TAYLOR VAN ARSDALE – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 3rd April 2012

“There’s so much more to life than everything you want from it!” -Taylor Van Arsdale… I like to quote myself.”

Taylor Van Arsdale has spent her professional life telling stories. Whether these stories are fact or fiction, her writing creates clear and engaging tales about the human condition.

 Today’s show was far too short for our awesome guest from Santa Monica – TAYLOR VAN ARSDALE! Before the show I was looking through Taylor’s bio and resume, whoa this girl wears so many hats it’s not funny!  How she finds the time to do all the things she does I do not know!  As part of her bio (see above) says, she has spent her life telling stories, and during the show we only heard a small portion of them. To be honest I could have spent all day listening to her .I had so many questions that I wanted to ask her that I never got the time. 2 hours seems a long time for a live show, but trust me it goes by so quick!

Mark and I were lucky to have already had the pleasure of meeting Taylor at the ARTISTS IN MUSIC AWARDS in L.A back in February and we knew that this girl could talk! She started the show by getting Mark excited by announcing that she was wearing a black negligee!!! As the show progressed there was of course the mention of Spandex and Assless Chaps!!!!!! I’m saying no more, my lips are sealed!


Taylor talked about her work with HBO, her life as an editor, photo-journalist, and her work as a Publicist.  She talked a lot about her involvement with TAILFISH PRODUCTIONS and the clients that she helps promote. Seriously she is an amazing person and like Mark and I, she is dedicated to an industry that she loves!  We even found out she was the original check in girl for GUITAR CENTER HOLLYWOOD!

Taylor and I at the AIMI awards, that outfit she is wearing was awesome!


Taylor also talked to us about her radio show that airs every Wednesday morning at 11amPST and can be heard on  http://indie100.com/  Mark and I are excited because Butterflies Radio will also be broadcasting the show every Wednesday 8pm EST  which is good for those living in Australia!


Taylor is also the partner of BILL HEMP from DYMAXION VEHICLE who was our guest on the show a couple of weeks ago and it has been confirmed that Bill will be moving to California in the not so distant future and we will be anxiously awaiting news as to when that happens!

Photo of Billy Joe from Green Day who was just one of the many talented artists that Taylor has shot and if you listen to the show you will hear the story behind this photo!

Some other bands she’s shot & interviewed:



Trevor Hall

Well that was just a taste of  just some of the topics we touched on during today’s show, please take the time to listen to the show and hear just how awesome Taylor was! http://www.butterfliesradio.com/home/twitter-tuesday-live/


Taylor on the red carpet at the AIMI awards, doing what she does best!


Taylor submitted some new bands for the Butterflies Radio rotation and during the show we showcased three of them!


A resurgence of rock is brewing out on the Southern California coastline, as Canto launches their inaugural album Ha Ha Ha onto hordes of music fans. Spearheaded by upstart guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire Seamus Blackwell, the family power trio—yes, the boys in the band are brothers and include Aidan Blackwell  (on bass) and Dave Blackwell (on drums)—worked with multi-platinum record producer Bryan Carlstrom (The Offspring / Alice In Chains) to put finishing touches on their new CD. Canto’s debut show at the world famous House of Blues on Sunset Blvd., was a packed event. As of print, their website is being created, for now check them out on:


How they write and the meaning behind the title “Griseous”:

It begins with jamming and messing around. Typically Seamus comes up with a guitar line or melody and the boys build around that. Most of the time, the instrumentals are written first, with the vocal melodies following. On one occasion, while trying to come up with a title for a song, Seamus said the song made him think of the colors blue and grey swirling together. “The next day, I flipped through the pages in a dictionary and randomly put my finger down on a page. My finger landed on the word ‘Griseous,’ meaning ‘a meddle of blue and grey.’ Hence, the name,” says Seamus. “The song ‘Cardigan Sweater’ came out of us trying to figure out how to play ‘D’yer Mak’er’ by Led Zeppelin,” adds Dave.



One would think with her porcelain skin and ethereal voice that Rie Sinclair just floated onto the scene as if it were divine intervention. Quite the contrary, Rie has been making waves in the industry better equated to a tropical storm than a wading pool, writing a catalogue of music for ABC/Disney and for shows like Ghost Whisperer, The Vampire Diaries, Charmed, Californication, The Hills, Nurse Jackie, Bionic Woman, Law & Order, Samantha Who, & Dirt. She wrote the main-title theme for MTV’s Blonde Charity Mafia, and was nominated for an Emmy with the song, “Where You Are” (as heard on many different shows). She has mini-themes running throughout Daytime including, “Just You & Me”, performed by Jayson Belt, “My Confession”, performed by Jay Nash, and “Underneath The Night”, performed by the artist herself.

She is a chameleon-like composer, with her Sparkling Violet’s and alter-egos; by day in demand as a writer and performer of beautiful songs for Hollywood studios, providing atmosphere and emotion to back up the visuals; but by night she dons another cape, crafting her own elation and despair into perfected four-minute vignettes; she records and delivers them live with equal finesse and commitment. Currently she is preparing for upcoming Los Angeles showcases and working on, Sour Mash Whisky Mixes, a new album by Violet & Mayhem; a side project with a country/western traditional folk flair.


Dymaxion Vehicle 

Winner Best Electronic Artist for the 2012 Artists In Music Awards Dymaxion Vehicle was hailed by BLAST Magazine as the “Quentin Tarantino of Darkwave” for their first CD Design which blends synths, guitars, polyrhythmic beats and programming with contributions from a variety of female vocalists to create a unique sonic blend of textures.

Bill Hemp, the pop-strategist at the helm of the project just finished the second CD Re-Design: Fun In Strobesa remix album. The Remix album Re-Design: Fun in Strobes brings a new concept into the remix culture…that of the artist remixing his own material and presenting it in a new light. Alternative Dance, Breakbeat, Electro and House versions sit nicely with the Darkwave debut album Design released in 2011.


Though not on the podcast, Hillbilly Herald—another Tailfish PR Client—who are heading off on tour this summer with Slash—is now also in rotation on Butterflies Radio.

Staying true to Rock n’ Roll, Hillbilly Herald is bringing back “The Show” with in-your-face guitar slingin’, raspy voiced singin’, drum ringin’ rock n roll and taking the US by storm. Packing in world-renown venues like the Viper Room, Roxy Theater, and the House of Blues, the band, fronted by Jimmy Herald (vocals) seems unstoppable. This spring they kick it up notch rolling out a mid-west tour with dates that include opening for the iconic Grammy Winner Slash and his band featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators and several with metal maniacs Steel Panther.

The band’s success has been largely the result of Herald’s balls-out attitude towards rock-n-roll and this tour is based on his determination to move the group forward. The current lineup consists of Mark “The Cat” Hill (Guitar), Adam Wolf (bass), Hawaiian Brian (Guitar), and Louie “Sea Biscuit” Riel (Drums).





or at: TAILFISH PUBLIK RELATIONS (the “k” is not a typo!) on Facebook at:


and at: MUSIC & MAYHEM with Taylor Van Arsdale on Facebook (and CLICK “LIKE” !!!)


Taylor, thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to come and join Mark and I live on the air. It was so nice to get to talk with you again! You have to come back on the show at anytime!!! Also I am so looking forward to being able to hear your radio show MUSIC & MAYHEM which will be played at a more suitable time for me!

Photo courtesy of Jose Landman photography

Before the show began, we had a surprise visit from the guys from BIG KETTLE DRUM whom Mark when to see live last weekend! Awesome bunch of guys and it was so great to have them pop in on the live show! Jeffrey Todd, Jesse Russell ,Free Hallas Brant Christopher (btw Mark is the one in the middle)

We also showcased the following Artists on the show, most of whom are new to the Butterflies Rotation and you can check them out by going to the home page on http://www.butterfliesradio.com and clicking on REQUEST link:





JAMIE ALIMORAD – SHE IS (Next week’s guest)

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