IN MY COMA – Guests on Twitter Tuesday Live 19th June 2012

“IMC’s music combines the energy and loudness of modern rock with the dark and melodic characteristics of Brit-pop. Focusing on a world where so much still remains undiscovered and unexplained, the lyrical side of In My Coma conveys unusual stories with themes of death, darkness, and fear, fused with ambiguous elements of hope and human potential. The musical compositions compliment the lyrics by combining unusual chord progressions and an off-the-wall blending of notes. All of these elements fall into place in IMC’s radio-friendly songs that are constructed to be meticulously melodic.”

Joining Mark and I on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE SHOW we had, Jasper,  LauraDoll and Mike , together they make up this truly rocking band from somewhere south of Toronto Canada – and they call themselves –  IN MY COMA.

We have had their single “Losing Sleep” on our rotation for a while now and I have always liked it. Jasper sent the other songs to Mark before the show, and he got really excited with the new music he received and just couldn’t wait for them to join us on today’s show! Mark was in awe as he couldn’t believe that they could produce such a great sound with just three band members!

Seriously though, what a great bunch of guys! Mark and I had so much fun on the show today!

I think I spent most of the show giggling! At one point in the show I had to put my hand over the mic as I very nearly snorted on the air!!!! I will say we had as much fun off the air as much as we had on the air! I so wish we could record what goes on while the music is playing!

They talked about how they got together, gigs coming up, their album and the meaning behind their interesting and very unusual name. There was also talk of Kangaroos, Dolphins and Dingo’s, Shreddies and much more aye!!!! BE WARNED the jokes on today’s show were shocking however the music ROCKED!

Please take a listen to the show for yourselves


During the show we showcased three of their songs from their debut album MAGNETS AND MIRICLES which can be heard in full on soundcloud and if you order the CD and send a note to the band they will autograph it for you!

DREAMERS –Dreamers is a song I wrote when I was feeling a little down about what I was doing with my life. I knew I wanted to be a musician and yet, I was being pulled in so many different ways at the same time. The song is a reaffirmation that reaching your goals is possible, but it’s also a realization that sometimes, the only person you can rely on is yourself. It’s a pushing and never giving up.

LOSING SLEEP –Losing Sleep is probably the most important song on our album. It’s the song that people latch onto first and we’ve received some great feedback on that song. I don’t know how exactly the words or music came out, but I was playing my acoustic late one night and put the song together. It was in the middle of winter and it was a really cold night. Most people dislike the cold, but I find it to be calming and with the cold comes a kind of purity that you don’t get during the summer. The song’s about being in a dark place but finding a sense of tranquility, which is also why we added the musical interlude to the end of the song. The instrumental outro might be the most serene piece of music on the album. Funny enough, I didn’t really like this song after I wrote it, but once I sent the demo out to the band and to our producer, everybody fell in love with it. They all turned me around and now I can’t believe I ever thought of trashing it.

CRAZY WORLD – I deliberately wanted a song with an odd rhythm and so I strategically sat down and came up with something that started on an offbeat. Suddenly, this song just started pouring out and during some rehearsals it became a balls out rock song and it has to be a live favourite for me. It’s just a wall of sound and constant “in your face” guitar, bass, and drum work. I especially love that we recorded some very gothic vocals to accompany the main guitar riff. It makes the song dark and vampire-esque. It’s definitely a tune for the musically heavy-hearted.

LAURA– Bass and Vocals, who would like to meet BON JOVI and have a life time supply of progies!  Check out one of their videos and watch her rock out on the base guitar!

JASPER – Vocals, Guitar and the spokeman for the band, the one that kept control of the show NOT!  Lol  – Jasper has a love of Soccer and Shreddies!

MIKE the drummer – the disruptive one lol Listen to the show and find out why drummers don’t talk and sing! Lol Hear about his interesting hobbies if he were not in a band!!!!!!!

Please check out IN MY COMAS web pages and videos. They are a band that likes to interact with their fans!

Check out their video’s too!




I thoroughly enjoyed today’s show, I had so much fun, and I know that Mark did too! You guys are not only great musicians but awesome fun to be around! I am looking forward to having your album amongst my CD collection! Thank you so much for taking the time out to be with us today and I hope our paths cross in the not so distant future!

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