STEAMBOAT OPERA – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 12th June 2012



“What started as a hobby in spare time has evolved into a passion project that has been in the making over the past two years: Steamboat Opera.

Steamboat Opera’s Christopher Martin (Scoochy) has collaborated with numerous up-and-coming Canadian artists over the past several years. In an effort to expand the reach of his musical obsession even further, he founded a professional sound design webcommunity and boutique sound design studio where he has been tapped for large commercial projects with top tier brands. Seven years of collaborative projects and what has been his entire life so far, spent dissecting, discovering and developing his sound – Chris has a quirky chemistry with most listeners that just fits. The result in this labour of love is an indie pop project that will stay on repeat in the heads of all who hear it.”

As most of you know, who follow my blog and our live shows, I was not able to co-host with Mark today. I was in the middle of moving from Perth, in Western Australia, to Townsville, in Queensland!

Standing in for me today, in Lexington, Kentucky, was Kiva Johns Adkins; she even had Kentucky Fried Chicken in my honour!

Today’s guest on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVES from TORONTO the awesome CHRIS MARTIN with his solo project known as STEAMBOAT OPERA.

Kiva had a great time hosting with Mark and interviewing Chris today and this is what she had to say about it

“Chris is a very talented one man band, layering sounds as he composing his music. Oddly, that played into the show, as he did his interview from his iPhone around Toronto with the sounds of the city in the background. It was very appropriate for him and made the show that much more interesting and fun. He got a lot of great feedback from twitter”.

As a listener today, I really enjoyed the show; I learned how polite Canadians are, for starters. So, I am packing my bags as I type this!

I have always enjoyed the music from STEAMBOAT OPERA and during the show he got a lot of great feedback. I love the layers of the music that Chris produces. If you crank it, the whole room can shake! If you listen on headphones, it is a fantastic musical experience!

He told us how he came up with the name, his other projects and much, much more. Download and listen to the show for yourself. I guarantee that, after listening to the show, you will become a fan!

During the show we featured three of his songs all of which are on the BUTTERFLIES RADIO rotation




Check out all the social webpages for STEAMBOAT OPERA


We also featured the following artists and their music all new to BUTTERFLIES RADIO



SIERRA NOBLE – I CAN SEE (Carol’s song of the Week)



IN MY COMA – LOSING SLEEP (Next week’s guests)



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