AOEDE Guest on WWIR 4th June 2013

aoede 1“AOEDE – Compelling pop for your heart from an award-winning muse with an enchantingly quirky soprano voice! For fans of Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, A Fine Frenzy!”

lisa double photoIt was about time that Mark and I invited multi-talented singer songwriter from San Francisco Lisa Sniderman also known as Aoede to join us on our show!

We first met Lisa and her husband David when Mark and I attended the very first ARTIST IN MUSIC AWARDS in February 2012. That year Lisa was presented with two awards, “Best Folk Acoustic’ and “Album of the Year.”

I had a great start to the show I misspelled a message to Rich from MSI labs who is one of our regular tweeters about Tom Chianti who is currently in hospital. We were talking about him coming out of hospital and I replied, I hope he does only, instead of me putting does, I put “dies”! So you can imagine the reaction!!! Poor Tom if you are reading this I am sure you had a little chuckle! We wish Tom well!

When we brought Lisa on I thought her and Mark were acting out a scene from Gone With The wind! So funny! We also started off by talking about riding bulls, alcohol and personal things….so this week the show started in the gutter and worked its way up to this! lol

aoede 4




Is Love a Fairy Tale? September 2012


Lisa’s musical career started in 2002, and during the show she told us of her early years in the music business. We talked a lot about her amazing new Children’s Album “Is Love a Fairy Tale?”

IS LOVE A FAIRY TALE – is a about the  wonderful, magical journey of AOEDE the Muse as she travels through the mythical kingdom of WONDERHAVEN in the search of Love. Along the way she meets lots of wonderful characters who all tell her about the meaning of the word “LOVE

Lisa told us what made her produce this wonderful CD and told us how much fun it was to make. To be honest, it’s for all ages, and I really enjoyed listening to the whole CD, Yes I am very privileged to have in my collection a signed copy!

We had a lot of people tune in live to listen to Lisa, and at some point the conversation between them all on twitter went from fairies to cows…..but anyway lets not go there! They not only enjoyed listening to what Lisa had to say but also loved the music that we presented to them.

During the show we featured 3 of her songs:

BITTERSWEET – A driving song that acknowledges the dark side and the dirty laundry of one’s past where you taste both the good and bad in someone you love… from Aoede’s Skeletons of the Muse album (Apr 2012). This song just WON Best Folk Recording at 2013 Indie Music Channel Awards!

CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC – A song about hearing the music in everyday life and everywhere you turn-you can’t tune it out, also from Skeletons of the Muse

LITTLE THINGS – A song about the small things like wiggling your toes in the sand or watching a sunrise that make you happy, from “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” as a duet with Binkle and available as a single on iTunes:

aoede 6 IS LOVE A FAIRY TALE can be purchased at

Physical Copies can be purchased from Amazon, at select stores in the USA, and from Aoede’s website:

AOEDE also has these albums:

aoede 7


Skeletons of the Muse Released April 2012


aoede 8


Affair with the Muse March 2011


aoede 9


Push and Pull March 2008

There is also a video channel Aoede’s featured video is the magical Fairy Tale Love!

aoede 10Aoede having tea with her skeletons, from her Skeletons of the Muse photoshoot!

aoede 11

Lisa has had her fair share of problems in the health department, however when Life gives you Lemons you just have to throw them back!

Lisa has a wonderful bubbly outlook on life and is an inspiration to anyone! She has a great sense of humour and her magnetic personality makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Lisa can bring sunshine to the cloudiest of days! It was also good to see that she was able to keep Mark under control for the whole show!

aoede 13

Everything AOEDE does is Art, she loves to connect to people. I have watched Lisa work for a couple of years now and she wears me out! She has so much energy for life!

She has these wonderful poems, sayings, inspirational messages etc posted on her web pages. She finds the most interesting trivia, and asks some amazing questions!

Connect with this amazing artist for yourself from the following web pages:

aoede 14There was only one problem with today’s show, and that was that we didn’t have enough time to talk to AOEDE/LISA. So we are going to have to have her back for another show when she produces her new album WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF……talking of which if there is anyone reading this that would like to act a part of one of the Goblins or Fairies characters in her new story, please see this casting call:

Take a listen to the show for yourself from this link

aoede 15This is Lisa receiving one of her awards from exective producer MIKEY JAYY at the very first ARTIST IN MUSIC AWARDS in 2012

aoede 16                   Mark, Lisa and myself at the 2013 ARTIST IN MUSIC AWARDS


aoede 17                                     At the Saddle Ranch Chop House in Hollywood!

Thank you Lisa, for being with us today, it was so much fun, you are such  a wonderful person! Looking forward to the next time! PS I dont care what Mark says……San Francisco is the best place in the USA!


aoede 18


CAROL’S SONG OF THE WEEK – this is another amazing woman, who despite ill health, keeps battling on!

aoede volary 19


Video for this song

We also showcased the following artists and their songs:

 aoede al 20


 aoede wendy 21


 aoede matter of fact 21


 aoede prechers blues band 22


aoede frank 24


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