MELISSA VANFLEET – Guest on Butterflies Radio 16th October 2012

“Raised with an appreciation for all types of music, award-winning pop artist/songwriter/pianist Melissa VanFleet has the ability to perform all genres effortlessly, combining influences from soul, rock, jazz standards and blues.
She began to take music seriously upon completion of her first studio recording at age 12 and immediately fell in love with the art of creating music.”

Mark and I were so pleased today to welcome back the beautiful and talented MELISSA VANFLEET. I’m sure this girl was born with a permanent smile on her face! We first met Melissa when she was our guest back in January at that time she was living in Nashville and preparing to make her move to NEW YORK, now she has made that move and loving it!
We laughed as we recalled the last time Melissa was on the show and told the story of how she was sitting in her car on her laptop, using free Wi-Fi from and undisclosed food chain and watching the battery life slowly dwindle! The things these artists will do to join Mark and I on TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE! Today, she was in the comfort of her home with little chance of her battery life dying!

By the way, Mark was still as flustered talking to her….he so does that every time we have a female guest, I can’t control him!

Melissa talked about her musical upbringing and how she was brought up with the love of music from a very early age. We talked about her move to “The Big Apple” from Nashville and what made her make that big transition!
She talked about her life in NEW YORK, her music, musical influences, her new EP, her new video and much much more! We even found out who she would like to spend time with on a deserted island!

We had a lot of listeners today tune in to support Melissa and hear what she had to say. Those that were tuned in live and tweeting on twitter gave some great feedback to her. This amazing girl kept us all smiling the entire show! You must listen if you missed it live

During the show we presented three songs from her new EP – STARS IN MY EYES, which after nearly a year in the making was finally released on 25th September. It is an amazing EP, I love the new sound that Melissa is now producing, that’s not to say that I didn’t like what she did before mind you!

MELISSA VANFLEET has an amazing voice and one day when she stands up and receives her Grammy, Mark and I will be proud to say we knew her before she was famous!

During the show we presented three of the tracks from this awesome EP:

STARS IN MY EYES –  is a song inspired by something she experienced in Nashville

CUT THE TIES –  is about feeling trapped and needing to break free from an overprotective or suffocating  situation

LOVESTRUCK – is about someone who is in a deplorable relationship but just can’t let go.

 STARS IN MY EYES EP can be purchased from AMAZON and APPLE ITUNES A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence), a non-profit organization and issue that is very close to her heart.

Follow and support MELISSA VANFLEET by checking out her web page and joining her social networks :

Here is the link to Melissa new video for MARTYR

Melissa, it was so great to have you back on the show again today, Mark and I really enjoy having you! Love the new music and we can’t wait to hear more and more from you! Wishing you all the best with your new EP STARS IN MY EYES! Come back and see us again!



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