SWEET DAVIS – Guests on Twitter Tuesday Live 28th February 2012

Sick DJ, Brusied and Battered co-host….what a great start to TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE! Poor Mark was still sick. However, having cancelled last week’s show, he was not going to cancel another. So, he pressed on along with me, his co- host, who, minutes before the show, tripped up and fell flat on the floor!!!!!!  However in true professionalism….coughs…we soldiered on!

Mark and I were pleased to welcome Kristin Davis, who makes up 1/3rd of SWEET DAVIS. Pete, Kristen’s brother, was supposed to join her but got waylaid at some music function. So, Kristen was left holding the fort for the band and what a great job she did too….who needed Pete anyway!!! lol

Armed with a glass of wine to calm her nerves….(are we that scary???) – just kidding, Kristin turned out to be a fantastic speaker for SWEET DAVIS, she didn’t need wine to get her talking!

We had heaps of people tune into the live show today and Kristin captivated our listeners’ right to the end of the show. Kristen talked about Matt, the third band member,  moaned about Pete  for not being there (just kidding Pete). we discussed their music, their current EP, their videos , their plans for the future and lots more! At one stage in the show there was even talk about Kristin sounding like JULIE ROBERTS!!!  (She did, too!)

Somewhere during the show, Kristin was talking about the making of their new video and somehow it got onto the topic of – A horse and a cowboy hat!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, don’t take my word for how good the show was –  Please download the podcast and hear SWEET DAVIS for yourself! http://www.butterfliesradio.com/home/twitter-tuesday-live/

 “The band’s sound is a mix of alternative rock, pop and country riffs, but the most unique element of their sound is the haunting melodies and vocals from lead singer Kristin Davis, which sets the band apart from other alternative/pop artists”

During the show we featured 3 songs from SWEET DAVIS


“Ready” is about being trapped in a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in and feeling like you can’t get out. Coming to the realization that you are ready to change your situation and leave it all behind to start over.



“Sparks” is about waking up in the morning and being excited about what the day and future holds for you. Embracing the 24 hours that you’ve been given and enjoying every minute of it.



“Too Shy” is about being a young adult/teen and putting on a strong façade for guys that she is this “cool, calm and collected” girl who isn’t the slightest bit interested in them when really on the inside, all she wants is for someone to see the real her that she keeps locked up tightly inside because she’s scared.


Check out all the social web pages for SWEET DAVIS



Check out the new video for SPARKS



Thank you, Kristen, for taking the time out to be a guest on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning a bit more about SWEET DAVIS. You would be welcome back at anytime and maybe next time PETE might come!!! lol


We also showcased the following new artists all of which are now playing on the BUTTERFLIES RADIO rotation! All these songs can be requested from our main web page http://www.butterfliesradio.com






WHY – CRASH INTO THE FUTURE (Carol’s Song of the Week)

MIMI PAGE – COLORBLIND (Next week’s guest)






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