SPACESHIP DAYS Guests on WWIR 14th May 2013


spaceship days blog 1 “Slick, catchy, and slightly left of center Alternative rock— with a pop music sheen.

Armed with the fusion of chemistry, mature songwriting, and crisp production, Spaceship Days is a band for any music lover.”

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It was great to welcome back for the 3rd time the guys from SPACESHIP DAYS, and this time we nearly had a full house!!!!

Joining founding member Chuck Cox , was singer/songwriter Adam Lee Decker and the newest member of the band without whom this band would not be complete…..Dave Kress (im giving him a special mention as he is the drummer and please note that he is missing from the  photo above) lol ok to know what I am talking about you need to listen to the show!

Unfortunately the other founding member Greg Torson was unable to be with us today, due to being in L.A on a business trip….gee the cheek of it! lol

Anyway as always it was a fun show and we had a fantastic crowd tuned in live. I was amazed to see a few from Australia, it is great that due to the amazing ability of the internet they are reaching fans far and wide around the world!

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ADAM LEE DECKER  took over the lead vocals of the band about a year ago and although musically similar, Adam has added new dynamics to the overall sound of SPACESHIP DAYS.

spaceship days blog 4The same can be said of DAVE KRESS, who joined the band 2 months ago. With the introduction of these two band members it has now opened up some wonderful new opportunities for this awesome band.

During the show we talked about how things have changed over the past year for the band, we also talked about live performances and possible tours. We also presented 3 of the songs featured on the new album.

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SPACESHIP DAYS have just recently released a new album THE THRILL OF FREE FALL and was received well by the fans that came out to support them in Raleigh North Carolina. The album includes 4 tracks that have been re-recorded and re-vamped and with one completely new song. The new album can be purchased through Itunes :

The band are now working together to produce new material and hope to have a new album out later in the year. There is also talk of a tour at some point and maybe a kickstarter campaign to help fund it.

Today’s show was a lot of fun, and the guys gave us not only an insight as to how the band was going today, but a lot of laughs.  The deserted island question was open to a lot of debate and was hilarious!

What more can I say other than, it was another great show, the guys were awesome and Mark and I always enjoy having them on the show. We are looking forward to their next visit!

Check out the show, I can guarantee you wont be disappointed:

Here are the links for SPACESHIP DAYS social media and web pages

Thanks guys for taking the time to join us today, Mark and I had a blast! Looking forward to having you back sometime in the future!


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We also featured the following songs:

 the anix blog photoTHE ANIX – WARNING SIGNS

Hey Monea blog photo


zilfa blog photo


3 union blog poster




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