SKINNY MACHINES – Guests on Twitter Tuesday Live 8th November 2011

Wow another full on and busy TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. It was so good so see a great crowd, most of whom stayed up till the small hours of the morning to support our very special guests from SKINNY MACHINES. Joining Mark and I today we had Lead singer Jay and Bassist Mike.

I have to be honest we could have spent 3 hours talking to these guys! Even before the show started I was emailed by several fans who wanted to know so much about this awesome band SKINNY MACHINES!

Jay and Mike were a class act, amusing, informative, and willing to answer any questions that their fans threw at them! We didn’t get time to ask them all, so I will post some of those questions at the end of this blog.


SKINNY MACHINES are very big in Europe; however Mark and I are hoping that changes for them over the next year! We would certainly like to see them break into the USA market and maybe get some tours in. So if there are any promoters out there that are willing to take a chance on these guys, please get in touch!


We heard how Rikki, hurt his hand, and no it wasn’t in some pub brawl…god damnit I was  so hoping for  some gossip! Lol

Anyway moving right along! We touched on them bringing back their blog, a must! These guys can seriously write, and not only music! They are funny and witty and I for one had a real giggle reading about their antics in Europe during 2010! A must read!


Poor Mark, (and I say this every time we have guests from the UK), when we are off the air, he has a hard job butting in over me lol…..Mark, I apologise! However when speaking to people from my home country I just kinda slipped back in…innit! Talking of which, how funny that Jay Banks at the same one I worked at when I first left school…small world! They are even playing at the Fleece and Firkin an old haunt of mine from my teenage years…and yes I can still remember those days!!!!!


Was a great show, my husband came home shaking his head, to the comment about me putting up all musicians that come to Australia…hey I mean it … and he knows it too (btw he cooks a great steak on the barbie)


Anyway, I am not going to waffle on like a pork chop! Support SKINNY MACHINES,download the podcast, hear for yourself what they had to say!

Oh almost forgot, there was talk of pussies to so now you have to listen to find out what we were on about!!! :)

Oh and how I thought Dan looked like Bernard Hill :)


Here is the podcast…..please take the time to download it and listen for yourselves:


SKINNY MACHINES have several songs on our rotation and during the show we featured the following:




This track was originally about our frustration at there being a total lack of decent live music venues in South London as opposed to the North or East but the lyric quickly more general and in my mind now it could be about any aspect of your life in which you feel that you’re not really making any progress. There’s a lot of frustration and anger in the arrangement and in the words.






I remember clearly the practice in which Rik came up with the riff at the beginning of this track. The vocal melody and the other parts of the song fell into place quite quickly afterwards. In fact, I was listening to some old demos the other day and I have a recording of this before there were words – just me singing nonsense syllables. It’s remarkable how little has changed!! Lyrically this is about the moment when you realise that you have committed too much to a relationship (or anything for that matter) and you have been caught off balance. You’re going down.






We were gigging in Edinburgh once and after the show I was rudely led on by a particularly coquettish young lady who promptly disappeared leaving me feeling (and, I imagine, looking) like a bit of a dick. There was something quite ghostly and spooky about the whole thing though in my mind (when you go out in Edinburgh things do tend to get fuzzy) so, as well as being a bit of a fun romp, we wanted this track to have a bit of a surreal and supernatural twist to it. I guess that’s where the slightly weird lyric comes in.






Of all the tracks we have ever written this one is very much the darkest. Unlike a lot of the others this one was pretty much written by me from start to finish and I’m not sure what it says about the inner workings of my mind – probably something bad. I guess I often use our music to vent the nasty side of my character that it would be illegal to vent in the real world. You can read into the words in whatever way you like really, you’ll get the gist.


Rikki Glover Mike Woodhouse, , Jay Marsh and Dan Roth.






Check out all the social sites for SKINNY MACHINES……



16TH November don’t miss SKINNY MACHINES at The Bedford this is a FREE SHOW


Wrong Side of the River

Stop that Girl

Check out their music here:



Finally – The unanswered questions:

Question – Which album would you recommend as a must-have in every CD-collection?


Jeff Buckley – Grace


Question – The desert island question: if you could only take 3 things with you, what would they be? 

1. Leonard, my cat (not my GF because I wouldn’t want to drag her onto an island when she

could have a perfectly nice time back on the mainland!)


2.  My iPod (with infinite charge).


3. Dan’s Swiss Army Leatherman. I kinda feel like I could do most earthly tasks with that thing.



Question – Now that the year is almost over what was the best or most important moment for skinny machines as a band in 2011?

When Mike Woodhouse walked into our rehearsal studio for an audition.


Question – Is there any ritual or whoop before entering the stage?


We do actually have a Mighty Ducks style hands-in-the-middle call that we do (as well as having a bit of a group huddle). We scream ‘NEW. WAVE. ACE’ as this is the name that we came up for our genre after we were sick of trying to describe it to people.


Question – Besides Skinny Machines, do you take part in any other bands or musical projects or jobs?


Rik and I sometimes do covers gigs for cash and Dan plays with a covers band in Switzerland. We don’t have any originals stuff on the side though.


Question – Who out of the band are in relationships and do any of you have children?


None of us have kids (that we know of). Mike and I are in relationships at the moment. Rik and Dan are available,,,


Question – Do you receive any strange gifts during a show or while on tour?


We have had quite  a few things given to us when we’ve been out on tour. I have to be honest, almost all of these have been food-based and almost all of them have come from central Europe. Quite a lot have ‘special’ ingredients as well. I am yet to get the knickers thrown at me but there’s lots of time.


All I have left to say is, Mark and I had a great time today. It was a pleasure meeting you. One day we will be able to say…..We interviewed them on Butterflies Radio BEFORE they were famous!

Good luck guys with whatever you do in the future, we will do our very best to promote you as and when we can. You are welcome back on the show at anytime!


We also featured the following artists on this weeks show:











As you know this is an interactive show, so here are a few of the tweets that were received during the show:

AliceNeglia  Hey music lovers don’t forget @skinnymachines live on Butterflies Radio tonight (8pm EST) Send your questions for Jay and Mike to@allindie!

AliceNeglia @allindie @LeeMacDougall Great song..and great musician obviously! waiting 4 @skinnymachines live on Butterflies Radio! 2am here in Italy!

simonka_t Simone @allindie Yay, I’m still awake :-)

TwittahMom Kiva @allindie and @skinnymachines I am here. I actually turned off a live performance of @BobbyLongNews to join you. That says a lot.

LiselotteHH @allindie Great to hear you playing @JimStapley! Now I’m looking forward to the @skinnymachines interview 😀 x

Cintomani Andrea M. @allindie hi mark and carol! I’m awake again :)

RebD78 Rebecca Sippets @allindie morning Mark and Carol!! Woo hoo @skinnymachines on today!!!

Pam72210 Pam @allindie @skinnymachines Wooohoooo!!! It’s time for a great interview with a fantastic band!!! :)

VS_Media Velvetstorm Media @allindie hey Carol, hey Mark, we’ve managed to stay up!!

EdCairnsNI Edward Cairns @allindie – Ed here, former bassist for Skinny Machines. Looking forward to hearing the interview! Can’t sleep so might as well…

JasonSizemore @allindie Have a great show #TTL

Pam72210 Pam @allindie @skinnymachines just an FYI I’m from Chicago !! lol You have people all over the world listening! :)

LiselotteHH Liselotte H Hansen @allindie Hi Mark. Nice to virtually meet you :) Honored to support a radio station that promotes indie music! Hugs from arctic Norway x

IndMusicMedia Ind Music Media @allindie Hi Mark and Carol and everyone else tuned in to Twitter Tuesday Live, tonight. – Ced 1

synthie_dBshock Synthie Decibelshock Now listening to @allindie can’t wait for @skinnymachines to be on soon! tune in

YamTZ250 Mark @allindie Mark Shively is tuned in. Drummer with “Matter Of Fact” Cincinnati, Ohio. Hi Mark & Carol!

AliceNeglia Alice Neglia @allindie yes..2 am here in Italy!! but we support @skinnymachinesday and night..from Europe to Australia! we are! :) x

TwittahMom Kiva @allindie Norway is hugging you in your chaps. Nice. Norway are big fans of @skinnymachines

lydiathepixie RoseRed @allindie and tuned in from Pixieland too x

simonka_t Simone @allindie Germany is here too 😉

TwittahMom Kiva @allindie I LOVE England. After all, they gave us Carol AND Robert Pattinson


S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie Another hello from Austria! Xx

Pam72210 Pam @allindie @skinnymachines Melanie from @AspireMusicMgmt is listening from England but we are on skype & she says Hi to everyone too! :)

Dreamcatchering DreamcatcherMusic Hey @allindie. Lise from Dreamcatcher Music in Norway here – listening in to check out Skinny Machines.

S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie Ha ha ha – thanx for the shout out! LOL 100 % awake! Especially when listening to Mike & Jay from @skinnymachines! 😉

Pam72210 Pam @allindie It’s about something else. BUT I want you to tell@skinnymachines I adore their accent!! #BritishAccentsRBest

AliceNeglia Alice Neglia @allindie Hi Jay and Mike… don’t forget Leonard!! is the new member of the band :)

AspireMusicMgmt Mel – Aspire Music @allindie @skinnymachines Nice to know I’m not the only Brit still up at this silly time! The joy of the music business eh? Hi to@Pam72210

MSILabs MSI: Labs @allindie Darn that Ian! Good to hear the guys on the show! and you and Carol too.

LiselotteHH Liselotte H Hansen @allindie @skinnymachines Yeeey Love that song! Even my 7 year old son has started singing it on his “pretend-english”. Fab tune!

StephensonRd C Bret Campbell where’s that guy at? he talks funny… 😉 RT @allindie: now playing #TTL @skinnymachines with WRONG SIDE OF THE RIVER

JasonSizemore Jason Sizemore @allindie Carol’s in Twitter Jail

VS_Media Velvetstorm Media @allindie the Skinnies broke twitter!! 😉 #joke

S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie @skinnymachines Yeah – you crashed twitter! Well done! LOL #skinnymachinescrashedtwitter

Cintomani Andrea M. @allindie @skinnymachines rocking on my chair & singing along “Wrong Side Of The River” …we’re sinking, we’re sinking, we’re sinking

RebD78 Rebecca Sippets @allindie carol don’t forget they have a live DVD!!

BillyKayMusic Billy Kay Music @StephensonRd #TTL @allindie Downloading my England to English translator again :)

AspireMusicMgmt Mel – Aspire Music @allindie @skinnymachines Great song guys – we have so much talent here in the UK!! Must check out more of your music! Good Luck!! Melanie

getthedoggie The Dirty Dogs @allindie Good evening – The Dirty Dogs are “occupying” Butterflies Radio @allindie !

BillyKayMusic Billy Kay Music @allindie Mark Lamdanski is #2 in MSI awards. Remove your shirt rest of broadcast!!! #TTL

Cintomani Andrea M. @allindie @skinnymachines CU also in five years in Wembley 😉 want a triple A ticket, hehe

LiselotteHH Liselotte H Hansen @allindie Brilliant Jay. There’s no reason why the dream world can’t be the real one. And I’ll see you at the Wembley showS (plural) 😉

S_Caramella Simone L. @Cintomani @allindie @skinnymachines Golden Inner VIP Circle Backstage tix! LOL

VS_Media Velvetstorm Media @S_Caramella @Cintomani @allindie @skinnymachines with gala dinners included, lol

simonka_t Simone @allindie @skinnymachines Yay, we all love Laid Out Cold, don’t we? It’s an amazing song :-)

S_Caramella Simone L. Doin’ it Austrian style! LOL RT@Cintomani @allindie@skinnymachines AWESOME song “Laid Out Cold” hands up and starting “waving dance” LOL

AliceNeglia Alice Neglia Laid Out Cold..jumping,dancing and singing..all in playback cause we’re in the middle of the night! what a great time..thanks @allindie:)

BrianCook_WHY Brian Cook @allindie @skinnymachines very good! Really loved that! Would love to do a show with them when our album is down. Very cool sound!

S_Caramella Simone L. ROFLMAO @Cintomani @allindie @skinnymachines Regarding Rikki: Sure, it wasn’t a jealous husband after the dublin gig 😉

S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie @skinnymachines So – the next album will be a conceptional one: songs about pussies! ROFL Errrm, cats of course! LOL

JasonSizemore Jason Sizemore @allindie Pussy, Rim Shot .. Exactly what is Mark talking about?

AliceNeglia Alice Neglia @S_Caramella @allindie @skinnymachines Simone it’s time to sleep for you!!! ahaa you’re becoming too naughty! LOL

TwittahMom Kiva @allindie quit playing songs and just talk to @skinnymachines . We just need a talk show. 😉

S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie Marc – your pussy jumped on you? Sorry, this one had to be! 😛

RebD78 Rebecca Sippets @allindie right carol let’s get onto getting @skinnymachines coming to Oz!!

S_Caramella Simone L. @skinnymachines @allindie Jumping & singing along (only in my imagination as it’s 3:43am) to this wonderful piece of music: STOP THAT GIRL!

YamTZ250 Mark @allindie Sounds great Skinny Machines! Look forward to hearing more of your music.

AliceNeglia Alice Neglia Would be awesome to have @skinnymachines on @allindie again!!! Thanks for this fantastic night! hugs from Italy! 😉 Buonanotte

S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie @Marc – well, all the naughty fun comes from Austria! 😉 Always remember: S_Caramella from Austria! 😉

Cintomani Andrea M. @allindie @skinnymachines Huuuuge hug from “mum”! Thank you for the great show!

VS_Media Velvetstorm Media @allindie @skinnymachines can’t wait to see you back here next year :) x

S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie @skinnymachines A very loyal fanbase – that gets up in the middle of the night to listen to an interview! Love that fact! 😉 xx

lydiathepixie RoseRed @allindie \(^_^)/ hehe everyone tune in again next week theres enough matchsticks to hand around.

simonka_t Simone @allindie @skinnymachines Thank you for this amazing show! Good night hugs to all of you :-)

RebD78 Rebecca Sippets @allindie A BIG THANKYOU for having the amazing@skinnymachines on you show #TwitterTuesday see u next week!!

LiselotteHH Liselotte H Hansen @allindie @skinnymachines Big love to you too guys!! Xxx

S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie @skinnymachines What a funny interview – totally worth to get up at 2am for it! Thanks a lot! Huge Austrian hugs to all of you! xO

Cintomani Andrea M. @allindie Thank you Carol & Mark for all your support! You’re AWESOME! We all LOVE you & enjoyed the show with@skinnymachines very much!!

JasonSizemore Jason Sizemore @allindie Say Goodnight Carol .. Great Show!

Pam72210 Pam @allindie Thank you so much to Mark & Carol for the interview with@skinnymachines & for being 2 very talented & funny DJs!! :)

AliceNeglia Alice Neglia @allindie Thank YOU guys!! night night @skinnymachines.. big love to you!! Xx

VS_Media Velvetstorm Media @allindie thanks for the last 2 hours with @skinnymachines , it was gr8 fun! :) night

Pam72210 Pam @skinnymachines Loved the interview on @allindie Thanks for taking the time at this late hour & answering our quesitons! #URock

synthie_dBshock Synthie Decibelshock @allindie you rock!! thanks for tonight’s #TwitterTuesday live with Skinny Machines :)

volarymusic Volary music @allindie thanks for another great show

S_Caramella Simone L. @allindie @skinnymachines BAM – no better way to end this fantastic show with ONE STEP AT A TIME! #sexiestsongever

YamTZ250 Mark @allindie Great show, thanks!



IndMusicMedia Ind Music Media @allindie @skinnymachines Thanks for a great show. – Ced 1

LiselotteHH Liselotte H Hansen @allindie Thanks for a very enjoyable show! Will tune in again for sure :) x

StephensonRd C Bret Campbell RT @volarymusic@allindie thanks for another great show

AliceNeglia Alice Neglia @allindie ONE STEP AT A TIME–>one of my favourite songs by@skinnymachines !! what a fantastic goodnight.. thanks again :)

tdawn1 T Dawn RT: @allindie @tdawn1 hope you enjoyed the show. Will do. I did enjoy! funny. I loved the bands accent and music! Cheers


Phew…..and that was just a few that came in during the 2 hour show!!!!!!!!!

Well, that’s just about all from me guys!

Until next time














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