NITA CHAWLA – Guest on Butterflies Radio 18th September 2012

‘Like a piping cup of cappuccino on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the soulful sounds of Nita Chawla stealthily whisk you away into a toe-curling lucid dream where time stands still and your most vivid childhood memories filmstrip through your head. Just like that…you’re hooked.

A rare blend of adult contemporary, alternative, and pop, Nita’s early influences were singer-songwriters Tori Amos, Sheryl Crow, and Alanis Morisette. During her teens, she began to acquire a taste for rock acts like Garbage, U2, Coldplay, and pop sensations Madonna and Beyoncé. Nita’s latest style is comparable to Adele and Colbie Caillat; her voice as smooth as dark chocolate with surprise hazelnuts found in her sharp staccatos and percussive outbursts. The only difference? She’s 100 % Indian.”

Joining Mark and I today from the state of MARYLAND was the beautiful and talented singer/songwriter NITA CHAWLA!

What an introduction to her first live radio interview by coming on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE! It took about 5 seconds for Nita to overcome her shyness, and didn’t take her long to realise that this show is like having coffee with friends, she soon relaxed and talked and answered questions thrown at her with ease! Mark was the flustered one on today’s show! Hmmmm funny that seems to happen whenever we have a female guest! lol

Nita told us about some of the female artists that influenced her at the beginning of her musical career, however, she has found her own niche and I feel that one day a young upcoming artist will one day say she was influenced by NITA CHAWLA!
Nita also talked about how she has loved and been surrounded by music from a very early age and how she was performing for audiences at family parties from the age of 5! She told us of the fun family jam sessions while growing up, and how she came to be where she is today!

Her voice has been described in her bio as “smooth as dark chocolate with surprise hazelnuts found in her sharp staccatos and percussive outbursts” I think more like milk chocolate! One of our listeners said she has a voice as “Smooth as Silk”

Mark and I could have chatted with Nita for a lot longer than the show allowed; she was so lovely to talk to. There were still a lot of questions we never got to ask her. Nita is one guest that we look forward to having back on the show!

There was only one regret (I hope Nita’s mum reads this) I am always chasing recipes and I was hoping to get an authentic Indian Curry Recipe, but unfortunately Nita has only ever made one curry and when she asks her mum about making them, she replies “Watch”. I have an Idea, invite the Chawla’s over to stay with me in Australia in return for Indian cooking lessons!

Find out about Nita’s band
Find out about the many names suggested for her band!
Find out what she would take on the Deserted Island!

Listen to her debut interview and her music by going to this link and listening for yourself

During the show we featured three songs from Nita’s EP – FALL AGAIN. This is just a taste of what to expect from her music.

Please check it out from (Trust me, it is beautiful and I can’t wait to receive my copy)
AMAZING TOO –This song is about finding the courage to follow your heart and your path and about discovering that we all have a part of us that is pretty amazing and wonderful.

FORGIVE ME –This song is about forgetting the trivial and petty hang-ups we have in relationships and rekindling a friendship/relationship with someone we really care about.

MAKE YOU SAY PLEASE –This song is a bit of a vengeful fantasy! I’m sure everyone has been in a situation where they were slighted or ignored and hoped that one day the tables would turn and that person would one day be begging to come back into our lives!

Please support this truly awesome artist NITA CHAWLA

Follow her on Twitter @NitaChawla

Check out her Facebook

Nita, It was a pleasure to have you on our show today; we hope you enjoyed your time with us as Much as Mark and I did. You are now a pro at being an Interviewee and your next one will be a breeze! Please keep in touch and come back to see us in the not too distant future!


                                   MSI HIT LIST WINNER OF THE MONTH



This week’s winner of the MSI HIT LIST for the month of AUGUST was HELEN AUSTIN with her song TAKE ME AWAY

“Helen Austin is a prolific singer/songwriter from the UK now living on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
She is no stranger to the stage and has worked as a professional performer for over 20 years. After her previous life as an award winning stand-up comedian, she brings her quirky humour to her musical performances, as well as the ability to tug at your heart strings with her more serious songs.”


Find out how you can become part of the HIT LIST by going to MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATIONS (btw I was a guest panellist on the this week’s show so, take a look!!)


                                                CAROL’S SONG OF THE WEEK


“Utterly natural. There’s no more fitting description for both the music of The Dunwells as well as the story of their magical rise from the pubs of Leeds, England to an American record deal and a stunning debut album in just two short years.

The group is two brothers, two cousins and totalling five best mates who simply love to sing and play music, and do so together. “We are genuinely best mates,” explains singer, songwriter and guitarist Joseph Dunwell. “We sometimes bicker and fight, but then we hug and make up and go out for a drink.”

When they make music, the results exemplify the equation that the sum of the parts can be even greater than the whole. Striking an organic blend between acoustic and electric roots music laced by luscious vocal harmonies by all five members, their songs and sound feel both bracingly fresh while at the same time as warm and familiar as a dear long-time friend.”




“Servet has been playing music for near 20 years, hailing from Chicago and landed in California in 2000 to join brothers and music soul mates Wicked Relish.

Servet comes comes from a low income family that grew up on Chicago’s south side. ” Mom and Dad moved to America just before my bro was born, then me and my sis next, my dad was pumped on the American dream.”
Music was not a big factor in Servet’s Family; He learned it all on his own, Driven from desire and tragedy.”


We also featured the following artists, all of whom are new to the BUTTERFLIES RADIO ROTATION







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