Shaun C Bryant – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 24th January 2012

Joining Mark and I on our 60th Twitter Tuesday Live, we had singer/ songwriter SHAUN C BRYANT.  While I was sweltering in the heat in Perth, Australia, poor  Shaun was shivering in a  very cold and wet Norwich in England.  As for Mark; he was very comfy in Florida!

It was good to see a lot of support for Shaun today, which included some of his friends from France! Mark and I are so amazed with a lot of our guests and listeners who are willing to stay up till all hours of the morning to participate in TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. Mark and I really appreciate it! For Shaun, it meant he was on the air from 1am to 3am (which ironically is the name of his album) and he kept the momentum going throughout the 2 hour show, he didn’t fall asleep once!!! Lol I remember when I confirmed the times of the show for Shaun I presumed he was going to take the next day off work….but no! Seriously, Shaun was going to be up as bright as a button to catch the 7am train from Norwich to London! Shaun, you are a trooper, mate!

It’s very hard to believe that Shaun has only been in the music business for about 6 years! On the show he told us what inspired him to take up singing and writing.  We also found out what the “C” was in his name!  Throughout the 2 hour show, Shaun was very interesting to talk to, and is clearly geared for radio interviews as he has the perfect radio voice!

Shaun has a passion for what he does and it comes across in the show. Mark and I found him very interesting to talk to and, I can assure you, he held the listening audience for the whole show. I could go on and on and on about the show in my blog. However, it is not as much fun as hearing it for yourself. You can hear the podcast from:



During the show we featured three of Shaun’s songs and as always we ask our guest to tell us a bit about the songs. All these songs can be found on the Butterflies radio rotation:


Angel was the first song I recorded and is the title track of my EP, Angel & Other Stories, which can be purchased from the usual online outlets, such as Amazon and iTunes. The song started as a poem and describes how the love from someone can save you from a dark place of despair. It was originally written as an acoustic song with two acoustic guitars and it was performed that way on BBC radio on April 2010 when I was interviewed and performed live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. The album version heard on the show is much rockier but you can find the acoustic “unplugged” track on the five track EP.


This Is Where is all about that holiday romance we all had as a teenager where the only thing in your world was that other person and how life would not exist without them. We have all been there, right? I then incorporated the “what if” you met the person from that holiday romance later in life and discovered that you still had the same feelings for them. The song was written last summer and we went for a summery latin feel to the track, with a Carlos Santana style about it. This Is Where is a track from the album, 3am In The Morning.


The original inspiration for this track came from the Bon Jovi song, Wanted Dead or Alive. The Jovi track is all about modern day cowboys on the road with their six strings on their backs. I took a more romantic stance and wrote about how a musician like me would be many miles away from the one you love on the road and how I needed to get back to them to tell them how I felt. It is a very rocky track with a great riff. The solo and some of the backing guitar is provided by a good guitar friend of mine in the USA called Brett Lloyd. This track will also be on the album, 3am In The Morning.

 On the show Shaun talked about how his fans can help him produce and be a part of his album 3am. Please check the link below for more details! 

Please check out all of Shauns  other social networks:

You can purchase his music from amazon


Shaun, Mark and I really enjoyed the time we spent with you today. It was great getting to know you a bit more and we would like to wish you all the best  with  your future musical ventures. Mark and I will continue to give you our support! You were a fantastic guest and we thank you for taking time out of your sleep to talk with us! You would be welcome back on the show anytime in the near future!


We also featured the following artists and their songs on the show, all of which are new to the Butterflies Rotation:






TAI ANDREWS – COME FLY WITH ME  (From the Country for a Cause CD)

TANIA DOKO – PLASTIC (Our guest on next week’s show)

See you next time on Butterflies Radio





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