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