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Hi Everyone,

Another busy week in the life of BUTTERFLIES RADIO, lots of news to tell you this week!

TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE 3RD APRIL 8PM EST – Joining Mark and I this week from Santa Monica, is TAYLOR VAN ARSDALE from TAILFISH PRODUCTIONS AND PR – Mark and I were fortunate to have met Taylor in person while we were in L.A in February. She is an incredible talented and funny person and I am sure that this week’s show will prove to be very entertaining!


Taylor Van Arsdale got her start in music as the “Original Check-In Gal” at the Guitar Center Hollywood; then moved to film and television at HBO Pictures and NBC Universal. She has worked as the Managing Editor of two print magazines, writes a column for the Santa Monica Daily Press and continues to explore creative and artistic endeavors. Her long-standing film industry relationships and passion for music made for a natural transition to music licensing and PR.  http://www.tailfish.com/



Rick from the Canadian band GLO was our guests on last week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE – another great show. If you missed it you can hear or download the show from http://www.butterfliesradio.com/home/twitter-tuesday-live/




Mark flew down to St Petersburg, Florida on Saturday morning to watch BIG KETTLE DRUM who were playing at the Backline music festival, so I am looking forward to hearing all about his trip down there! BIG KETTLE DRUM will also be the featured band on this week’s INDIE ARTISTS SPOTLIGHT with KIVA JOHNS ADKINS – This is a pre-recorded show and airs on MONDAY 2nd April 2012 8PM EST and you can tune in by heading over to BUTTERFLIES RADIO and hitting the LISTEN LIVE link




Walter Hargreaves says:

“We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with the now famous Butterflies Radio to expand the support for the independent music scene! Every Tuesday, Butterflies Radio – All Indie, All the Time has a guest that they interview and present their music live on the show. It’s called “Twitter Tuesday Live”, an interactive show where they Tweet Live with the indie music scene! What we are going to do is further support that artist via our Social Media Network of music fans on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and Tumblr twice in that week! We will do this on Thursdays and Saturdays”

Walter has been a fantastic support to Mark and me over the past few months and we are glad to be working more closely with him. If you are not yet riding the INDIE BUS yet then hop over to – http://indiemusicbus.com/


Lydia Nicolaides has to be one of TWITTER TUESDAY’S biggest fans. She tunes in every week at 1am from London. So it is my pleasure to announce that one of her songs has been featured in an Independent film production called CHINESE BURNS please check out the trailer! Congratulations Lydia! http://youtu.be/_x5a9Z3FnlQ



BRIAN COOK from the Canadian band WHY has just finished making a video where he teamed up with FRESH IE – FT SAINT KRISS the song is called “SHOOTING STARS” check it out: http://youtu.be/4kdO6_im6LY


BILLY KAY has just added his new official video for his song “THIS TIME” check it out http://youtu.be/OIB6H5zbmAI


NOBODY GETS KILLED has a new song out called “IN AIR “and will be featured on their next EP check it out http://youtu.be/YTiXmVRlsII



Mermaids & Poets: The Great Unknowns Presents LIVE, Ep 148


“This week, we are bringing you some music new to the show, but we also have a major announcement. We are proud to announce that we are going to live with a brand new radio station under the designation, KGUP 106.5, which is due to launch this summer.  “

BUTTERFLIES RADIO airs live this show every SUNDAY at 8PM EST




Independent artists from all over the world submit their music for expert review by the MSI panel. This week’s guest panellist is PAUL MIRO http://msi.icweekly.net/ tune in live SUNDAY 4PM EST

This show repeats on BUTTERFLIES RADIO every THURSDAY 12PM &8PM EST


Ok so lots of news this week. REMEMBER if you would me to promote anything for you, the best way to get my attention is to post to BUTTERFLIES RADIO FACEBOOK page http://www.facebook.com/Butterflies.Radio tweet me direct on twitter using @all indie or simply email me carol@butterfliesradio.com  If I am not on your mailing list……put me on there!

Until next time,

Have a great week!


Please let me know if there are any errors in any of the features that I have put in this weeks news letter! Thank you!

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