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Unfortunately, I was not able to be there for this week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE, as I was visiting my son and his fiancé, in Queensland, with my husband. Howeve,r as luck would have it, the day of the show it poured down with rain. So, we took ourselves off to a local shopping centre and parked ourselves down with a coffee and tuned in to hear this week’s guest from Canada, HELEN AUSTIN.

Co-hosting with Mark from, the Indianapolis band, The Glass Identity Crisis, was Ken Avery! Poor Helen must have wondered what she had gotten herself into! I did think that Kiva was going to help out also, but no idea what happened to her!

I had to laugh when Mark said that Helen had a very long day and she was hoping that she would make sense!!!!! Helen made great sense – not sure about Ken, though! He was pretty spacey (his words not mine) Lol! Ken, how many beers did you have during the show???? Lol! Anyway, Helen was just awesome and coped with Mark and Ken admirably!


HELEN AUSTIN  – is a   prolific singer/songwriter from the UK now living on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I must say that despite living in Canada for the past 10 years she has maintained her beautiful British accent!


Before she was a singer, Helen was a comedian, but that part of her life is well in the past now and she concentrates on her singing and song writing and of course spending time with her awesome family! I’m wondering Helen if you  would like to come out of retirement for a while to write some material for Mark as he tells the worst jokes ever!


Most of Helens songs are happy feel-good songs that brighten up the dullest of days! There was one part in the show when Ken asked her what mood she was in when she wrote songs, and she told us that she was always happy! There was even a song called HAPPY! Seriously though, Helen loves what she does – writing songs and it reflects in the work that she produces!

Helen was wonderful during the show, and talked about her music, her family, her work with TV, her upcoming album and much more! I was so sorry that I had to miss this show, however Helen has promised to come back in April after the release of her new album.


If you have never heard if HELEN AUSTIN before please take the time to download the podcast and here just how awesome she is for yourself:



During the show we featured 3 of her songs:


TAKE ME AWAY – This song is all about wanting to get away and take some time for yourself, just for a little while.


HAPPY –Happy was written for a Taximusic.com listing asking for songs with the word ‘Happy’ in them and has been placed on several ads, TV shows and a movie.


NEARLY DRY –This song was written about getting over a great loss and moving forward.


There were a few questions that Mark never got around to asking, would you mind answering these for me to put in my blog?


            •           If you had a chance to work with someone famous, who would it                              be and why?

                         It would be Iron & Wine. I adore his sound, especially the earlier stuff.


            •           As this year draws to a close, what has been the highlight of 2011?


                        The highlight has been signing exclusively with my publisher and winning                             best Artists and Female Songwriter at the Vancouver island Music Awards.


            •           What are you hoping for in 2012?


                         I am hoping to just get to keep doing what I get to do everyday… music!!!


Helen has a wonderful webpage colourful and informative: http://www.helenaustin.com/about.html


Helen is one artist that takes the time to write a blog. She is very informative and I, for one, have enjoyed reading it and look forward to more postings: http://helenaustin.wordpress.com/

Helen can also be found on all the social web pages

FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/Helen-Austin/53627329626

REVERBNATION http://www.reverbnation.com/helenaustin

TWITTER https://twitter.com/#!/helenaustin

MYSPACE  http://www.myspace.com/helenaustin


Helen has a wonderful collection of CD’s all or which can be found here http://itunes.apple.com/artist/helen-austin/id257059715

and finally…..I found an application for IPhone and Ipad which I have just added! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/helen-austin/id418924389?mt=8


Helen, I would like to just add, that  I was really that I missed talking to you personally on the show, however I will make sure that when you return in April, I will be there! On behalf of Mark and myself I would like to thank you for coming onto the live show and being such an awesome guest! We would to wish you all the very best for 2012!


During the show we also featured the following artists:









Until next week!


















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