BROKEN ROMEO – Guests on Twitter Tuesday Live 7th August 2012

“Broken Romeo is an Alternative Rock band from Tucson, Arizona.
The music they produce is diverse and draws on influences including everything from classic rock to contemporary bands.
Broken Romeo was the 2011 Tammie winner in the Rock category and they have shared the stage with many National acts.
In Oct 2011 Broken Romeo released an all new full length album called “Desperation Daze”. The album was recorded May thru June 2011 at Og7 studio in Tucson, Az., and was engineered and co-produced by Nando Rivas”
Ok so this week’s show was not so crazy, however, we did have a pair of crazy brothers with us today…Nah not that crazy really, they were still on a high from their IRON MAIDEN concert the previous night! They were pretty good fun though throughout the show!

Mark and I today were joined by two members from the rocking band BROKEN ROMEO out of TUSON, ARIZONA; brothers JAMES AND STEVE TURPIN. Thinking about it I should have asked them if they were decedents of the notorious DICK TURPIN the most famous highway man in England back in the 18th Century!

The other two members of the band who couldn’t be with us today due to the fact that they are not famous and they do have to earn a living are ARI SLOANE on Bass and MATT RINGNELL on drums.
 We had a lot of fun with Steve and James and it was so good to see a large live audience tune in to give them support! I did tell Steve off the air that he looked like a bit like JACK NICHOLSON Apparently we were the first independent radio station to put their music on the air. They answered lots of questions that were put to them and had some laughs along the way. The desert island question opened my eyes up a lot! Lol

BROKEN ROMEO is proof that although they are not a signed band and are not played on main stream radio, they are a band that is up there with the best of rock musicians around today! They talked about the reality of being a band in today’s musical world, and YES they do still work to allow them to continue to do it!

Mark and I had fun talking to Steve and James, and I know that everyone that tuned in also enjoyed them very much!
Go to this link and find out how BROKEN ROMEO got their name, what they would take on a DESERTED ISLAND, how it felt to meet BRIAN MAY…and much much more!
During the show we featured three of their songs all of which can be found on the BUTTERFLIES RADIO ROTATION

This was the newest song to make the Desperation Daze album. So new that it had never been played live until after the record was released. It’s always fun to build a song in a studio environment vs hammering it out in its entirety prior to entering the studio. It also became the first single off the album. The song is about realizing you have an addiction problem (could be anything. drugs, alcohol, a person…whatever) but you’re not quite ready or willing to let it go of it yet.

This song is about a person who has struggled with addiction. They seemed to turn their lives around only to fall back into the abyss of drug addiction. Along the way they find their Faith. They lose the battle to addiction but in the end find Salvation.

This song is about trying to reach someone who has gone to great lengths to fit in. Always getting a new tattoo, a new piercing, a new hair color, anything to try and “hide” the person that they really are. They experiment with drugs and alcohol, and engage in self-destructive behaviour because they think that is the only way they will ever fit in. They distance themselves from their friends and family. It’s about trying to reach that person to keep them from going down a dangerous road. In the end you just can’t get through.

Check out BROKEN ROMEO’S web pages and social media sights
Or you can email them at

This show only gives you a glimpse of the awesome music BROKEN ROMEO have produced, so go check out their music –

Thanks Steve and James for taking the time to join Mark and I on our live show, thanks for giving us a bit more insight on your band and for giving us some laughs along the way. Please keep us updated with any new music you produce in the future! Mark and I would love to have you return to the show again! Thanks for opening my eyes to the world of FLESH LIGHTS!!!!! Lol



Taras and Pavlo joined Mark and I on the show back in May 2012 awesome guys with a fantastic sense of humour. Despite a bad internet connection, we still managed to have an awesome time with them. They are from the UKRAINE and are currently seeking new management. So if there is anyone out there interested, please contact either myself or go to the bands page their show is still available to hear from


CONGRATULATIONS to Laura Vall and Thomas Hjorth who make up THE CONTROVERSARY . They won the second ARTISTS IN MUSIC AWARDS SUMMER SHOWCASE that took part on 29th July 2012 at the HOUSE OF BLUES in HOLLYWOOD. This means when Mark and I attend next year’s event we will be able to see them play live! Check out the  interview with Mark and I had with them




“Await Rescue is a four-piece, independent Alternative/Progressive Rock band hailing from Boston. And by “ independent” we don’ t mean the catch-all music genre, we simply mean that we do everything ourselves, while making the loud Rock music that we want to hear. Our Rock quest began back in 2006, and our path has been guided by bands such as Foo Fighters, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Deft ones, QOTSA, The Mars Volta, Soundgarden, Uncle Ted Nugent, and all of the countless other forefathers of Rock n’ Roll that need not be repeated.”

We also featured these artists all new to the BUTTERFLIES RADIO ROTATION


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