Garrett Morgan – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 10th January 2012

GARRETT MORGAN stepped in at the 11th hour to be our guest on this week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE!  What an awesome guest he turned out to be! He has been on our rotation a while now and I have always enjoyed his style of music. It’s a great mix between country and rock! I was put onto him by someone on Twitter and I instantly liked his songs Kacey and Sugar. So, I contacted Garrett to allow us to put his music on the Butterflies Radio rotation.

I don’t know what planet Mark was on today but he insisted that Garrett came from South Carolina!!! Garrett in fact comes from Sacramento California! (Insert note from Mark: I though North Carolina because he is from Northern California! lol)

Garrett was amazing during the show. He was informative and very interesting to listen to throughout the 2 hour show. We had a great audience and the tweets were coming in thick and fast! His songs were enjoyed by those that tuned into the live broadcast .  Garrett kept the listeners entertained for the whole show! He also made me laugh on and off the air!

He has a wonderful sense of humour and told us about his early years of growing up in Texas and how he started out playing music. He told us about his musical background, his life in Sacramento, his musical influences, and even who he would like to interview! We also had some fun with the Desert Island question!

I am bummed, though, because (and this is the first time this has happened in 58 episodes) we had some technical difficulties with the podcast and it didn’t record the first half of the show! Very disappointed! However, this couldn’t be helped and we just had to build a bridge and get the hell over it! Lol meant in a nice way! These things happen, and you know what, the podcast still turned out to be awesome! Check it out for yourself and then check the links for Garrett and follow and support this truly awesome singer!


During the 2 hour show we featured 3 of his songs. Unfortunately, SHE SAYS is not featured on the podcast, which is a shame really, as those that tuned in live were treated to a wonderful explanation of the songs meaning! Anyway, here are the songs we featured and all of them can be found on his web page!


I wrote this song a while back about a girl I knew. She was a very happy-go-lucky, laid back person and was easily the most interesting person I knew at the time. I’ll let you figure out most of the lyrics as you listen, but every line in the song is about something she actually said (she really did lock the keys in my car and, true to her personality, wasn’t phased by our predicament. She just said “laugh it off, dude”).



Sugar is pretty straight forward. It’s about how when youre in love with a person, every little thing turns you on. Even things that seem simple or unmeaningful in another context (like the brush of a hand). No matter how much ou get of it you can’t get enough of their sweetness.



This was in inspiring song to write. I felt that the image of being halfway across a bridge was such a powerful piece of imagery; you can’t change paths, you can only move forward or go back the way you came. The song means different things to different people and I’m proud of how so many fans have adapted it to their own lives.

Check out Garrett’s web pages and all his links:





Garrett Morgan – Music

***During the month of January, all of the CD sales made through the “PayPal” link below will go to support the family of Lynzie Barton. Lynzie is a 10 year old girl battling leukemia. Your kindness and generousity mean a lot to me and to the Barton Family.Read more of their story at*****

PLEASE NOTE this only applies to the purchase of the physical CD. I would like to add that I have today purchased this for myself and I look forward to receiving it!

Garrett, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in our Twitter Tuesday Live show. You were an awesome guest and Mark and I had really enjoyed meeting and talking with you. We sincerely hope that you will join us on the air again one day! The problems we had with the podcast did not mar the show at all. In fact the last hour was awesome so all was not lost!



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