DARRYL GREGORY – Guest on Butterflies Radio 4th September 2012

“The sound of Darryl Gregory’s music is influenced by the fact that he has played so many different genres of music and has gone through many changes as a musician/performer/composer. 

When you start out as a classically trained trombonist and spend a decade or so playing in symphonies and big band jazz bands, that sound doesn’t just fall by the wayside.
When you become interested in Indonesian music and form a group that creates their own instruments and does free improvisation as their basic form, that just doesn’t fall by the wayside either. When, at about the same time, you play guitar and bass in several rock bands and create your own recording studio… Well you get my drift.”

Joining us today on the live show from SANDY HOOK, CONNECTICUT was DARRYL GREGORY. Although we have known Darryl for a very long time, it was nice today to finally meet him!

Darryl has been with us since almost the beginning of BUTTERFLIES RADIO and has watched the station grow! He has been supporting the station and our live show for a very long time. The very first song we added of Darryl’s was HALF MOON ROAD which is one of the songs included in today’s show!

So we finally managed to get him onto the show and Mark and I thoroughly enjoyed his company! Darryl is an incredibly multi-talented musician and I don’t think there is any instrument that he hasn’t played. Darryl has also had his hand in many different genres of music of which one includes the Gamelan from a country close to my heart Indonesia! 

During the live show he talked about his many talents which include playing homemade instruments such as PVC pipes and an impromptu at the HOME DEPOT with flowerpots!

We also spoke about his wife and son, his life in Connecticut, his family in Texas, his studio, his other projects and much much more!

Find out more about his latest album BIG TEXAS SKY!
Find out how his teeth chose what instrument he should play!
Find out why he chose Country Music as his musical path!
Find out more behind the man that describes his music as HARD EDGE COUNTRY WITH A HEART by going to this link and listening to the podcast http://www.butterfliesradio.com/home/twitter-tuesday-live/

Darryl summed up his experience on the show as spending time with friends over a coffee! He said it was the best interview he has ever done!

During the show we featured 3 songs from DARRYL GREGORY
                                         HALF MOON ROAD
                                  ELEGY FOR AN OLD MAN
                                       WHAT ABOUT LOVE

All these songs can be heard on the BUTTERFLIES RADIO rotation http://www.butterfliesradio.com

Check out Darryl’s web page and all his links http://www.darrylgregory.com
You can also follow Darryl on twitter using @darrylgregory

Thank you Darryl for spending some time with Mark and I today. It has been a pleasure to finally meet you and to find out more about you. We had an awesome time and we hope you did too. Please come back and see us again!



“Six-foot-four-inch, long-haired, Country-singing son-of-a-gun Lee Gibson brings it every time he takes the stage. His songs speak of love lost & found, pleasures & pains from the past & the present, and the ups & downs of growing up in a small town – things to which many of us can relate.” http://www.facebook.com/LeeGibsonBand

Would you like to hop on the INDIE MUSIC BUS ?please check out this link http://indiemusicbus.com/


                                                    CAROL’S SONG OF THE WEEK
                              HANGING BY THE SATELITES by SPACESHIP DAYS

 SPACESHIP DAYS, worthy winners of the “Best Pop Artist” award at the 2012 ARTISTS IN MUSIC AWARDS at the KEY CLUB in HOLLYWOOD and winning a place to play live at next year’s Awards of which Mark and I are proud to be a part of again! http://spaceshipdays.blogspot.com.au/

If you would like to be a part of the 2013 ARTISTS IN MUSIC AWARDS, check out how by going to this link http://www.aimusicawards.com/


                                  NEXT WEEK’S GUESTS- TAYLOR VAN ARSDALE

“There’s so much more to life than everything you want from it.” -Taylor Van Arsdale… I like to quote myself.

Taylor Van Arsdale has spent her professional life telling stories. Whether these stories are fact or fiction, her writing creates clear and engaging tales about the human condition.

Van Arsdale began her career at HBO Pictures’ Development Department where she worked on many award-winning projects including; “Winchell, Don King: Only in America,” “GIA” and “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.” Shortly thereafter in 1999 she was named Vice President of Development at Breen Productions where she developed “Haven – The Ruth Gruber Story” as well as movies for network and cable outlets. As the century turned, Van Arsdale started two companies: Tailfish Productions to develop properties for film and television and Pro-ScriptService.com through which she provides writing and script consultation services on a freelance basis.”

Join us on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2012 8PM EDT when we meet up with TAYLOR VAN ARSDALE from TAILFISH PROMOTIONS


We also featured these artists all new to the BUTTERFLIES RADIO rotation:

THE COMO BROTHERS BAND – I DON’T LIKE YOU http://comobrothersband.com/


FATHER TIGER – SAFE AND SOUND http://fathertiger.com/


BITTERSWEET MACHINES – BRAND NEW AMERICA http://www.reverbnation.com/bittersweetmachines



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