Pete into Orbit – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 20th December 2011

Talk about The Fast and the Furious!!! Wow…..todays show was just that! So much going on and so little time to fit everything in to today’s show! I’m still trying to calm down now! Pete from PETE INTO ORBIT (Formerly known as The Pete Walter Band) from London UK joined us for what was another great TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE!  He has the most wonderful British accent and unlike Mark and I can actually pronounce foreign words correctly! He sure made a few more fans today


Before Pete joined us on the show Mark was telling everyone about his birthday weekend in Vegas where he met country singer BILLY KAY! Seriously he is like a little kid sometimes!


Apart from me sounding like I have a really bad lisp again, the show was awesome! We had listeners from all over the world tuned into the show today and I think we had at least 3 continents covered!


Mark was so happy when Pete explained the reason why the band changed their name, it has been bugging him for weeks! That’s when the puns came out on the space themes! Lol

PETE INTO ORBIT – consists of 5 members and like our show they are from all different parts of the world, a real multi-cultural band…and you have to hear the podcast to hear how Pete actually pronounces the names!!!


Apart from Kermit and the Muppets being brought up again and me getting upset because people keep saying he is not real, we talked about the band, their music, their mini videos and he was very willing to answer the questions that we threw at him, including a moral dilemma that was a bit of fun to ask him!


My only regret is that we never got to meet the other members of the band that make PETE INTO ORBIT complete, however maybe next time!


Seriously our show is only as good as our guest and today was no exception! Pete was awesome, so much fun! However the only way you can enjoy the show is to hear it for yourself from here:


As always on Twitter Tuesday Live we feature 3 songs from our guest, and these are the ones from PETE INTO ORBIT that we showcased:


TROUBLING ME –An upbeat catchy song about all life’s little frustrations catching up with you.


ACHE IN MY HEART –A ballad all about a guy who’s realised he make the wrong decision splitting up with his girl and thinking about what he can do to make things better again,


WHATS CHANGING –Inspired by Ancient Greek Historian Plutarch’s series of ‘parallel lives’, it’s a little meditation on how all human behaviour is cyclical and not a lot really changes.

Now that you have red a bit about PETE INTO ORBIT check out their web page and social networks, if you like what you hear tell them and follow them



TWITTER – @peteintoorbit

Pete, Mark and I had a great time today; you were an awesome guest and a lot of fun. I have since listened back to the podcast it was a great show with lots of laughs and excellent music!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. You would be welcome to join us again at any time! Please give our regards to the rest of the band!

All the best for the coming Festive Season, and lets hope that 2012 will be a good year for PETE INTO ORBIT!

During the show we also featured the following artists who are all new to the Butterflies Rotation:





STEPHENSON ROAD – SIMPLE LIFE (From the Country of a Cause CD)



As you know this is an interactive show and throughout the show we get some funny tweets, today we got an so many that I have picked out the funniest ones. Here are some of them:


Billy Kay Music @BillyKayMusic3h tunein to #TTL tonite! Mark will reveal if tongues were involved!!@allindie

Pam @Pam722102h @allindie: Join us tonight 8pm for our last show of the year!

Mark Riordan @skullymeister2h @allindie good morning Tweeters

Kiva @TwittahMom2h @allindie I am here, knitting and listening

Mark Riordan @skullymeister2h @skullymeister @allindie Toughen Up Mark lol

Kiva @TwittahMom2h  Reply @allindie Oh? What’s a pom?

Mark Riordan @skullymeister2h @TwittahMom @allindie an Aussie term for an Englishman lol

Kiva @TwittahMom2h @skullymeister @allindie oh, them give me pom poms – multiple Englishmen

Spaceship Days @spaceshipdays2h @allindie @kingdomofglass One of my favorite indies! Awesome.

Robert Speed @Speed2Go2h@allindie Shot out to Carol and Mark from Robert Speed for Sample Rate!

RoseRed @lydiathepixie2h Wow the last twitter Tuesday live of 2011 @allindie tune the days have gone so fast!

Jason Sizemore @JasonSizemore2h I had a 4 wheeler flip over on me yesterday. I am sore as hell, but I am Tuned in to @allindie #TTL .. Rock On \m/

Kiva @TwittahMom2h @allindie Mark, slow down. enjoy the last broadcast of the year. You are rushing a bit.

Mark Riordan @skullymeister2h @lydiathepixie @allindie i’ll be posting you some Swan Vestas Lydia lol

Spaceship Days @spaceshipdays2h @allindie the Blue Man in that picture looks mad creepy

Volary music @volarymusic2h @allindie hey, how’s it going? Wish I could have been in Vegas to hang out with you and Billy, Mark

XR Volume @xrvolume2h @allindie Awesome! We are tuned in @xrvolume & Have a great show!

Brenda Ford @Brenner572h @allindie Tell Carol her FB friend from New Mexico, USA is finally listening. :))

Spaceship Days @spaceshipdays2h @allindie oops Carol! (Jedi mind trick)

Kiva @TwittahMom2h @allindie so I will either knit @skullymeister a Speedo for Christmas or a beanie for our Fourth of July

Pam @Pam722102h @allindie Hi Mark & Carol! Missed the 1st few mins of the show, did you win big in Vegas for your birthday Mark?!!

Spaceship Days @spaceshipdays2h @allindie that’s a good name. Anything that has ‘orbit’ in it is cool.

Mark Riordan @skullymeister2h @TwittahMom @allindie if the speedos are close knit should get away wearing them hahaha

Volary music @volarymusic2h @spaceshipdays @allindie yeah, totally looking forward to it and popping my #TTL cherry

Spaceship Days @spaceshipdays2h @allindie a knitted speedo? hmm..

Kiva @TwittahMom2h @allindie I could knit Mark some chaps

Billy Kay Music @BillyKayMusic2h @allindie #TTL @boscoandpeck is ONLINE – must have paid their electric bill this month

Jason Sizemore @JasonSizemore2h @allindie Popping cherries. Here we go!

Volary music @volarymusic2h @allindie @JasonSizemore sorry my mind’s in the gutter. My ‘cat’ is really hot and has been on my mind (Cat Christmas song hint :)

SpaceshipDays @spaceshipday@volarymusic @allindie @JasonSizemore that’s a great video. And the gutter is ok for a Tuesday evening now and again

RoseRed @lydiathepixie2h @TwittahMom @allindie hehe yes slip on some chaps and a yoda mask (sorry couldn’t resist) lol

Volarymusic @volarymusic1h@allindie thankyouCarol!!!!! 

@spaceshipdays @JasonSizemore@BillyKayMusic so glad you like the video and pajamas

Spaceship Days @spaceshipdays1h @allindie Muppet influence. Nice!

Kiva @TwittaMom1h @allindie I think his cunning linguist skills are HOT

Billy Kay Music @BillyKayMusic1h @allindie #TTL Carol talks about Kermit likes he’s real! Should we tell her???

Volary music @volarymusic1h @allindie *groan* and you talked about my mind in the gutter! (don’t have to mention this on air)

@BillyKayMusic @allindie Noooo Billy we won’t spoil it for her lol

Pam @Pam722101h @allindie I just love all the British speaking people you have on!!! <3

Kiva @TwittahMom1h @allindie tongue twisters and cunning linguists. This show is going just where I want it to

Volary music @volarymusic1h @allindie that was a quote from Professor Elemental! I’m so happy Pete is another Prof Elemental fan!

Kiva @TwittahMom1h @skullymeister @allindie I didn’t trick Mark into say cunning linguist fast enough though.

Kiva @TwittahMom1h@allindie does he want to be my co-host? He seems qualified and I think I can get on with him just fine

Cherokee R. @ILoveBritishGuy1h @allindie @peteintoorbit Will you be playing in the States Soon? I will ask Santa to bring ya

Cherokee R. @ILoveBritishGuy1h @allindie @peteintoorbit Well I will have to just ask Santa to bring you here then

Kiva @TwittahMom1h @peteintoorbit you are safe. I am married and I live in the US. I won’t kidnap you. @allindie.

Cherokee R. @ILoveBritishGuy1h @allindie I am really enjoying your show…I am going to spread the word Yall are some Mighty Fine Folks

Billy Kay Music @BillyKayMusic1h @allindie #TTL All bands should write SHORT bios with an Aussie accent

Cherokee R. @ILoveBritishGuy1h @TwittahMom @peteintoorbit @allindie Kiva We gotta Talk were I come from ShotGun Weddings and Kidnapping go hand n hand:)

Cherokee R. @ILoveBritishGuy1h @TwittahMom @peteintoorbit @allindie LOL..Oh MY this could be a Thelma and Louise HookUp

C Bret Campbell @StephensonRd1h @allindie I was just trying to figure out what that #Australian chick was banging on about…

Pam @Pam722101h I couldn’t cause I had to listen to Carol and Mark! They’re a hoot!!@saflynn77 @allindie

Billy Kay Music @BillyKayMusic1h @allindie #TTL Mark’s radiio voice is a sham! Without the microphone and compression, Mark REALLY sounds like Marge Simpson!

Kiva @TwittahMom1h @allindie This is fun. I so want him to be my cohost. @peteintoorbit

Kiva @TwittahMom1h @peteintoorbit @allindie Easy. Classic Black and White

Tailfish @music2mayhem1h @allindie Assless chaps? Is that what you guys wear there?

Brian Cook @BrianCook_WHY1h @allindie This isn’t real life! It’s Twitter Tuesday!






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