BOSCO AND PECK – Guests on Twitter Tuesday Live 31st July 2012

The music of Bosco & Peck is best categorized as… A new sound: Neo-soul with a touch of 60’s soul, 70’s funk, and modern rock. B&P was formed in August of 2004, when on a whim the two entered their demo in a contest for bands with a local top 40 radio station (The Mix 97.3) and were asked to be one of three bands to compete in the finals two weeks later. After a day of phone calls and two practices with the newly formed group, Bosco & Peck won the competition. Seven months later the band finished their first release: A band so mysterious… you’ve never heard of them.

I find it easy to do my write up of the week’s show. But, on the odd occasion words fail me! The chaos from BOSCO AND PECK began even before they were live on the air with us! Mark was finding it very difficult to introduce the show, while they were texting on Skype; if you listen carefully to the intro you can actually hear them texting! Lol

The JERSEY BOYS – PAUL BOSCO and JASON PECK who, together, make up BOSCO AND PECK, made their 3rd appearance on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE today and it was great having them back with us!

Finally, after 5 years in the making and a successful Kickstarter campaign to help them, they are about to present to the world, their new album……well almost! I was one of those that contributed, so I am looking forward to receiving my album….eventually!!! lol Chopped Liver misses out! (If Jason stops winging about all the things he has to do to get the album out, we might just have a copy before the end of 2012!!! )(smile)

Jason was telling us how his wife has actually hand sewed the album cover and they had digitally copied it for the album. I should tell you the name really; it’s called JUST WHEN YOU THOUGH YOU’D NEVER SMILE AGAIN.

The show was laughter from start to finish and, as always, a great show! Believe it or not there were some serious moments! Mark and I really missed their side-kick Philly Steve, however. I think, perhaps, it’s a godsend that he didn’t make an appearance or we would never have gotten the show done (flashes back to the last time).

BOSCO AND PECK made a jingle for TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE a while ago and today they presented us with a new one, this time for our DESERT ISLAND QUESTION! This segment of the show is very funny and needs to be heard!

Here are some photos of taken while we were on the air:

Jason Peck

Paul Bosco

Their Desert Island Photo!

BOSCO AND PECK have been with BUTTERFLIES RADIO for a very long time and, to date, we have 16 of their songs currently being played on the rotation! I, for one, have always loved the neo soul sound of this band. They have with them some awesome backing singers, BROOK WILLIAMS, KEISHA HUTCHN, and LENA ANDERSON and  M’BALIA to name but a few! Oh, and I nearly forgot MATTHEW COSLOP on drums (he is the bald guy in the canoe photos).

Jason and Paul have been great supporters of the station and, over the years, we have formed a good relationship with them. They never fail to make us laugh! I wish you could hear what goes on off the air! Mark said during the show, “this was the easiest interview ever”!

Want to hear about the stalker?
Want to hear what they sent to Mark’s wife?
Want to hear what they would take on a desert island?
Click on this link and hear the show

During the show, surprisingly enough, we did manage to get to play some music lol and we featured these three songs, all of which are from the new album, JUST WHEN YOU THOUGH YOU WOULD NEVER SMILE AGAIN, and, of course, are on the BUTTERFLIES RADIO ROTATION.

BIGGER FISH –This is our mandatory song about an animal. We have one on every album. Bigger Fish is about a fish that wants to achieve big things in his life. It starts at the beginning of his journey when he leaves home, and ends… well it’s no fun if I give away the ending.

NO GUARANTEE –  We started writing this after the housing market crash in 2008.  It’s a song all about our frustration with the government and the fact that they bailed out the banks on the tax payers dime. 

CANT QUIT LIVING –This is the title track of the album in a way. The first line of the song is “Just When You Thought You’d Never Smile Again”. This one’s a life lessons song and pretty straight forward.

BOSCO AND PECK’S web page and find out more about these awesome boys from Jersey!

Also find out what the SONG SWAP is all about!

Jason and Paul, what can we say! Mark and I had a great time once again, and you never fail to make us laugh! We love having you on the show and we might even consider asking you to fill in as a host! Thank you so much for joining us and I am looking forward to receiving my album and my mug if it is not too much to post to Australia!!!
We also mentioned the following people on today’s show:


Released his new video for BLUE SKIES BLACK

The title track and first single from the album BLUE SKIES BLACK (available now)



Released his new album WORDS LEFT UNSAID today, and I am looking forward to receiving my copy!


Wishing MAYA a very HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY for this coming Saturday!
The following artists and their music were also showcased on this week’s show:
SIMPLIFIED – WAKE N BAKE (Carols song of the week)
BROKEN ROMEO – HALLELUJAH (Next week’s guest)

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