Rezlow – Guests on Butterflies Radio 28th August 2012

“Rezlow, a five piece band featuring musicians from Kerry and Dublin, Ireland, formed in 2008, and take their influences across a wide range of musical genres. The band describes their sound as melodic-acoustic and alternative rock.
In 2008, looking at expanding their musical direction and strengthening the lyrical content of their music, Rezlow was formed. A chance meeting with Dublin singer-songwriter Terry Sutton gave them an early opportunity to explore this new musical direction
Barry McCarthy, Brendan, Cillian & Conor O’Regan have been playing in bands since their early teenage years, touring the live-music circuit in Southern Ireland and also playing a number of showcase gigs in London.”
About a year ago, Butterflies Radio was sent a song called “7 Days” from a band I had never heard of called REZLOW! I remember playing it before I sent it off to Mark to put on the rotation and thought to myself, wow, this is an awesome song! The singer had the kind of voice I love and the band sounded great! I checked out the band and found out a bit more about them .The song went on the rotation and was showcased on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE on 4th October 2011!

After we received the second song “Face Down” from the band back in June and seeing an interview that Walter from INDIE MUSIC BUS  did with them, I knew we had to get these guys on our show!   
So I contacted the band and Brendan told me that they were due to release their new album on 28th August and could we possibly organise for them to appear on the show around that time……..well we did better than that, we got them in the middle of their party!!!!!
That’s right, Mark and I crashed an Irish Shindig today and we were proud and honoured to be a part of the party today as REZLOW released their new 12 track album called FROM HERE. We were joined by all 5 members of the band today: Terry – Vocals & Acoustic Guitars. Brendan – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Piano/Keys, Cillian – Acoustic & Electric Guitars. Conor – Bass and Barry – Drums.

1am in the morning, and in the middle of their celebrations , they gaffer taped the doors to keep their family and friends out of the conservatory and took time out to talk to Mark and I about the release of their new and long awaited debut album! Of course they brought with them, their, Guinness, Kilkenny or whatever their poison is with them and the party carried on live on the air!
The interview started off with me getting Cillian mixed up with Terry as the lead singer , I wont forget that in a hurry!!! Lol and Terry reminded me throught out the show! I am still laughing now as I write up this blog post from the show! They had us in stitches and Mark and I agreed that they were the Irish answer to New Jersey’s BOSCO AND PECK!

The road has been a long one for the band. As they said in the show they have been working on this album for a long time and now they can finally kick back and enjoy the fruits of their hard work! It’s defiantly an album that comes from the heart and shows the dedication and passion that REZLOW have for their music!

If the three songs that we presented today is a sample of what the album is like then this album is set for greater things! I can’t wait to receive my copy of FROM HERE. In my opinion, REZLOW are up there with the best of the mainstream bands you hear over and over again on primetime radio! They are a band to look out for in the future!

Find out more about their new album FROM HERE

Find out how a sheep helped REZLOW evolve

Find out about the “Cat in the Hat”

Learn a bit more about this truly awesome band from the “Emerald Isle” somewhere near the Teddy Bears Feet!!!

Listen to their awesome Irish humour

Find out what they would take on a deserted island!

For this and more go to listen and support these guys, trust me you won’t be disappointed! It was a fun show! As always we had a lot of people tune in live to the show and give their support!
Here are the songs we featured from REZLOW today, all of which are featured on the long awaited album– FROM HERE

7 DAYS –7 Days’ came about at the very end of the recording sessions for the LP. We had put a time frame on things otherwise we would still be recording songs!!…We needed to get started on mixes while we were doing that I asked if we were sure there was nothing else…so during our pre-mixing chats Brendan dug out a track with bare guitars and drums and bass…it grabbed me straight away….mixing was paused…mic set up….and 7 days was born…

I’m not to one to explain songs or like to have songs I like explained….I think thats the listeners choice…but what I can say is the theme of ‘7 Days’ is friendship, love, hurt and worry….overcoming the pain and hurt and finding the love and friendship again….

FROM HERE “Where to begin?!…this song belongs to anyone who likes it…it’s that friend we all have or that person we might have been at sometime”

Check out the latest video

FACE DOWN –  is a love song.. simple

To find out more about REZLOW please check out their main web page, where you can find all the links to all their social sites and music
Terry, Brendan ,Cillian ,Conor ,Barry, what more can I say apart from Thank you! It was an awesome show today, and Mark and I were happy to have been a part of your celebrations! We hope that you will come back on the show in the not so distant future so we can ask you the questions that we didn’t have time to ask on the air! We wish you all the best with the new album and we look forward to receiving ours!


Winner of the last summer showcase for the ARTISTS IN MUSIC AWARDS 2013 that was held at the house of blues in Hollywood this past Sunday. Congratulations Glitter!

She’s bad, she’s beautiful, she rocks! Outlaw Southern Rocker – Glitter Rose from Fort Worth, TX.
This left handed outlaw owns the stage with her amazing charisma and her unique rockin’ country sound.

Glitter Rose will join these other artists live on stage at the ARTISTS IN MUSIC AWARDS that will be held at the KEY CLUB in HOLLYWOOD on FEBRUARY 8TH 2013 organised by MIKEY JAYY


There are two more slots up for grabs, so if you are an artist, find out how YOU can be a part of this awesome annual event!



“Darryl Gregory is a true multi-instrumentalist who honed his skills as a rocker and singer-songwriter in the dirty dives of NYC in the late 1990’s and early part of the new century. He produces other songwriters in his studio (Blue Cave Studios) now located in Sandy Hook, CT, specializing in finding a “personalized sound” for each of his clients. Darryl has composed music for many different types of ensembles including orchestra, band, brass quintet, string quartet and Javanese Gamelan. He has composed music for film as well as incidental music for several off and off-off Broadway theatrical and dance works.”

Join us as we talk with DARRYL GREGORY – TUESDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER 2012 8PM EDT  on BUTTERFLIES RADIO then at 10PM EDT on  home of the home of MIKEY JAYY and the GREAT UNKNOWNS
We also showcased the following artists on the show, all of whom are new to the BUTTERFLIES RADIO rotation:


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