ERIC SCHACKNE – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 29th May 2012

I have trouble walking by a piano without playing it.

“Everybody has different reasons for doing what they love. I make music, not only because it’s one of the most gratifying elements of my life, but because we all need this.
I’ve been playing piano longer than I can remember when I wasn’t. Classically-trained, I took lessons for many years before I started writing my own parts to the pieces I was learning. I’ve always been a writer though, always curious about the most interesting way to say the simplest ideas”.
We first met ERIC SCHACKNE back in October, 2011, when he was just putting together his album HAMMERS AND STRINGS. Then, in February, 2012, Mark and I met Eric in person when he joined us for lunch at the SADDLE RANCH CHOP HOUSE in L.A. Not only is he a fantastic artist, he is a wonderful person to be around. He is so quick-witted and always makes me giggle like a school girl in his presence! Oh, and he has the most adorable eyes (not sure if I should say that lol)
When the show first got underway, I thought I was going to endure the topic of “Hot Girls” throughout the show. However Mark and Eric settled down after a while! We talked about his recent visit to SAN FRANCISCO, his experience on “THE VOICE”, his new album, his experience as an improv comedian and the fact that he has been in the “Battle of the Bands” for an eon!! The laughter went on throughout the show and this time he didn’t escape the infamous “Desert Island” question!

Anyway, check out the show for yourselves and you will see what an awesome and talented musician he is

It was wonderful to welcome back Eric on the live show, where he was able to present to us and our live audience three songs from his new album, HAMMERS AND STRINGS which is now fully finished and available on hard copy at various online retailers. Here are the songs we presented on the show today:
LOUD AND CLEAR  – Some insight into the plight of a singer/songwriter

WHAT IM WAITING TO HEAR  –Just because you’re honest with your lover doesn’t mean she is going to be

ART CAN CHANGE THE WORLD – My anthem to artists and those who appreciate art

Eric auditioning for THE VOICE

Mark and I with Eric at the Saddle Ranch Chop House in L.A. Whoa look how short I am!!!!

Check out all the social networks for ERIC SCHACNE – trust me he is a very social person and likes to communicate with everyone as much as he can!/EricRockMusic

Eric has made an official video of LOUD AND CLEAR, one of the tracks on his HAMMER S AND STRINGS CD. Check it out at Apparently, this was shot from the rooftop of his apartment. Mark and I have now found the venue for the next “Artists in Music Awards” after party!!!! Mind you, thinking about it, I have no idea how the hell I am going to make it up there!

Thank you Eric, for joining us today! We can’t be that bad if you wanted to return for a 2nd time! Wishing you all the best with your new CD and hoping that we get to meet up with you again when we return to L.A next February! Stay in touch!


We also featured the following artists and their songs, most of whom are new to the BUTTERFLIES RADIO ROTATION

SHAUN C BRYANT – WHY (Carol’s Song of the Week)

Until next time!


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