BESIDE LIGHTS – Guests on Twitter Tuesday Live – 5th June 2012

Forming in January 2011, Perth-based pop rockers ‘Beside Lights’ are quickly making waves in the WA music scene through their catchy pop-driven songs and engaging live performances.
Since making the transformation from a solo project to a band, lead vocalist Adrian Wilson has put down his acoustic guitar and made room for the bands mature pop-rock sound, driven by a powerful rhythm section, electric guitars and captivating lead riffs; best described as a mash between Coldplay, Paramore and The Script.
Despite only being a band for a short time under the new name, 2011 has brought some amazing opportunities for the boys. “

Joining Mark and I today were ADRIAN WILSON (guitar and vocals) and JARRYD PRICE (drums) from the awesome band from PERTH AUSTRALIA, BESIDE LIGHTS.

Unfortunately, BRAD VELLACOTT (Bass) and TERENCE H’NG (keys and piano) could not be with us today!

A lot has happened to BESIDE LIGHTS since we first booked them to come on the show back in 2011! Currently, they are finalists in AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT and we talked a lot about their experience on the show.

When we first added BESIDE LIGHTS, I was amazed by the talent of these young guys from my home town! I said to Mark, “We have to have them on our live show before they get snapped up by a major record company!” Seriously, I think that time is coming!

They talked about how they met, where they would like to see the band, their hobbies and even what they would take on a desert island!

Considering the guys were up late the night before jamming, Adrian and Jarred remained wide awake throughout the show and answered all the questions that we thrown at them. Not only are they great musicians, they are awesome guys too! Mark and I really enjoyed talking to them and finding more about the band BESIDE LIGHTS. You can check out the show by clicking on this link:


During the show we featured three songs all of which are featured on their self-titled EP

AFRAID TO FALL – This one if my favourite song!




Check out BESIDE LIGHTS web pages and join their social networks

Check out their self-titled Debut EP now available on iTunes –

Join their web pages, enter the competition and win yourselves a BESIDE LIGHTS t-shirt

Follow BESIDE LIGHTS as they represent PERTH AUSTRALIA in the FINALS in a couple of weeks. You can check all dates at the AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT WEB PAGE
Adrian and Jarryd, many many thanks for taking the time to join Mark and I on today’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. It was an honour to meet you both. We wish you all the best for the upcoming finals and you can rest assured, we will be voting for you! We hope to see good things from you in the future. Please keep in touch when you can! All the best guys!


During the show we also featured the following artists and their songs, all new to the rotation:

MIMI PAGE – JIGSAW (Carol’s song of the week)
STEAMBOAT OPERA – THE HEIST (next week’s guest)

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