THE J.O.B. (The Jim O’Ferrell Band) Guests on WWIR 28th May 2013

job1“A genuine warrior-poet, Jim O’Ferrell served as an Airborne Ranger Infantryman for more than two decades. After returning from the war in Iraq in 2008, he ended his military service and traded his rifle for a guitar. Teaming up with friend and fellow guitarist Jason Crawford, they became the core of The J.O.B. They are joined by John Mustachio on bass and Antonio James Jr on the drummer’s throne. The band has an energetic modern rock sound with an Americana pulse that everyone can listen to”

job2Joining us today from Richmond, Virginia, we had four members of the Jim O’Ferrell band or as they like to be known the J.O.B.

Whenever we have a band with us, Mark and I are always prepared for mayhem that follows, and today was no exception!  I will introduce the band going from left to right in the above photo. This is now the current line up of the band, so going from left to right we have Antonio James Jr on drums and percussion, John Mustachio on base, Jim O’Ferrell Lead vocalist and acoustic guitar and last but not least Jason Crawford on guitar!

It was good to see that we had a lot of support for the band today, and our live audience enjoyed not only the music from the band but the stories they had to relate and the banter that went on throughout the 2 hour show!

job3My first experience of the J.O.B was when we received their song “Feel” to be put on our rotation. When I heard that song, it made me want to go and explore the band and to see what other music they had. It led me to another song called messenger, although a long track, I was pretty drawn to it and really liked it. So that is when I contacted the band to see if they would like to guest on our show, as I figured there are more people out there that would love to hear this band!

With all members of the band coming from a background of different genres of music and each bringing something of their own to the band, I feel they have their own unique style.

They have been getting a lot of airtime, not only on Internet radio but also on over 52 commercial stations in 22 states! Now of course they are on Butterflies Radio….so there is no telling what is going to happen now!!! Lol

Jim O’Ferrell, the driver of the of the band’s truck and trailer, spoke of his days as a job4Airborne Ranger Infantryman in the US Army and of his experience while serving two tours in Iraq. It was quite apt that we should have the band on this week as the USA has just had Memorial Day where they remember their fallen. Having a son in the armed forces it was nice to hear the way he looked after those under is command and also singing and entertaining them and giving the odd guitar lessons!  Jim also told us that unlike the Partridge family touring around the country is not that easy, and one thing they would like for the J.O.B is to do a USO tour for the troops still serving overseas! They could get themselves a C130 tour bus!!!

We got a lot of requests to talk to the drummer as they always seem to be left at the job5back, hmmm let me guess that was a request from Mark from the band Matter of Fact lol. Anyway Antonio was far from left out and quiet at the back, he was the one, at least I think he was making all the sound effects during the show! Hilarious, had Mark and I laughing throughout the show!


job6This is Jason on lead guitar, and yes I did declare on the air that he was cute!  I don’tseem to have a photo of John on his own and I so wanted one of his Mohawk!!! John is the newest member of the band, who was lured in by the old candy trick…oh yes it does still go on!



job7For those that tune in week, I ask the dreaded “Desert Island” question! It often leads to much debate and lots of laughs; well once again this week was no exception. I had difficulty keeping control of the band during this segment! To be honest, I think Jim stands the most chance of survival, not only because he has taught survival but also he was thinking ahead with the future plans of a Casino on his island!

Antonio, well, I gave him plenty of food on the island and he took his gun, sadly he forgot the bullets, however he did take sensible shoes so his feet will be ok on the hot sand! Jason well, by the time he got his music and his solar IPod, however he forgot about food and so he will probably not survive for very long after he has eaten his iPod! John, well, he now resides on an island that is so monsoonal that his fully fuelled helicopter is now rendered useless!

This has to be the longest blog I have ever written after a show, but there is so much I wanted to say. These guys were a lot of fun and Mark and I really enjoyed having them as guests today. You can here the whole show in full by going to this link  There is much much more to this show than my blog portrays!

When I make my next trip to the USA, I will be making a trip to Richmond, Virginia. It sounds like a fantastic place to visit and I hope that when I do, I will be able to catch The J.O.B at one of their shows!


CHANCE is the latest EP by the J.O.B. and is available from iTunes and also at these Richmond stores Memory Lane Records in RVA’s north side and BK Music in the southside. and

It will be one album that I will add to my collection that’s for sure!

During the show we featured three of the songs from this new album:


‘Chance’ tells the story of the random events in one’s life and how they can unfold if we just hold on for the ride. ‘Chance’ plays with two distinctive and energetic folk-style chord progressions built upon a fast paced funky bass line. Lotsa fun.


‘Feel’ is un upbeat acoustic guitar driven song with a pop-style electric guitar rhythm that celebrates the anticipation of a new found love.


‘Messenger’ calls for awareness from us all, both an appeal for empathy and compassion from our fellow world citizens and a profound call for consideration from those who run the show. Jason Crawford rips a crisp, mesmerizing guitar lead after the first verse that sets the mood in ‘Messenger’.


Check out all the links for THE J.O.B. (The Jim O’Ferrell Band)




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SHOWS COMING UP FOR THE J.O.B (The Jim O’Ferrell Band)

job10Tobacco Company

1201 East Cary Street Richmond, VA23219

Date and Time

Saturday, June 22nd at 8:00pm


job11The Short Pump Pour House

3438 Pump Rd Richmond, VA 23233(804) 364-9083

Date and Time

Saturday, July 20th at 9:00pm

Thanks guys for a truly awesome show! Mark and I enjoyed meeting you all and would love to have you back again!



 We also showcased the following artists:











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