RADIO DRIVE – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 24th July 2012

“Radio Drive Biography Kevin Gullickson started his work in the independent music industry with his first release of a 4-song EP which received radio play in his hometown of Rochester, MN. Shortly after, he followed up with a single which received radio play in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.
Kevin travelled throughout Europe to develop his own sound and style which he later developed with a band The Blokes, which was an instant success in the Minneapolis/St Paul club scene including First Avenue. Kevin later moved to New York City where he continued writing, recording and playing the clubs as a solo musician. During the course of these years, Kevin had been contacted by 5 major record companies and 3 Grammy Award winning producers, expressing interest in his music.”

Joining Mark and I today was Kevin Gullickson from St Paul, Minneapolis – known in the music world as RADIO DRIVE. He was scheduled to appear earlier in the year but due to unforeseen circumstances we unfortunately had to cancel on him. He did however do a pre-recorded show with Kiva Johns Adkins who is also part of the Butterflies Radio Team!

I was always a bit confused as to why RADIO DRIVE was a single project and not a band as the name portrays, however Kevin soon cleared up this mystery at the start of the show! Apparently, he formed the band RADIO DRIVE a few years ago; however, after a while the other band members decided that they wanted to turn into a “Death Metal” band. Now if you hear Kevin you can understand his concerns when the band made this decision and decided to let them go and do what they want and he would form another band under the same name. This never eventuated and RADIO DRIVE became the solo project it is today! We also found out that the name was taken from a street name from his home town!

During the show Kevin talked about his many offers from some major record companies and told us why it never happened! We did assure Kevin that now he has appeared on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE they will come flooding back to him!!!! Lol
He also talked about his musical influences, working with Gene Paul, his Hollywood nomination and his new album THIS IS OUR TIME which has received some fantastic review (See end of my blog)

Kevin is not only a great musician but he is an all-round great guy and we enjoyed talking to him very much today! Please take the time to download the show for yourself so that you can hear what Kevin had to say for himself! Check out the link for the show and give Kevin the support that he justly deserves

We have several songs from RADIO DRIVE on the BUTTERFLIES RADIO rotation, and during the show we featured three of them.

BORDERSThe song Borders started out as a guitar riff (the one that starts the song). I was messing on the guitar one day and got this riff that I built the song around. Once the song was done instrumentally I added the lyrics which are about “thinking outside of the box”. The chorus reads “let your imagination take you far away…beyond the confines of your mind….beyond the borders you define”. Recently I’ve come to understand how much our thoughts play a role in our future. We can limit ourselves or we can empower ourselves. I hate to see people buried under circumstances that they actually have the ability to overcome. It all starts in your mind. If you think you can do it, then you can do it. People sell themselves short in so many ways. If they realize their potential then the sky is the limit. Take off the limits in your life and let your imagination have at it! Do something amazing! 

NEVER  – As I mentioned about how “Borders” is about thoughts and imagination, I suppose “Never” is about words and the power they have to build or destroy, to free or imprison, to protect or create a stronghold. In this case, the song is about becoming free from the stronghold of words. What I mean by that is not as deep and mysterious and one might think. We hear it all the time when people say – or we say of ourselves “you’ll never amount to anything”, or “you’re just like so-and-so”, “I’ll always be broke”, “I always get sick”. Guess what, those are the people who end up being just what they say…sick, broke, barely scraping by. We don’t have to live like that. Just break it off. Say “Never” to those things and move on.

FOOTSTEPS – All my songs aren’t so deep as the other two. This one is very simple. It’s the old story of the girl friend calling in the wee hours of the night. The boy friend becomes the Knight in shining armour, gets in the car and drives half way across the country to be with her. She hears his footsteps coming up the landing and there they are together…a happy ending.

Check out all the music from RADIO DRIVE and some awesome reviews by going to the main web page:

Here is the complete collection of albums from RADIO DRIVE

The Hollywood Music Awards is a prestigious event each November honoring the work of independent arists from around the world. Click the “more info” button to see the list of nominees for the month of April including “Never” by Radio Drive.


One day my lips spoke out a word
Across the ancient world it was heard
Never, never come this way again
I saw the ghost come out from my past
I saw a strong wind make them vanish
Never, never come this way again
I take the bread I take the new wine
No one can take from me what is mine
Never, never come this way again
Never, never will they come this way again

Thank you Kevin for taking the time to join Mark and me on today’s show. I know Mark will agree with me when I say what a pleasure it was to meet you! Please stay in touch and keep us up to date with all your future projects!


We also touched on a very sad subject today about events that happened prior to the show:
Mass Shooting at Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater
A gunman burst into the emergency exit door of a theater and shot 71 people, killing at least 12, at a midnight premiere of the new Batman movie Friday 20th July, creating a chaotic, smoke-filled scene that had bloody moviegoers dragging each other outside.

Brian Cook from the band WHY from Winnipeg in Canada sent us a special song called “Weep”
Brian Cook says – “Weep” was inspired by parents I’ve met with terminally ill children. Glad it has been a comfort for Aurora”

Please show your support and prayers for the victims and their families of this horrific and senseless act upon innocent people, who went out for the evening with friends, loved ones and never came back!

Show your support on Twitter @Pray4Aurora and then check out the web page


We also featured the following artists, most of whom are new to the Butterflies Radio Rotation.

THE CONTROVERSY – AFRAID TO LOVE YOU (Carol’s song of the week)
BOSCO AND PECK – NO GUARANTEE (Next week’s guests)



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