Hailed by BLAST Magazine as the “Quentin Tarantino of Darkwave” 2012 AIMA award winners Dymaxion Vehicle blends synths, guitars, polyrhythmic beats and programming with contributions from a variety of vocalists to create a unique sonic blend of textures. Where post-punk alternative merges with a misty spasm of danceable pop! Dymaxion Vehicle is the electronic music project of former Einstein Experience, Medicinal James, and Sweetie guitarist Bill Hemp AKA Gothboy. Now an electronic musician, composer and synthesist He’s producing his own brand of electronica, Darkwave, and synth-pop. 

Rested and back from my trip to Bali, I was really looking forward to catching up again with our guest on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE: BILL HEMP from DYMAXION VEHICLE. Mark and I had the great pleasure of meeting with Bill in February, when we attended the ARTISTS IN MUSIC AWARDS in HOLLYWOOD.  Bill was presented with an award that night for “BEST ELECTRONIC ARTIST” – well deserved, too! So, it was great to talk with Bill again!

Mark and I with Bill at the AIMA awards – February 2012


Dymaxion Vehicles award for BEST ELECTRONIC ARTIST

Bill talked about the awards show in L.A and how it felt to be the recipient of an award that night. We talked a lot about his music, his influences, his upcoming new album and much, much more! We also found out how he met his partner, TAYLOR VAN ARSDALE, from L.A, who, by the way, wanted everyone to know that Bill is “the cutest thing ever”! Taylor will, actually, be joining us on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE on 3rd April! So, we can continue this conversation then!!!!

DYMAXION VEHICLE also launched their new video for DEEP RED MAHOGANY, featuring the awesome TIGERLILY, today. It can be found on http://youtu.be/0v9KN0b_vME and is also our featured video on our web page http://www.butterfliesradio.com



A still from the new video~ Photo courtesy of Taylor Van Arsdale

 If you missed this episode of TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE, never fear!  You can download the podcast by clicking on this link http://www.butterfliesradio.com/home/listen-live/  If you do, you will also find out what THE QUEEN carries in her handbag and why Bill got the name GOTH BOY! Oh, and its not true about me riding the bull!!!!!!

We also featured three songs from DYMAXION VEHICLE which are all on the Butterflies Rotation and can be requested from our home page:


“One of our darker songs; features Lily of Tigerlily. It was the last song to go on the Design album. It’s quirky edgy, sexy and fun and soon became the single receiving airplay on both the east and west coast, including local play during Boston’s morning drive time and San Diego’s. The video was produced by Broken Wall Films.”

DREAMS IN ARGYLE(Blood on my Hands mix)

“The remix version from Re-Design: Fun In Strobes got a change in the chorus, a dance beat and the added sample from my cell phone.  The song is a journey, albeit a dark one, but the trip is worth it.”


I had the idea of making this gorgeous ballad into a pop single for the remix album.  Vocalist Tracey Inkson is a marvellous talent and she really shines here.  The song is about the time when the fall comes and our lives take on a measure of loss, but through it all there is the rebirth of spring.”


This is the first album by DYMAXION VEHICLE  – DESIGN which I can proudly say I have a copy of this album and it has some great tunes on there – the best way to listen to this album is on a good sound system or on headphones so that you can here the great engineering that has gone into making this awesome album! It is available from


Check out the new official web page for DYMAXION VEHICLE where you can  get an advanced preview of RE-DESIGN: FUN IN STROBES http://www.dymaxionvehicle.com

Bill, it was great catching up with you again and an honour having you as our guest on this weeks show! We wish you all the best with the new  remix album and would love you back as a future guest! Looking forward to meeting up with you again when Mark and I return to L.A in 2013!




Marks son, Noah, turned 9 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH from everyone at BUTTERFLIES RADIO!

During the show we also featured the following artists, all of whom are new to the Butterflies Radio rotation:





THE ROBODRUM – BIG BAD WOLF (Carol’s song of the week)

GLO – TELL ME (Next week’s guest)



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