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My blog this week is coming to you from the beautiful tropical island of Bali where I am currently on vacation with my husband!

This is what’s happening this week on Butterflies Radio!

INDIE ARTISTS SPOTLIGHT with Kiva Johns Adkins. MONDAY 12TH MARCH 8PM EST. This is a  a pre-recorded, 1 hour show, and  Kiva’s guest spotlight this week is SPACESHIP DAYS

“Taking their name from a lyric in a Catherine Wheel song, Spaceship Days rode the wave from that first explosion of creativity recording most of their debut album The Halo Effect in six weeks.

The Halo Effect was released to wide acclaim, gaining Spaceship Days attention in the international music community and attracting a legion of fans.

For the band’s follow up release Black Holes & Butterflies the trio honed and focused their sound, creating collection of fresh, modern, hook driven songs; the best in their long career.

Armed with the fusion of chemistry, mature songwriting, and crisp production, Spaceship Days is a band for any music lover.”


For those of you that missed last week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE with the awesome MIMI PAGE you can still catch the podcast



This is episode 054 of MSI:, where independent artists submit music for expert review by our panel. This weeks guest panelist is John Schroeder, producer and Ivor Novello Award winner. The following 3 songs were reviewed.

1. Dysphoria by Aeon Arcanum

2. We Are The Young by Kenni DeNile

3. Call Me by Elec Monk

Production Note: My apologies to Elec Monk, who’s name an track I inadvertently forgot to introduce during the live broadcast. – Rich


To all Perth folk, tickets are selling fast to Tania Doko’s show at Bamboo Bar Friday March 16. Please follow the link to purchase your tickets. We don’t want you to miss out.



Mark has added some more songs to the Butterflies rotation, and you can check out the list from my blog:


Ok, thats about all I have for this week, I guess I should be heading back to the pool and a cocktail!

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