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I hope this week finds you all well!

A lot of great musicians seem to be coming out of Canada these days and this week BUTTERFLIES RADIO will be featuring two Canadian bands!


TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE 27TH MARCH 2012 8PM EST (for me in Australia that’s 8am Wednesday and for those of you in Europe I think its 1am) Our special guest this week from Canada are GLO

Multi-talented, Canadian alt-rockers GLO are excited to announce the release of their latest musical offering entitled No One Hears Me. The album is a strong blend of unyielding melodic prowess with catchy, fast-paced anthems, as well as beautiful flowing ballads that redefine the modern rock genre. No One Hears Me was recorded with the help of platinum-certified record producer John Nathaniel. It is a libidinously sweaty commingling of three extraordinarily talented musicians and is not to be missed. No One Hears Me will be released in April 2012.


Bill HEMP from DYMAXION VEHICLE was our guest on last week’s show. Another great show of course! If you missed it you can listen or download the podcast from



SAM BRADLEY is the featured guest this week in the INDIE ARTISTS SPOTLIGHT presented by KIVA JOHNS ADKINS. This is a pre-recorded show and airs on MONDAY 26TH MARCH 2012 8PM EST

Sam was born in London and educated everywhere from Hong Kong to Nashville. He left school at sixteen and the idea of being a singer, songwriter and artist was born. Part of his inspiration to make music his full-time passion came from observing fellow Londoner and close friend Marcus Foster at work, and another part came from performing with his mother, Canadian folk musician Lee Lindsey. He started by recording music at home and performing at open mic nights but in 2008, Bradley’s anonymity was quickly revoked. His song “Too Far Gone” was included in the first Twilight film as a gentle compliment to the movie’s dinner scene. Co-written by the film’s lead actor Robert Pattinson, the track made its way onto the film’s soundtrack via Pattinson’s version entitled “Never Think.” It provided the jumping off point to begin production on Sam’s first formal release. With the release of Zuni, Sam notes “I definitely feel pressure now that I have an attentive audience.”


ERIC SCHACKNE an awesome singer/songwriter from L.A whom Mark and I had the pleasure of meeting while we were there, is launching his HAMMERS AND STRINGS EP this TUESDAY 27TH MARCH check out the preview 


“I mean the words I say and write to be heard. I make music not just because it is one of the biggest releases in my life but because we all need this”

Released 05 December 2011
All the music was written, performed and produced by Eric Schackne
This album was recorded at Mas Music Productions and engineered by Tim Moore”

THIS CLASSIC ROMANCE I have chosen as my “song of the week” to coincide with the launch of this truly awesome EP! Tune in to our live show on Tuesday 8pm!



BIG KETTLE DRUM has a show on 03/30/2012 at 08:00 PM @ Pegasus Lounge in Tampa, FL Butterflies own MARK LAMDANSKI will be going to the show. They are an awesome band and Mark and I had the pleasure of meeting them when they were guests on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE back in June last year! I really wish I was going with Mark!



This is episode 056 of MSI: where independent artists submit music for expert review by our panel. This week’s guest panellist is Dave Bryce, guitarist from the rock group Spider. The following 3 songs were reviewed.

1. Me and My Brother by Daan Yaal

2. Better That Way by Julien Brasart

3. Sleepwalker by Perception



SPACESHIP DAYS has a show on 27TH MARCH at 08:00 PM @ The Pour House… in Raleigh, NC see details another awesome band that I hope to see one day!




Well that’s all for this week folks!

See you at the same time same place next week!

Have a good one!





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