Shawn Bray – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 8th November 2011

Today Mark and I had the pleasure of meeting Cincinnati born SHAWN BRAY. Shawn describes himself as a very boring person….well that is not the case, far from it in fact. During the show Shawn had plenty to say! Shawn is our first non-vocalist/instrumentalist to join us on the show.


We had a nice crowd of listeners tune in live. We even had SPACESHIP DAYS who changed their days of rehearsals so that they can tune into the show live instead of the podcast! Lydia from ROSERED AND THE BUTTERFLIES said she listens to TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE over her downloads!


SHAWN BRAY, he takes pride in the fact that he has created his own sound of music, and that he is not following a trend!  His music has been described as celestial electro, however for now he is sticking to Electronica. He said he is a bit like a baker, he takes a bit of this and a bit of that, and mixes it all together! Mark has a new word for Shawn, he called him a digital musicologist, he isn’t really sure if that is a word, but he likes it and I think he will patent that word! Lol


About a year ago, Shawn submitted a song to the station called RUSTY AIRWAYS, and Mark liked it so much he pinched it for the theme tune of  TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE, unfortunately the royalty cheques seemed to have gone missing as Shawn says he has not received any….hmmmmm lol sorry I can’t say that with a straight face! During the show, we actually played the full version, however we kept expecting Mark to talk over it! You might not know Shawn very well but if you are an avid listener or a downloader of our podcasts you will sure know his music that’s for sure!


Anyway please take the time to listen to SHAWN BRAY for yourself, it is a fun show and I can guarantee that you will have a few laughs!


During the show we also featured three of Shawn’s songs:



Was written in the early morning hours. I generally write most of my stuff over night and into the early morning. This one was no different but it had came together quickly and I called it Once Upon Morning as it was finished as the sun was coming up.



Is a song that features latin beats which I love. I am very much into Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms and try to experiment with them in songs as much as I can. 



Rusty airwaves was inspired by the fact that traditional radio does not do much to support independent music and new media outlets such as the internet has embraced the independent musician and has done so much to get our music heard.   




Shawn  can also be found at the following social sites



Shawn thank you for joining us on the show today. You were far from boring, in fact towards the end of the show you were really starting to open up! The animal in you started to appear! Lol A good fun show Shawn and good to see you have a great sense of humour, which judging from all  your tweets I knew you would have.  Mark and I wish your mother a very speedy recovery, please give her our regards!

Here are a few questions that we never had time for if you wouldn’t mind answering them for us:

Assuming you have an Ipod or some sort of personal player, if you were to turn it on now, what songs would be playing?

  • The Green Children – Skies on Fire , Massive Attack – Live With Me, The Asteroid Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age, Anything from my favorite duo Phantogram. 


If you were to do a music score for a movie, what type of movie would you chose and what actor would you like to write for?

  • I think my music would work great in a drama. I would like Russell Crowe so it would be cool to have him in it but I also adore Mila Jovovich  and would like to have her in it. Maybe both. That would be cool.     


Who would you like to play or write music for? 

  • Wow, there are so many. I am really into Skylar Grey right now but have always wanted to do something with Nadia Ali.    

What advice would you give to young musicians just starting out on a musical career?

  • Stay true to yourself, follow your dreams and never let anyone get in your way. 

What plans or goals do you have for 2012? 

  • I hope to have a new album out with some vocals on it and to have my publishing and licensing company going full throttle. 


During the 2 hour show we also played the following artists which I will add are all new to our rotation:








IMAJ – BLUSH (Next weeks Guest)


Twitter Tuesday is an interactive show. Here are a few of the tweets:

TanyaDaley13 @allindie yay I love @ShawnBray :) I’ll be tuned in!

ShawnBray Help get acts like me on the radio. Support indie radio. Go and listen and follow them at @allindie

BillyKayMusic @allindie Lemme shave my pits – then I’ll raise my hand :)

BillyKayMusic RT @allindie: Tonights guest @ShawnBray The first guest without an accent… and it’s instrumental music!

BillyKayMusic RT @allindie@BillyKayMusic @ShawnBray he has an accent!!!! Bio says OHIO! That’s an accent-free zone

BillyKayMusic @allindie I googlemapped the IGA yesterday. With good binoculars, you can see Madagascar!!!!

theworries Gilly B. @allindie Hey, hey..big love from London!

BillyKayMusic @TownsleyBoy @allindie The last 5,00,000,00,000 guests on #TTLwere from England :)

TownsleyBoy Shawn Bray Cincinnati is close to Kentucky IDK about the accent ha,ha!!!!@allindie @BillyKayMusic

ShawnBray I am close to Kentucky IDK I think I sound normal lol RT @allindie:@BillyKayMusic @ShawnBray is it!!!!!

ShawnBray I speak bad English LOL @allindie @BillyKayMusic

BillyKayMusic @ShawnBray LOVE your tunes!!! @allindie #TTL

theworries Gilly B. @allindie tuned in as I type!! Lol

MSILabs @allindie Have a great show! Listening to TTL on ButterfliesRadio!

lydiathepixie RoseRed @allindie hola im having computer issues :( uploading footage to you tube and trying to listen to butterflies radio at same time not good

ShawnBray LOL!!!!!! They shackled me to the chair here. RT @BillyKayMusic:@ShawnBray It’s not too late to back out! LOLOL @allindie #TTL

spaceshipdays @allindie I love that my suspect attention span doesnt carry over into music, because this tune is cool

JasonSizemore Jason Sizemore Listening to @allindie #TTL #NowPlaying

theworries Gilly B. @allindie I’m trying not to Falter!! It’s 1:19am!!!!

JayJayTweets1 Jay Moore @allindie I’ve neglected you two for wayy too long LOL

TwittahMom Kiva @allindie I’m here. Fast food wasn’t fast tonight

spaceshipdays @allindie We totally changed our rehearsal night so I could listen in to #TTL live instead of the podcast!

lydiathepixie RoseRed @allindie Ive chosen Twitter Tuesday Live over my You tube uploads ^_^ Hola!

MSILabs MSI: Labs @allindie It was a one of a kind episode, last week. As we always say, we do it Clint Eastwood style (Good, Bad, or Ugly)

theworries Gilly B. @allindie Guys..I’m still awake. Barely..but I’m hanging in there! Coffee and ‘Paul MaCartney herbal jazz ciggies’ keeping me going!

TwittahMom Kiva @allindie what is Shawn Bray’s Twitter? He is only 45 minutes from me.

lydiathepixie RoseRed @allindie *types musicologist in google*

spaceshipdays Spaceship Days @allindie accents! Nice.

JasonSizemore Jason Sizemore @allindie Cin-sa-nat-e

theworries Gilly B. @allindie Cheerio?? Lol. nice try mate!! :-)

YamTZ250 Mark @allindie Cincinnati RAWKS <— Aussie spelling

BillyKayMusic @allindie @ShawnBray #TTL The lyrics need work, but the music is great :)

BillyKayMusic @allindie #TTL I wonder if @ShawnBray writes off rhyming dictionaries & thesaurus on his taxes :)

BillyKayMusic @allindie Remember to vote for “MWAH” on MSI! #TTL

MSILabs MSI: Labs If you are seeing my blathering, please forgive me. Or you could join me in listening to TTL on @allindie #indie

spaceshipdays Spaceship Days @allindie does @shawnbray collaborate with the same people normally or is he always looking for new different artists?

TwittahMom Kiva @allindie really digging the horns

spaceshipdays Spaceship Days @allindie pugs! Nice.

YamTZ250 Mark @allindie The Roland TDW-20’s set me back about $7k. You can play piano on these!

MSILabs MSI: Labs @allindie I’m liking Shawn better and better with his musical influences mentioned. Big #Floyd fan here.

spaceshipdays Spaceship Days @allindie no pressure Carol–just say something while he looks at the phone lol

MSILabs MSI: Labs @allindie Mark, if you do, I will also volunteer to provide Shawn any vocal samples he might need in future, if our voices fit the need.

MSILabs MSI: Labs @allindie Isn’t that the voice of JFK saying “Good evening my fellow citizens”?

spaceshipdays Spaceship Days @allindie I dig this groove, but yeah–strange the show isnt starting

JasonSizemore Jason Sizemore @allindie @ShawnBray I like the electronic sound. It reminds me of “Trance” style

MSILabs MSI: Labs @allindie keeps marking our tweets as favorites. I think they are compiling them for a possible court case against us. 😉

lydiathepixie RoseRed @allindie I keep expecting to hear Marks Dath vader/ yoda voice

spaceshipdays Spaceship Days @allindie The Yoda accent is way better than the Aussie one!

volarymusic Volary music @spaceshipdays @allindie as an Aussie, I feel compelled to defend the accent

MSILabs MSI: Labs @allindie God bless to Shawn and his mother. You are in our prayers.

spaceshipdays  @allindie @shawnbray Wishing her a speedy recovery

volarymusic  @allindie it’s very annoying that there’s no sound on this computer. i’m reading the tweets and want to join the fun!

spaceshipdays @allindie dude, you have assless chaps too?

music2mayhem Tailfish @allindie OMG! Assless chaps! LMFAO!

JasonSizemore  @allindie Damn it. I thought I was the only one w ass less chaps.

JasonSizemore  @allindie Another great show. Great music. #TTL

spaceshipdays  @allindie great show

MSILabs MSI: Labs @allindie Enjoyed the broadcast tonight. Thanks to all, especially Shawn.

YamTZ250 Mark @allindie …until next week! Good night

lydiathepixie RoseRed ^_^ Goodnight good day @allindie I will have sweet dreams of yoda in assless chaps lol great show guys and gals x




Until Next Week!





















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