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Two weeks until I leave Australia to Join Butterflies Owner MARK LAMDANSKI and his wife Julie in L.A. for the ARTISTS IN MUSIC AWARDS which is being held at the KEY CLUB in HOLLYWOOD on February 10th for more details please check out the web page

There is also a lunch planned with Mark and Julie and me of course! If you would like to come please check out the details and let Mark know!


TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE 24th JANUARY  –  joining us all the way from LONDON will be singer/songwriter SHAUN C BRYANT. The show airs at 8pm EST and is interactive with Twitter, so if you have a twitter account you can join in and get a mention over the air by mentioning @allindie. We will be having an informal chat with Shaun and will be presenting some of his music that we have on our rotation. I hope you can join us! it is always a fun show!

Check out Shaun –



Last week’s show was great. Our guest was the beautiful and multi-talented MELISSA VANFLEET. She was an awesome guest, and Mark and I had a lot of fun talking to her. If you missed the show you can listen to or download the podcast from – and also my blog –




This is episode 049 of MSI: where independent artists submit music for expert review by our panel. This week’s guest panellist is Mark Lamdanski, owner of Internet radio station Butterflies Radio. Along with our in-house panellists, Ian Husbands and Tom Chianti, 3 songs were reviewed.

1. Hallelujah by JTTSA
2. Nurse by C-Sharp Band
3. Worth It by Stars and Rabbit

It should be noted that, due to video recording complications, the video archived is derived from our secondary backup recording system. We apologize for the poor quality.

(I will just add all the songs featured on today’s show are on the Butterflies Radio rotation)



Mark has been busy adding new songs to the rotation! Here is a list of the lastest ones to be added –



A short and sweet newsletter this week! Please remember if you have anything you would like me to promote, please either ask me to join your mailing list or send me an email


Until next time

Warm wishes from a land “Down Under”



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