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Joining us, today, from Montreal, Canada, was the vocalist and rhythm guitarist ,Rick Cordi, from the band GLO. Rick fitted in with TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE with his quick wit and sense of humour!  Looking at the photo above, Rick is the one on the far right of the photo (discussed as a pirate). I had to look twice at the photo. as I thought it was Johnnie Depp!

Of course. Rick only makes up 1/3rd of the band GLO. Eddie Mazzola (guitarist / keyboardist & bassist) and Patrick Rowan (drummer), unfortunately, were unable to join Mark and I today! They must have been pre-warned about us and didn’t have the heart to tell Rick!

“Multi-talented, Canadian alt-rockers GLO are excited to announce the release of their latest musical offering entitled No One Hears Me. The album is a strong blend of unyielding melodic prowess with catchy, fast-paced anthems, as well as beautiful flowing ballads that redefine the modern rock genre. No One Hears Me was recorded with the help of platinum-certified record producer John Nathaniel. It is a libidinously sweaty commingling of three extraordinarily talented musicians and is not to be missed. No One Hears Me will be released in April 2012.”

Introduced to us by TAYLOR VAN ARSDALE, we have been enjoying the music of GLO on our rotation for a while now. It was great to finally have a chance to find out a bit more about this talented band from Canada! Rick talked about their music and what it means to be an independent artist in today’s world and how they have moved up in the world from lower case to upper case! He also talked about the new album, NO ONE HEARS ME, due to be released soon!

Rick has the sense of humour that Mark and I love in our guests. It makes for a fun show! Please excuse the feeble attempt of your host as he pretends to be Italian!

We did have a good crowd today supporting GLO and I am hoping those that missed it will take the time to download the podcast. It’s hard for me to talk about the show in a blog.  Rick had so much to say and it’s best to hear it for yourself, instead of me rambling on:

I have no idea what was wrong with me today,!I was flustered!!! LOL! Probably due to having to share the airways with two awesome guys today!

Three of GLO’s songs were featured  during the show;




(all these songs can be heard by going to our web page and clicking on the REQUEST link!


All the photos used in this blog are courtesy of MICKAEL MEROZ PHOTOGRAPHY


Please check out GLO’S web page and social networks and follow and support this awesome band!

GLO’S first Album ON THE OUTSIDE Released: Mar 29, 2011

DON’T BELIEVE SINGLE Released: Jan 16, 2012

NEW ALBUM coming out soon!

Thank you, Rick, for taking the time to join Mark and I on today’s show. We hope you enjoyed your time with us, as we did! We wish you well with the future of the band and also with your upcoming album. Please keep in touch with us and please feel free to come back and join us at a later date!


TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE is also a show that showcases the newest artists and their music added to the Butterflies Rotation. All of these songs can be requested from our home page by going to and clicking on the REQUEST link:





ERIC SCHACKNE – THIS CLASSIC ROMANCE (Carol’s song of the week)

BIG KETTLE DRUM (Affliction)


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