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Hi Everyone,

Wow what a week it’s been for Butterflies Radio. Reverbnation sent out a message to all their subscribers….whoa! Within the first day we were inundated with song submissions!  We went from 995 likes on our Facebook to 3635(that is the total to date and rising).

Mark and I have roped in a couple of volunteers to help us go through all the songs, so far we have received over 1500! It’s going to take a while, so we ask you all to be patient. As we accept and add the new songs to the Butterflies Rotation, we will endeavour to keep you posted by announcing it on our Facebook page and of course in my newsletter!

Thank you to all the new subscribers to this newsletter!

Butterflies Radio prides itself in playing the best in INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS so we are hoping that you spread the word about us and tune into the station. You can do so by going to and clicking on the link that says LISTEN LIVE. You can also listen on various phone applications! You can also find us on ITUNES under Alternative Rock.


TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE 7th FEBRUARY 2012 8PM EST (9am Wednesday Perth Australia) this week our special guests are THE BEU SISTERS from Florida USA.

Check out their web page:

Mark and I will be talking to the Beu Sisters and we will be presenting some of their music to you. It is also my birthday, so I hope you can come and celebrate with me, Mark and the Beu Sisters. It’s always a fun show…guaranteed to make you smile!



TANIA DOKO was our guest on last week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE and what an awesome show that was. Tania was a fantastic guest; if you missed it I would definitely recommend that you download the podcast and listen to it! also check out my blog TANIA DOKO – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 31st January 2012



This is episode 051 of MSI: where independent artists submit music for expert review by our panel. This week’s guest panellist is John Gerkensmeyer, musician and administrator The following 3 songs were reviewed.

1. Jerzday by ComeONNNN100
2. Higher Frequency by JGIDD
3. Interlude by Ceruleus

If you are an artist/band and you would like to have an honest opinion of your music, please send to Rich and the team. Please note cover songs will not be accepted!




Fri, Feb 10 2012, 8:00p.m. – 10:30p.m.

Key Club, West Hollywood, CA, United States for more details check

Mark and I are getting very excited about our trip to Los Angeles, it will be also be my first trip to the USA, so for me it’s going to be a long trip, but well worth it!

The lunch on the following day has now been changed to the SADDLE RANCE CHOP HOUSE. So if anyone would like to meet us there for lunch, please check the details out on our Facebook



Here are a few songs added to the Butterflies rotation. Hopefully this week we can start putting on the ones that have been accepted through reverbnation. Stay tuned!


CHARLYWOOD – Nobody does What They’re Supposed To


QUE ANDERSON – Is this Love?



Well, that’s about all for this week, the next newsletter will be coming from LOS ANGELES!  Woot!……. Oh did I sound excited then??? Lol

REMEMBER if you have anything that you wish me to promote, either on here, our FACEBOOK page or on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE, please drop me an email


Until next time

Have a great week!





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