Rich Wildman and Ian Husbands – Guests on TTL Special 23rd July 2011




Sunday morning and my day off….and guess what???? Mark had me up at the crack of dawn to do a special live show!!!!!!!!! OMG who gets up on a Sunday at 3am????? Lol


Just kidding – the things I do for the love of  INDIE MUSICIANS and because I happen to like our special guests today! Our guests today were Rich Wildman, from Illinois and Ian Husbands, from London.

Rich Wildman

Ian Husbands




Rich and Ian are co-founders of MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATIONS,  a weekly internet based show where indie musicians can submit their songs to be put under the microscope from and expert panel. The third member of the team is Tom Chianti who will be joining us on our regular Twitter Tuesday Live show in September!


MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATION (MSI) airs every Sunday at 4pm EST. Every week they have a guest panellist. Mark was a guest back in June and has been asked back again for another show on September 4th.

Rich and Ian were very informative throughout the whole show. They talked about how MSI works, the Indie scene in general and gave lots of advice to the many Indie artists and bands out there today! Ian is a crack up and the rapport he has with Rich is amazing. It’s almost as bad as Mark and I when we are on the air!!! Great bunch of guys and I felt so relaxed around them. The whole show was fun!

We also featured music from Ian’s former band:



8 MONTH MALFUNCTION – UNDECIDED –( Ian’s current band….and it’s about a girl rofl) –



Rich was in a band called THE JAYMAN BAND – and we featured their song YOUR CHILDREN AND MINE – wow didn’t know that Rich could sing! Sounds a bit like bowie!



There was also talk of a new program called STRIP SEARCH.  I’m not going to explain what the show entails on my blog. You’ll have to go download or listen to our podcast! If you are an INDIE artist reading this, you could be on it!! BUTTERFLIES RADIOis going to be involved so you need to stay tuned!

Please download the podcast and hear these amazing guys and what they had to say:



I will add that this was a first for us today, as the whole show was videoed!!!!! OMG!!!! Up at 5am and noone to put my makeup on for me!…..holy **** lol. You can see the video from the MSI webpage at . I wish someone had checked the lighting with me before the show! I appeared as a pale Goth wannabe!!!! ROFL I’m serious check this out!

A screen shot of today’s show: Top left; Ian Husbands, Top right; Mark Lamdanski, bottom left; Rich Wilderman and bottom right; That would be me, Carol Riordan, aka Goth Girl!!!! Lol

Catch the behind scenes of TTL:


As well as thanking Rich and Ian for joining Mark and I today, I would like to mention TAI ANDREWS who somehow every week ends up as the butt of our jokes when we refer songs being about a girl!!! Tai is a former guest on Twitter Tuesday Live! We told Tai on the air that he should have a T-Shirt made up with that on and sell them. If he does, Ian says he will wear one on MSI weekly! Talking about Tai, check him out too! He is an awesome indie dance artist who is one of our greatest followers and btw also from London


Great show guys, you were so interesting to listen to and I’m hoping that we get a few indie bands download this episode because I’m sure they will find it very informative as well as funny!

Thank you Rich and Ian!!!!!!!


We also featured

PAUL MIRO – TRUTH AT FIRST LIGHT (Paul is a regular guest panellist)
















Until Next time

Warmest greetings from “Down Under”



























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