ERIC SCHACKNE – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 25th October 2011

I had a terrible time with names this week and I’m afraid that I tweeted them wrongly so I do apologise for any mistakes that I may made during the show, I did however correct myself on the air after! Still, for those of you that know me by now I know that I will be forgiven! Too much going on in my small brain and it can’t cope!!!!!

ERIC SCHACKNE was our guest on today’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE, a very lovely and talented pianist, singer ,songwriter, who has just finished making his latest album  “HAMMERS & STRINGS EP” Mark pointed out that Eric was our first pianist on the show! Now when people say to me, so you met the Piano Man I will not think of Billy Joel, it will always be ERIC SCHACKNE! Oh and the reason I am writing his name so many times is so that by the end of this blog, not only will you remember this guys name, but I will have spelt it correctly!

ERIC SCHACKNE originally from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, where of course the station airs from. Eric has been living in LA now for 4 years. He was up until a month ago planning to move to NYC however he has decided to stay  put for a while!

We talked about his music, his time in LA, his new album of course  “HAMMERS & STRINGS EP”, as well as Piano’s and Starbucks Coffee, oh and I did happen to mention how gorgeous his eyes are!

For those of you that have never heard of ERIC SCHACKNE before please please download the podcast and listen to what he has to say. Follow him on his various social sites (see at the end of this blog)




During the show we featured three of his songs and I will try to get the names right this time!!! Lol



“I started this song pleading with a girl to drop the LA facade of ‘cool’ and mid-way through grew tired of writing ANOTHER song about a girl.  So, I switched to more of a philosophical approach to life and love in this city, striving to leave it on a high note.”



“If you’ve ever wanted to tell an ex that you’re sorry and you don’t want a bad breakup to negate the value of the entire relationship, then this song is your breakup anthem”



“In the same vain as Sting’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ I delve into the inner workings of my analytical mind when I first lay eyes on a pretty face, describing the story of love and lost I’ve conjured up for myself…based off a mere glance.”






Besides having a wonderfully presented web page he also has a great blog, that reads like a book! In it he tells the story of the making of his new album  “HAMMERS & STRINGS EP”, he also  talks about his passion for the music that he produces. I found out a lot about Eric this week and it was a pleasure to finally meet him in person, well not in person however it felt like it!   I will be following Eric very closely now, not in a stalking way mind!!! Lol

His untitled debut EP containing “Music Over Girls” and “The Breakup” is still available for digital download on iTunes and details of where you can hear and obtain his new album will be posted on his web pages as it becomes available, so please stay tuned!


Here are some questions that never made it to the show L However I asked Eric if he would minds answering them for me so that I could add them to the end of the blog:

1) What do you consider your biggest achievement so far on your musical career?

Tough opening question here, hehe…Relatively speaking, the moment I felt I had achieved the most was when I had finished my first EP on my own and had assembled a band and played some shows.  Just getting all of those energies in order on my own culminating in a full-band show still feels like a big accomplishment (though there will be bigger and better to come!)


2) HAMMERS & STRINGS EP the album, how did you come up with the title? 

When you press any key on a piano, you’re ultimately causing one of many hammers to connect with one of even more strings specifically wound and tucked away in the body of a piano.  Hence, “HAMMERS & STRINGS EP”.  I’ve also credited the name to the fact that I either wrote those songs based off of piano (hammers) or acoustic guitar (strings).


3) If you had a chance to play at any venue in the world where would it be and why?

It wouldn’t matter, as long as the crowd was singing along.  But specifically, every venue has a different personality.  I consider Hotel Cafe in LA to be one of my ultimate favorite venues that I have yet to play, though I’d be able to deliver a completely different kind of rock show at The Troubador also in LA.  Oh and maybe at one of those White House dinners…


4) Who would you like to play alongside?

There are musicians I have looked up to as I’ve moved along with my career and life, but they haven’t always been the most popular or widely known.  For a while, Nick Thomas of The Spill Canvas was a big inspiration because he started out as a solo artist and eventually moved forward with a career with the full band outfit they’re plugging away with nowadays.  Bryce Avery of The Rocket Summer is another talented dude that I’ve respected as well, but specifically relating on a multi-instrumentalist level (as I believe he plays all of his instruments as well).  But I mean, four-hands-one-piano with Billy Joel would be pretty damn sweet!
5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years or where would you like to be in 5 years?

In 5 years I will have released at least two more records, turned down a label or six, scored a movie or six, profusely toured around and done four-hands-one-piano with Billy Joel.


6) What do you miss about your home state of Florida?

I find myself longing for the simplicity at times.  I do have family and friends that I miss terribly, but those are givens to me.  I suppose you can find that simplicity in any place that isn’t a caricature of a city like LA, but the combination between familiarity with loved ones and nostalgia from where I grew up is enough to keep me coming back.



Eric, I hope that you had a great time with Mark and I today and that I didn’t talk too much! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope that you will keep in contact and let us know how your future music plans go! Please check out all his social networks and follow this guy that will one day Billy Joel will be begging to play with!






TWITTER @EricRockMusic

You can also view the new video for his song THIS CLASSIC ROMANCE on our INDIE TRAIN web page:



We also featured these artists on the show:








EMIT – WHO (Carol’s song of the week)

JAMIE ALIMORAD – SHE IS (Next weeks guest)


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To all of you that tune in and support BUTTERFLIES RADIO & TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE Mark and I would like to thank you very much!


See you all next week!











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